An Amazing Step-By-Step Guide For How To Massage Your Baby

An Amazing Step-By-Step Guide For How To Massage Your Baby

When you stroke your baby’s body with your hands rhythmically and gently, it is known as baby massage. Parents can use oil or moisturizer to give a gentle massage to the baby. There are chances that the baby might give you a hard time while massaging. In that case, hum a song or sweet talk to him/her. This will help them to get comfortable and eventually they will feel safe and assured. Massaging is a good activity for both parents and the newborn. This helps in making the bond stronger between the parents as well as the baby. 

Gently stroke your hands on the baby’s body stimulates the growth of various happy hormones in you. For example, it generates the production of a hormone called oxytocin. Oxytocin is a hormone that gives you a warm and soft feeling when you hold your baby close or breastfeed her. 

But giving a massage to a baby is not an easy process. You need to know the basic patterns about how to give a proper massage to the baby. Well, we have come up with this amazing step-by-step guide for how to massage your baby.


Follow This Amazing Step-By-Step Guide To Have A Warm And Good Massage Session With Your Baby

Knowing about how to give a proper massage to your baby will prove useful to you. 

Follow the following guidelines on baby massage to learn the basics.

The basic guidelines

Remember the room in which you will massage your baby should be warm. The baby should be quiet, active and you must be relaxed. The duration for a single time massage can be 20-30 minutes. Make sure you massage the baby after a bath or a nap because at both the time the baby is more active. Also, use a natural/organic baby massage oil or moisturizer.


First, start massaging from the baby’s feet. Take a few drops of baby massage oil/moisturizer in your warm hands. Now, grab the baby’s feet and slowly and gently start stroking from heel to toe. Remember, your one hand should on the baby all the time. Also, if you notice any kind of allergy reaction on the baby’s body, remove/wipe out the entire massage oil from the baby’s body.


Now, go for the baby legs. On legs, you need to do long smooth strokes. You can massage both legs at the same time if you wish to. Start the massage from the ankle up to the thigh over the hips. Gently hold the baby’s legs under the knee and start pressing them towards the tummy. This will help the baby to release the wind.



Now start the upper body massage. For this, first, start from the shoulders. Gently stroke the baby’s shoulders towards the chest. Then, start massaging the baby arms in a vertical manner from the shoulders towards the wrist. If you feel the softness on the baby’s tummy then massage it in a clockwise and circular motion. But if you see her getting unsettled, it is a sign of going to the next step. Avoid the belly button of the baby if her cord has not healed.



Step-4 includes the most delicate part of a newborn body that is the face. Start stroking from the middle of the forehead down the outside of his face then again in towards the cheeks. You can also massage the scalp in small circles to make him feel relaxed.


This step can be done only if the baby is still active from the above massage. Turn him onto his tummy and start doing small, lengthy strokes from head to toe. Don't exceed the time duration from 30 minutes. In the end, use a soothing touch and gently talk to him. This will also put her to good sleep.


This is a proper and safe guide to massage your baby. Precautions should be taken seriously rest follow the exact same procedure to give your baby the best massage.

Know What Are The Benefits Of Massaging Your Baby

There are a lot of benefits that a good massage offers you and your baby. Have a look at all the positive aspects of massaging your baby:

  • It lifts up your as well as the baby’s mood.
  • It helps the baby in recovering from jaundice more quickly.
  • A good massage helps your baby grow physically, mentally, and socially.
  • he /she will have a better sleeping pattern.
  • Massage helps in weight gain, aiding digestion.
  • One of the easiest ways to reduce teething pain.


A good massage can help your baby’s day get better. One just needs to follow the right techniques of massage. Techniques will give your baby the utmost comfort. Also, as discussed above there are many benefits of massage. It helps your baby in weight gain, strengthening the muscles, and also helps in reducing teething pain.

While massaging, keep all the precautions in mind. That way, there will be fewer chances of occurring any mishappening.
One thing that you always understand while doing a massage of your baby that the baby will make the call. You need to stop the massage at the exact moment you see your baby unsettling. If he starts crying or fussing, it simply means he has had enough of the massage. Be patient and gentle with him. Also, a newborn baby has very delicate muscles so do not put much pressure. In the end, all we can say is that welcome to motherhood. By following proper guidelines you will do a great job.

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