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We’re a company that’s evolving as your baby grows. We are on a mission to reimagine baby care by introducing innovative products with a never before quality.

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My cousin recommended me to check out Vkaire since she was a frequent purchaser. And I ordered a welcome kit for my baby. The biggest thing is that it’s made entirely of bamboo fabric and feels so silky soft. I have hundreds of pictures of my baby in the complete set. I just can’t get over how cute it makes him look.

Aishwarya Timrik

After hearing a lot about this brand, I ordered Vkaire blanket for my newborn. It is made of certified organic cotton, so no need to worry about harsh chemicals. It keeps the baby cosy even when the ac is on and it’s super comfortable, thanks to the soft texture. All in all, must try for every parent who wants the best for their baby

Shifa Merchant

I heard about the head shaping pillow from one of my friends whose son also has the flat head syndrome. She couldn't stop raving about how much it's helped her baby. After using it for my baby, I realized what the hype was about! It's helped my little one so much. Since it's made with such soft material, he refuses to sleep on anything else. It's such a great find. Incredible product!

Sadhna K

I bought this for 1 month old daughter, we live in mumbai .. i must say this is value for money. Its really keeps her warm. The texture and color (pink) is superb. I would suggest this specially for new borns. Must go for this blanket. I have ordered a quilt now, will definetly share my experience on that too. This product is a must!!! Close your eyes and buy this.

Rashmi J.

Online baby care products

We are Vkaire, a premium baby care boutique. We provide a wide range of newborn baby care products from bath care to baby bedding and from accessories to newborn gifting sets. We strive to introduce premium quality, made in India newborn baby products and reimagine baby care by introducing innovative products. We aim to deliver the best quality products to our customers. We deeply care for you and your little one and make organic baby products made from ultra-soft high-quality materials. Fabrics used for making our products are GOTS certified and OEKO-TEX certified. We keep in mind your safety. That’s why we offer contactless delivery and sanitized packaging. Vkaire is your one-stop-shop for all your baby care needs.

Organic baby products, premium quality, ultra-soft, GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX certified products-all under one shop

Your baby’s skin is up to five times more sensitive than yours. It is gradually moving towards complexion while being super prone to rashes. So, the fabrics that come in contact with your little one’s skin need to be the softest. Many newborn baby products are produced using chemicals, bleaches and harmful substances which can damage your baby’s skin and can cause allergies and infections. It is very important to recognise high quality, medically approved and chemical-free baby care products. At Vkaire, we make newborn baby products from the highest quality materials which are ultra-soft, GOTS certified, OEKO-TEX certified. We provide baby products which are made from organic cotton and bamboo. GOTS stands for Global Organic Textile Standard which is a textile production certification given to textiles that are produced with limited use of dyes, chemical inputs, and toxic bleaches. GOTS certification is considered as the highest organic textile standard ensuring safety for your baby. OEKO-TEX is a registered trademark. If a product is labelled as OEKO-TEX certified, it is completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. To attain OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification, the fabric is been tested and certified to be free from harmful levels of more than 100 substances known to be harmful to human health. We focus on producing and delivering the best quality products, which parents look for in other countries as well. We aim to provide all your essential newborn baby products under one shop at Vkaire. 

Newborn baby care product categories 

Your little ones require a lot of care, love, attention, and definitely a lot of baby care products. Right from the step where a baby is born a wide range of essentials are required to ensure comfort, protection, and proper growth. Newborn baby care products include food, bedding, bathing, playing, medicinal, travelling, cutlery products, etc. It is important to choose the perfect product for your baby to ensure safety and prevent any kind of harm. We at Vkaire, for your most precious part of life, strive to ensure that we provide best. We provide premium quality innovative products in different patterns, colours, textures and material. We believe in providing quality that parents are looking for whether based overseas or in the home country itself. Along with choosing what is best for your baby, we aim to choose best for the environment too. At Vkaire, we design and curate organic baby products made from organic cotton which is long-lasting, softer, free from toxins and chemicals, allergy-free and is environment friendly. Our products are GOTS certified which is considered as the toughest organic textile standard. Vkaire is a one-stop-shop for all essential newborn baby products. 

We provide a premium range of baby accessories to style up your baby; baby bedding to ensure a night of comfortable sleep for the little one; and baby bath care products for a fun after-bath experience. 

Newborn Baby accessories 

At Vkaire, we provide a variety of accessories for newborn babies in various colours, textures and prints. Baby accessories designed to organise, dress up and wrap your baby with warmth and love. Different patterns and exciting colours are available to brighten up your baby’s wardrobe. Our range of accessories includes - customized basket for babies available in various textures and colours. You can buy a standard baby basket or a customised one with your baby’s name and birth date on it. These medium-sized baskets for kids are absolutely perfect for assembling toys and other accessories for your little ones. Along with this, we provide footmuffs to wrap your baby’s feet during cooler weather as they are warm and cosy. Available in various colours and designs made with organic cotton, 100% polyester filling and keeps your baby super cosy. The pure cotton baby mattress is one of the most essential accessories for babies. We provide an ultra-luxurious and super soft mattress for your little one to cuddle in, available in various patterns. Organic cotton baby swaddles wrap your tiny tot, keep them warm and ensure that they have a comfortable sleep. We also provide cute baby socks made from hybrid fabric and are perfect for your baby's sensitive skin, with extra support at the ankle for utmost comfort. Available in various beautiful designs, colours and patterns.

Newborn Baby sleep care 

Newborn babies sleep for 16-18 hours in a day. Hence, it becomes essential to ensure they are comfortable while sleeping. Vkaire provides super comfy newborn baby care products for little ones to sleep in peace and cuddle comfortably. We also manufacture exceptionally soft duvet covers made of 100% organic cotton with a lustrous finish for the baby’s comfortable sleep.

Pillows are considered as an aid for newborns. You will find extra soft organic cotton baby pillows in different textures, prints and colours at Vkaire. We provide the best baby blankets that provide your baby with positive sleep associations so that they can sleep without crying too much. They are exclusively knitted lightweight baby blankets which are made with organic cotton and are big enough for cosy snuggles. Organic cotton winter Blanket for babies are super soft, curated to keep your baby warm in chilly winters. These blankets have also passed the colour fastness test.

Newborn Baby bath care

Wide range of quality bath care products for after bath-care of your baby. Wrap your little angels after bath time in a knitted bath cape made with 100% organic cotton fabric available in different kinds of knits. Our bath cape provides complete protection from the cold and draft. The baby will feel safe, warm and secure inside the big bath cape and look super cute with the hood over their head. 

The bamboo towel from Vkaire is crafted especially keeping in mind that your baby’s skin is the most sensitive right after the bath. The towel is made from 70% bamboo fibre and 30% certified organic cotton. This makes it exceptionally soft, cool, breathable, and 60% more absorbent than regular cotton towels. Not just this, bamboo is naturally antibacterial, completely biodegradable and effortlessly eliminates odour.

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