Baby Clothing Hacks

Baby Clothing Hacks

No amount of reading books or talking with family members can prepare you for what life is really like with a baby. There are just so many things you won’t be prepared for, or think of on your own. Most new mothers find baby clothes so confusing! What style and sizes to get? How long will they last? How many should you get? The questionnaire is quite lengthy. And, it’s not your fault – you don’t get enough time to sleep, eat or do much of anything you are used to doing. Not to mention if you’re recently postpartum, you’re still dealing with learning to breastfeed and recovering from childbirth. As a new mother, you hope you could get some tricks to what would make life with a newborn much easier, help you make the most out of your baby’s clothes so you get your money’s worth and your baby’s clothes will last longer. This list of handy newborn baby clothing hacks will make life easier!

Unisex baby clothes have better re-use potential: Unisex baby clothes are great for one big reason: you’ll get way more use out of them for a second (or more) babies. There indeed is a temptation to go out and build a wardrobe fit for a princess for your little girl, complete with tutus and cute cardigans and hair bows for all occasions. But, if your next baby is a boy, you probably won’t get that much use out of those items, whereas practical, quality basics in neutral colours can be used again and again no matter what gender your baby is.

Extending usability of outgrown clothing: If your baby has outgrown a pair of pyjamas, cut the cloth from the bottom. You’ll get at least an extra month or so out of them. If your infant has outgrown an onesie, cut the ‘flaps’ off to make it a T-shirt. Then you can leave it as is, or use iron-on hem tape or a sewing machine to finish the seam.

Patching Holes: Just bought new baby clothes for your baby? Well, dressing them up in nice clothes always make parents happy. However, babies don't take long to make giant holes in their clothes. It is disappointing for parents, especially when they are planning to give these clothes to child number 2. Luckily, there's a solution for that, and quite easy. To fix those giant holes, all you need are iron-on patches. You can easily buy them in the market. They come in fun colours, shapes, and sizes. Once you get them, all you will need to do is cut them in shapes large enough to cover the holes. Just place the patch on the hole and iron it. To make it sturdier, you can also sew it along the edges.

Food stains and baby wipes: Baby wipes are great for taking out small food stains off your baby's clothes in case you don't want to do the washing. It happens to the best of us. They are also great for getting out stains on the carpet or the car upholstery.

Vinegar is your friend: Besides removing urine odours like a champ, this old standby will keep clothes feeling extra soft. Bonus: vinegar won't hamper the flame-resistant coating on baby's sleepers as some store-bought softeners will.

No-slip socks: Kids love to slide on a wooden or tile floor when wearing socks; however that can also lead to accidents and ripped socks. To make the socks anti-slip, apply glue or silk fabric paint on the bottom of each sock which will provide grip against smooth surfaces. Make sure to let dry completely before walking on floors!

Diapering - new before old: When changing your baby’s diaper, put a new one under the old one before pulling the old diaper out. It’s been very beneficial; you don’t want to ruin your lovely carpet or bed sheet with baby pee and poop.

Onesies and sleepers: Baby onesies are designed to be taken off from both the bottom and the top. This means if they have a blowout, you can roll it down off their shoulders and take it off at the bottom! This is a lifesaver for those extra diaper changes. Similarly, buy sleepers that open at the bottom. This way you can avoid having to fully unzip the baby to change their bottom in the middle of the night.

Even before you start implementing these steps, the first place to start is with considerations you need to have in mind when buying your baby’s clothes in the first place. There's so much you can do up front, making the right and careful choices at the time of shopping for your baby’s clothing, to make your life easier.

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