Benefits of Bamboo Towels for Babies

Benefits of Bamboo Towels for Babies


As a lover of organic and eco-friendly products, you must be loving to wear organic clothes and use more and more organic items in your daily life. When we talk about organic products, the first thing that might come to your mind is organic cotton clothes that are soft and comfortable. However, there’s another organic product that is catching today the attention of every customer; and that’s organic bamboo-based products. 

Bamboo is a purely natural product that is highly versatile and remarkable. For centuries, bamboo has been utilized in several parts of Asia for various purposes like in, transport, textiles cooking, construction, and medicine, etc. It’s only in the western world that they have recently developed an interest in using bamboo-based products, as they came to know about its benefits. Bamboo is easy to develop and is an awesome green resource that is profoundly helpful to our lives just like the environment. Let’s look at what are some of its great qualities, for which it has today become one of the most favourite products among babies, young kids, and adults.   

 Great Qualities of Bamboo 

 Great Qualities of Bamboo


  • Bamboo is grown naturally and is amazing bamboo, once upon a time was mostly grown by Chinese people, but slowly people all over the world came to know its benefits and therefore it gained attention. Bamboo has economically-friendly characteristics. This grass is considered by many as one of the most sustainable resources on the planet. 
  • Bamboo grass grows at a very fast rate; it is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world. Once harvested, it can replace itself within a year of time. Commonly, bamboo grows fully within four years, but there are some variety of bamboos that even grow big up to 120 cm per day. It is a normally productive and versatile plant, which needn't bother with fertilizers to support its development, or pesticides since bamboo is normally pest-resistant. This separates it out from cotton or timber, which should be replanted at each reap and requires broad splashing and watering to accomplish ideal development. Another great nature of bamboo is that it needs to be replanted as it has a refined root framework that can recover grasses with no help. 
  • Bamboo plants need practically zero consideration and care, so they can develop without much maintenance, leaving them liberated from heavy, noxious pesticides. 
  • Bamboo plants can improve the nature of soil wherein they develop. The plant builds up an intricate root system in a short period of time, permitting it to hold onto moisture longer. These roots leave the soil richer and lessen its erosion.  
  • Clothing materials produced using bamboo are 100% biodegradable and don't break down into harmful gases.  
  • A bamboo plant can absorb around roughly five times more carbon dioxide than a similarly measured backwoods of trees. It can likewise deliver more oxygen compared to other plants in the forest.  
  • The best thing about Bamboo plants is that they cannot be genetically modified.  
  • Eco Friendly
  • As bamboo requires no manufactured synthetic compounds and an almost no measure of water to develop, it is an environmental wonder plant. Just as this was inadequate, bamboo ingests more carbon dioxide from the air compared to either cotton or timber. It additionally discharges more oxygen into the earth which improves air quality. Cotton cultivating, then again, broadly requires broad water system and chemical splashing - a solitary cotton T-shirt can utilize something like 2700 liters of water in the developing procedure! Bamboo is by a long shot the greener choice.  
  • Biodegradable
  • Bamboo is an item that is 100% natural and biodegradable. It gives cautious buyers genuine feelings of peace. At the point when you have no further use for a bamboo thing, you can breathe a sigh of relief, understanding that it will return to the Earth leaving an inconsequential natural impact. Plastic, then again, will keep on stop up the environment for the remainder of your lifetime, your children's lifetime and your grandchildren's lifetime. So much better to appreciate an item that has a little natural impression and leaves barely a trace.  

Why Bamboo Clothes are Popular and what are its Benefits?

Organic Bamboo Products

 The benefits of bamboo clothes are numerous, apart from being eco-friendly it also has some great features compared to other fabrics. 

Bamboo due to its microscopic features is naturally wicking and can outperform man-made fibers in some respects. However, the eco-friendly benefits of bamboo are what make it unique compared to cotton and other fibers. Bamboo is soft and acts like a sponge; it absorbs 60% more water, and thus, absorbs rapidly dry moisture away from your skin while you are exercising or when out in a hot climate. 

Bamboo also has amazing antibacterial properties that naturally occurs within the plant to combat it from diseases in the wild. This means with bamboo products - either clothes or towels there’s skin irritation and rubbing of body. So, if you are suffering from any skin allergies like Psoriasis, eczema, or any other skin allergy, you will probably find that hypoallergenic bamboo clothing will improve your wearing experience. 

Bamboo is strongly anti-fungal and thus is very advantageous for persons who play sports. 

If you are looking for comfortable clothes, then clothes made of bamboo fabrics must be your first choice. Bamboo feels soft as silk, in fact, this is often the most pleasurable aspect of wearing clothes made from bamboo fabrics.  

Environmental or eco-benefits of bamboo fabrics 

Eco-Benefits of Bamboo Fabrics


Bamboo plays a great role in helping the environment and here is how it does:-

  • Bamboo is a grass that is cropped and then it grows quickly, which means multiple harvests in one year. 
  • It hides way carbon into the soil, 35% more than the equivalent standing of tress. 
  • The best part of growing bamboo is that it requires very less water to grow; ten times less than that required to grow cotton. 
  • Bamboo harvesting is not that difficult to do; it is energy-intensive and doesn’t require any specialized machinery which produces carbon emissions. 
  • Yields of bamboo of up to 60 tonnes per hectare will greatly exceed the yield of 20 tonnes for most trees, compared to cotton that grows only 1 to 2 hectares. 
  • Bamboo actually helps preserve soil and prevent soil erosion. It has an extensive root system that is not uprooted during harvesting.  

Bamboo Towels

Bamboo Towels

 Every mother wants to provide her child with all-natural clothing products, as they want to protect them naturally in every possible way. This includes not exposing them to harsh chemicals and dyes that could irritate their skin and cause allergic reactions. However, it’s difficult for mothers to find all-natural products like, commonly used baby towels that are free from harsh chemicals. As a mother, if you too are concerned about such baby clothing products, then you must try using baby towels made from bamboo fabrics. 

Bamboo Towels provide you with the option of wrapping your baby up in a soft, warm and all-natural towel that won’t damage your baby’s skin. 

Bamboo towels are hypoallergenic and restraint to bacteria so you can assure that your baby is safe from microscopic threats. They are also good absorbent and thus help you keep your baby dry quickly after bath time. 

By using bamboo washcloths you can clean your baby as the gently-woven fibers will help you create a nice soapy lather. Stock these towels as many as you can because they are organic, eco-friendly and biodegradable as well.  

Bamboo Baby Clothes are best for Babies 

Bamboo Baby Clothes

 Bamboo apart from being used in baby bath towels is also used in making baby bedsheets, bedspreads, blankets, duvet, and many more baby clothing items. Bamboo fabric is said to be very soft in texture. It has properties like being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal which makes it ideal for use in baby clothing. 

Baby clothes that are made from bamboo fabrics contain a natural agent called “bamboo Kun” that keeps the fabric odor-free and protects it from fungus and bacteria. Bamboo fibers are softer than cotton, cashmere, and silk; they are also less expensive compared to them. Bamboo clothes are long-lasting and very durable. Since bamboo clothes need to be washed very often, they are best for babies as they can be easily cleaned without the fabric losing its softness.  

The best part about bamboo fabric is that it is breathable, hence, ideal for babies. It is very comfortable to wear and keeps the baby's skin dry. Bamboo fabric is said to act as a thermal regulator for babies’ body temperature. As babies have very delicate and sensitive skin, bamboo clothes can be very useful for them. Bamboo fabric is hypo-allergic; their organic fibers prevent eczema and other skin allergies. These bamboo fibers are light in weight and have an amazing tendency to keep your baby cool in summer and warm in the winter. These clothes are anti-static and free of harsh chemicals like chlorine. 

As of today, bamboo clothes for babies are considered as the hottest baby clothing items in the market. In Chinese culture, bamboo denotes good luck and longevity. Today, you will find a variety of baby clothes made from bamboo fabrics like baby pajamas, pants, shirts, hats and socks in various colours and textures are readily available in the market. For those parents who want to dress up their child in organic clothes, then there can be nothing comfortable, durable, and better than bamboo clothes. They are hence the best choice for your eco-friendly baby.    

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