Baby Teething Guide

Baby Teething Guide

What is better than seeing your toddler's smile take its shape in the form of teething? Nothing! For parents, it's like a momentous occasion as they get to see those tiny tiny teeth that start occurring in the baby's mouth. The appearance of the first tiny and adorable tooth is a total joy and is one of the perks of having a baby.

As enjoyable and cute it may sound but baby teething comes with sleepless nights. For both the baby and the parents those days are very stressful. Parents develop uncertainty, self-doubt, and become stressed. The baby fusses all the time and cries and always craves attention and wants the teething pain to end. 

baby teething

To help you with the teething process, we have brought this baby teething guide that will tell you to help your baby and what are potential remedies can work. Also, learn some basic things about baby teething.

Know when the baby teething starts

Every baby is different and they have different tendencies to develop their teeth. Usually, the baby teething starts when the baby is between 6 months to 10 months old. This process lasts up to when the baby will turn 3. Don't panic if the teething starts late, it is all normal. 

The Symptoms - Know The Baby Teething 

You will eventually know when the baby starts teething. But, some babies do not get such teething pain and you may be surprised to see the first teeth of your baby. Following symptoms will tell you that your baby is developing his teeth and what you can do about it.

Irritation And Fussiness

Baby will easily get irritated even with the slightest discomfort. He will remain fussy during the day and will cry at night. So, this is one of the symptoms of baby teething

Fragile And Tender Gums

The baby will have tender and fragile gums and you need to constantly rub them to make him feel comfortable. You will know if the baby starts chewing you.

Baby Avoid  Food Or Loss Of Appetite

The baby will be lost his appetite and start ignoring the food a sit causes discomfort. In this case, you can give him solid food that will help you in a great way. This symptom is very mild and is found in a minority of babies. Baby will start chewing on objects anything that comes in handy and crying Even if the baby is not hungry he will start crying 

Drools Come More Than Often

Drooling will be everywhere on your shirt or where you have put the baby. There may come a time when you have to make him/her wear a bib all the time. 

The Baby Has An Irregular Sleep Cycle 

The pain won’t let the baby sleep at night. Thus making an irregular sleep cycle for the baby.

A Mild Fever, Coughing, And Many Mood Swings 

The baby can experience a mild fever and cough a lot. You will get to see many mood swings of the baby. You will never know what is coming next.

Know The Teething Remedies And How You Can Help Soothe A Baby When He Is In Pain

You can give a gentle massage or more like apply counter pressure to the baby's gums. This will reduce the pain and discomfort.

Take a sterile gauze and moisten it and apply it gently to the baby's gums.

Take a fresh wet washcloth. Either soak it into water or breast milk. This way the baby will chew on it and you don't need to give the baby a gum massage.


You can buy some teething toys for your baby. But make sure that they are BPA-free. Though solid toys are best as they are harmless.

Distract your baby. Distraction is something that will put your baby's mind at ease and he will start thinking about other things. 

Also, you need to wipe the excessive drool. The main reason to do this is that it will reduce the irritation and the baby will not feel any kind of discomfort anymore. You can also apply any kind of baby water-based lotion to the baby's gums to soothe the baby.

Remedies That Can Help In Teething Pain 

You can buy baby teething necklaces and bracelets. They are very popular as they are one of the natural teething remedies.

Another solution is that you can take homeopathic teething tablets that is also another natural teething remedy

Baby teethers can be of great help in this time as they are specially made for baby teething.

This was the basic knowledge that a parent should know about baby teething. If you follow the upper tips and remedies, you will surely have a great time experiencing baby teething.

Know Why And When You Can Start Brushing Your Baby’s Teeth

One of the bad things that come with baby teething is tooth decay. This is the main reason why you should start brushing your baby teeth. You can start brushing your baby teeth after he/she turns one year old as the number of teeth will be there.

Last but not least step that you can take is that you can visit a pediatric dentist and discuss the teething process.

Also, try to be playful, kid-friendly, and funny in front of your baby. This will make him stress-free and he will be more comfortable with the situation.


Babies are very tender and need extra care all the time. Baby teething is a phase that is inevitable and being a parent you have to cope up with that. You need to be calm and compose in front of your baby so that you can take better care of him. Almost all the things that you will need during baby teething are available in the market and online also. we know that baby teething is a very challenging process and it can be frustrating as well, but as we said earlier you need to believe that it is a phase that will pass soon

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