A Guide for Choosing the Right Baby Care Accessories for Your Little One

A Guide for Choosing the Right Baby Care Accessories for Your Little One

Young parents expecting their first child experience all sorts of emotions; be it the joy and euphoria of welcoming a new life or the pressure and confusion that stems from the added responsibility. Also, parenting is something one learns hands-on and there is no one right way to do it. Hence, new parents are bombarded with information, products and advice that often end up being contradictory. In such a situation, it is normal for them to feel lost. That’s where we step in. We at Vkaire love to be your true parenting ally and guide you in this journey. Today, we’ll be telling you about the things you should keep in mind while purchasing baby accessories for your little one. Also, we’ll be recommending a few accessories that will make parenting easier and more fulfilling for you. 

Understanding the Needs of Your Little One

In the formative years of a baby, more than a million neural connections are formed in their brain every second! This early development forms the lifelong architecture of their brain. Because of how much of this is affected by positive caregiving, it’s essential to choose the right accessories for your little one. Here are a few tips that will be of help while choosing the same:

1. In the initial phase, it is essential to consult your paediatrician before selecting baby accessories. The storefronts are lined up with thousands of products that have little to no regard for medical approval. A paediatrician comes across a wide array of baby care products in the tenure of their practice and understands their pros and cons beyond what the marketing message claims. Thus, they may be a great point of contact to help you select the right products for your baby, when it comes to medical grounds.

2. Oftentimes, parents believe that the products they deem as ‘soft’ are right for the baby. However, you must keep this in mind that your baby’s skin is up to 30% thinner than your own. So, the towel, blanket, pillow or mattress that is soft by your standards might not be the same for your munchkin. Another thing you must know is that in the first six months, the baby’s skin is not fully developed and it can take one to two years for the skin to be fully formed. This makes it crucial to only choose the products that gently nurture the baby’s tender skin.

3. You also need to be fully aware of the various raw materials, toxins and other harmful components that might have unknowingly made their way to your baby’s crib. We’re talking about all those vibrant toys that your little one plays with or the teether they put in their mouth. These products feature vibrant colours and pleasing designs, but retailers who sell them often are not concerned about what goes into the manufacturing of these products. They don’t pay attention to the quality of the materials used or the comfort the product offers to the baby. Hence, you must always do your research and check product reviews (if applicable) before making the purchase.

Since there are so many factors a parent needs to keep in mind, we at Vkaire decided to curate a list of 100% baby friendly accessories that your little one will love you for.

Baby Accessories We Recommend

What if we told you that there are products which are meticulously designed keeping all the above guidelines in mind. Yes, that’s what we at Vkaire specialize in. We have created a range of baby care accessories with insights from paediatricians and inputs from real parents. These products have the needs of your baby at their heart and developed to accompany you in the pursuit of being a better parent.

1. Head Shaping Pillow: A newborn spends 14-17 hours a day in the land of dreams. Regular pillows used by adults don’t have the softness and support that the baby’s head requires while they are sleeping. Until several months from birth, the baby’s skull bones aren’t hardened. So, in essence, their head is malleable. This makes the baby vulnerable to the risk of developing an asymmetrical head shape if they don't get the right surface to rest the head upon.

The Head Shaping Pillow is the perfect solution for this problem. It cushions the baby’s head and its practical design ensures the head stays in the recommended supine position, relieving it of the pressure. This lets you preserve the natural round shape of the baby’s head and prevents the possibility of a flat head.


2. Dare-U-Go Bib: A godsend for parents, Dare-U-Go Bib is a lunch box and a bib fused into one. It is an all-in-one solution to simplify feeding your baby. The Bib not only helps you pack fresh food and treats for you little one, but also prevents spillage. So, countless hours of laundry-time is saved! Thanks to its adjustable collar, your baby will not grow out of it up till the age of 7. Lastly, the toxin-free material of the Bib enables you to microwave the food easily and afterwards, wash it the hasslefree way. 


 3. Footmuff: Much like how a mother kangaroo keeps her little one safe in a cosy pouch, a footmuff is the perfect accessory to keep your baby cuddled up comfortably in a soft embrace. It helps your little one to stay warm when it’s chilly outside. It comfortably fits the baby's stroller or a car seat. To top it all, Vkaire Footmuffs come in a variety of pastel colours that are known to stimulate a positive soothing environment around the baby.

4. Swaddle: A wraparound for your newborn made from breathable organic cotton or bamboo fibre, the Swaddle gently cocoons the baby, easing them into a good night’s sleep. It replicates the warmth of a mother’s womb – helping the baby smoothly transition to the outside world. It secures them from head to toe, maintaining the newborn’s natural sleeping position for a long and sound sleep.

5. Breast Pump: Breast milk not only provides all the essential nourishment a baby requires but also the much-needed antibiotics to boost their immunity. The Breast Pump is the perfect device for modern parents since more and more of them are contributing equally to baby care. It makes it possible for the father to feed the pre-pumped milk to the baby, even when the mom is not around. Furthermore, it comes handy when your little one is unwell, by reducing their breastfeeding efforts. 

We at Vkaire are dedicated to easing the pressure and cutting down the confusion parents face in caring for their little one. We have manufactured and catalogued these products putting a full stop to your unending search for the right baby accessories. They are crafted to help you save your precious time so you can spend it creating beautiful memories with your little one. Do feel free to share this with other new parents or expectant parents to help them select the right baby care products for their little one and make their baby care journey smoother. 






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