Baby milestones: First 6 months

Baby milestones: First 6 months

Once you become a parent, the definition of milestones completely changes. Every little moment feels like a celebration, starting from your baby’s first smile, their first step, their first word and so on. Your chest puffs up with pure parental pride every time your little one accomplishes something new.
Every baby is unique and so is the pace at which he or she grows, but below are the milestones that babies usually accomplish in the first 6 months. If your baby’s growth is considerably delayed, do not stress and consult your paediatrician to know whether it is normal or do they need any medical help or support. 

Month 1 and Month 2

Have you noticed the variations in the way your baby cries? They are actually trying to communicate with you and during this period, crying is your little one’s primary mode of communication. One great way to soothe your crying baby is swaddling them. Check out the different types of swaddles here.Baby swaddles

When your baby starts to make other sounds than crying, it means they are gradually developing. In the first month, the baby begins to recognize the sound of your voice. They move their head from side to side when lying on their stomach and bring their hands closer to their mouth and eyes. You can keep on talking to your baby at this time because the more they hear your voice, the more familiar and comfortable they get with it. By month two, they gain the ability to track an object. So, they can recognize familiar people and things.

Month 3 and Month 4

During this time, your baby will be able to master smiling. Oftentimes, they would try to talk to you by flashing their gummy smile and gurgling to catch your attention. Other times they’ll wait, looking at your face until you smile at them first and they’ll spontaneously beam back with an enthusiastic response. Also, your baby will start reaching out to grab things and grow fonder of their toys. They might also stare at them in wonder and amazement. When you hold your baby or help them to sit up, you might notice they have better control of their head movements and need less support.

Month 5 and Month 6

These two months become the foundation for two bigger skills. Your baby will begin to show the first signs of crawling and babbling which will eventually turn into walking and speaking respectively in the coming months. 
Around six months, you may begin to feed solid food to your little one. It strengthens their teeth and jaws and helps later on with developing their speech. Also, playing with toys will become your baby’s favourite thing to do and they may do it even when you aren’t around. So, this is a good age when you must consider investing in a baby basket to organise all of your baby’s toys in one place.

Baby Basket

Also, you must begin to reassure your child when they meet new people. If you comfort them when they are crying after seeing someone unfamiliar, they’ll learn that it is normal and they are safe.
Some babies during this period are able to sit up without any support for a few moments. When placed on the tummy, your baby pushes up on his or her arms. Placing your baby like this is called ‘tummy time’. It is essential for your baby to develop strong neck and shoulder muscles and promote motor skills.

So, these are the major milestones that you can expect your little one to achieve in their first six months. We at Vkaire believe it’s our duty to share all of this with you, and we’d absolutely love it if you spread the word to the new or about-to-be parents you know of to help them. However, we also feel it’s supremely essential to reiterate that your child may achieve a few milestones quickly and others with time, and in most cases, it is perfectly normal. However, you, as a parent, must not hesitate in seeking medical guidance about the same regularly. Also, keep your camera handy as you never know at which moment these milestones may happen. Capturing them can help you keep all these precious memories safe for a lifetime.

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