Avoiding Common Mistakes That New Parents Make

Avoiding Common Mistakes That New Parents Make

Bringing home a newborn is an incredible experience. But it’s also an experience that can be stressful and challenging. After the birth of the child, mothers think that their ordeals will be over. Well yes, the biggest challenge of carrying the baby for nine long months is over but they have a bigger challenge to face ahead – caring for their newborn. The challenge of being a first-time parent is that you're learning on the job and making plenty of mistakes along the way. Caring for the newborn can be overwhelming and it is normal to make some mistakes when raising children, especially for first-time mothers. No one is perfect, but knowledge is power. So if you learn about these common mistakes beforehand, you can avoid making them yourself. Get a heads up on what to expect so you can minimise the damage and handle parenting like a pro.

Overdressing/underdressing your baby: The rule of thumb is to dress your baby the same way you are dressed, but possibly with one extra layer (i.e. sweater or blanket) on them. Take other factors into consideration when you’re dressing your baby, such as how long they will be outside or inside. Keep a blanket on them as a covering so it’s easy to take it on and off. That could be used as their “extra layer” if they’re wrapped in a blanket in addition to their normal clothing. During summer months, a muslin material blanket is preferred because it’s light enough to let air through for a slight breeze. For winter, a fleece blanket will do the trick to keep them warm.

Stockpiling of baby clothes: This is one of the common mistakes new parents go overboard with. Kids grow very fast with no time to put on that item of clothing you just added to their wardrobe. There is no need to buy excessive outfits that your infant will outgrow in no time. We know you want to make your baby gorgeous. But go easy when picking outfits for your baby.

Baby sleeps with blankets and pillows: It is recommended that babies are put to sleep on their backs in a crib without blankets, pillows, crib bumper, or toys. When extra things are added to the crib, it makes the baby more likely to suffocate on them. Especially small babies who don't move around easily. Often, as parents, we think that they will be comforted by a blanket, lovely, or toy. When in reality those comfort items can be dangerous to the newborn.

Feeding wrong portion size: Once the infant is 6 months old, semi-solids are a great source for nutrition. But parents make a big mistake by not understanding the portion size for the child. Children let parents know if they are hungry. Also, it is best to start with small portions to keep the child safe from choking, indigestion, and allergies.

Not burping: Burping is as essential as feeding a newborn. Babies need to burp once they are done with feeding. Keep your baby elevated after a feed or put him/her on your shoulder for 15 to 20 minutes so she might not throw up. If you have to put your baby down due to any reason (chores) or you have to take care of other kids too, put them in a baby rocker which keeps them elevated.

Mistakes made while bathing: Eventually, bath time will be a soothing time for baby. It might take a while for the baby to adjust to the new sensations but before long, he/she will love it. Baths, though, can also be a dangerous time for babies. Babies should never be left alone in the water as it's too easy for them to drown. A baby's skin is much more sensitive than an adult's and it can easily be scalded by bathwater if that is too hot.

Not taking the naps: Sleep when your baby is asleep. This is the ground rule that is followed by all experienced mothers. Of course, you will have tons of stuff to do when your baby is asleep, including shoving the extra litter, cleaning the room, or even catching up on some movie or TV; however, make sure that you get the rest required before your baby is up.

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