4 Reasons Why Organic Cotton Good For Baby

4 Reasons Why Organic Cotton Good For Baby

We all know that every parent wishes to do the best for their baby. All parents want the best for their baby either it is about clothes or education. But there are some parents that do not know about the best type of clothing material for their baby. Cotton fiber has always been the best of all if we talk about organic clothing fiber. In this article, we will help know about why organic cotton is good for babies as well as the environment. 

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The first thing that is important for you to know is about inorganic or conventional cotton and its side effects. Inorganic farming has always been the cause of environmental exploitation and sometimes it may people also because of the chemicals that are used in this type of farming practice. Do you know? Inorganic cotton is generally grown by genetically modified organisms seeds. They are also grown from certain pesticides and insecticides. These chemicals exploit the environment and can cause people poisoning also.

Advantages Of Organic Cotton For Babies And The Environment Also

1. Safe for the skin of newborns

We all know that a newborn’s skin is really sensitive and absorbent during his or her developing days. As an infant’s skin has larger pores than an adult’s, it tries to absorb everything that comes in its contact. This means it can absorb all the harsh chemicals that come in its contact. That’s why organic clothing certified by WHO does not do any harm to a kid. Instead, it helps regulate the body temperature of the baby and organic cotton clothes are very gentle to a newborn’s skin. 

Cotton is a natural fiber that is soft, breathable, and has many natural qualities. The organically grown cotton is a perfect match to the organic skin of a newborn. It helps in preserving the natural properties of organic cotton fiber. 

2. Affordable in Price

This type of fiber is made with the help of organic methods and materials, fair wages and inspections. Organic farming may be slightly higher in price but it is totally affordable when you buy it from a certified brand. Its price is totally worth it for its many skin-caring qualities. So we will suggest you to buy organic cotton clothes online from a certified brand like Vkaire.com

3. It Is Environmental Friendly 

Organic farming methods are very safe. At least safer than inorganic farming. Inorganic farming exploits the environment and can cause many problems like soil degradation, mixing of harmful chemicals in water bodies, etc. On the other hand, organic cotton farming needs less energy and water to grow. The organic farming method helps in locking the carbon dioxide in the soil. You will be amazed to know that organic cotton farming produces 94% less greenhouse gas emissions. 

4. Social, Health, And Economic Benefits To The Farmers And Factory Workers

As observed from recent studies, farmers enjoy better health conditions due to the ban on toxic chemicals and pesticides in cotton farming. Now farmers’ use of organic seeds rather than GMO seeds helps the farmers to be free from locked contracts.  Better crop cycles bring better income to farmers and they do not face any type of financial crisis.

Some Terms And Conditions For Buying Organic Cotton Clothes For Babies

While purchasing cotton clothes for your baby, you should also check whether it is organic and chemical-free or not. According to recent studies, chemicals like BPA and paraben are used in making these kinds of products. These types of chemicals are not good for babies but babies can get exposed to these chemicals easily. Because there are many possible chances that your baby might lick or chew some parts of clothes that are near his or her mouth. 

So, always look for chemical-free and organic cotton clothes to keep your baby safe. Organic cotton clothes give a comfortable sleep to your baby and help maintain the body temperature of your kid.

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We hope that this guide would have helped you in deciding the best type of organic cotton clothes for your baby to buy online. Always remember that inorganic cotton can be dangerous but if you want to buy organic cotton clothes for your baby at affordable prices then do not forget to check on Vkaire.com. It is one of the most trusted online stores.



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