Best Baby Gifts 2020

Best Baby Gifts 2020

Babies bring joy and happiness to the lives of all those around them. When a baby is born, everyone in the family is happy. It’s the happiest moment for all family members, and especially parents. The birth of a baby is considered a very special occasion all over the world and one that is given great importance, as it’s the beginning of a new life for the newborn and every family member associated with them.  

To express the happiness and joy felt with the arrival of a newborn in this world, family members and relatives plan to shower the new member of their family and her/his mother with the best gifts they can. There are thousands of gift stores available in every town where one can find numerous gifts for newborn babies and their mothers. However, with numerous baby gifting products available, people get a bit confused with what to present babies as a gift, especially those who don’t have any prior experience. 

In general, people present baby toys, baby cots, furniture, and bouncing chairs as gifts to newborn babies but many of them consider gifting babies with good clothing pieces. This is because they consider such things more valuable than any other item. Baby clothes are an essential item that would protect babies from changing weather and can also be used for a longer period of time.  

Baby clothing items are considered as great gifts and are appreciated by parents for numerous reasons. Such types of baby products can be gifted not only at the birth of a baby but also on special occasions such as on their birthdays, on Christmas Eve or on any other special occasion. But the question that arises is why baby clothing products are considered as the best gifts? 

There’s not only one but there are many reasons to say why baby clothes are considered as the best gifts.

Gifting Newborn Babies with Baby Clothes 

  • First of all, a baby needs a lot of clothes. Babies very quickly make a mess while eating or playing and they need new clothes immediately in such cases. Having lots of clothes would help mothers to use them for their babies whenever they make their clothes dirty. This would also let mothers avoid cleaning the baby’s clothes on a regular basis.    
  • Babies are growing constantly. They grow out of their clothes. They need them in high quantities because their older clothes get shorter day by day and must be replaced by the new ones. 
  • So when you give baby clothes, parents would not think ‘why again another T-shirt?’ Instead, they would praise you for providing something that is very useful for them, and would make their life easier. This is because they will have to spend less time washing and changing their baby’s clothes.  
  • Baby clothes make for very cute and fun gifts; they are available in vibrant colours and themes. Parents would love to dress up their children in fun clothes so that they look cute. Gifting babies, cute clothes and blankets would inspire them and will have a great impact on them at this young age.

Organic Cotton Clothes as Baby Gift

As mentioned above, baby clothes can be considered as the best gift for babies, as they are easy to find and are available in a variety of cute choices. However, you must know there are two types of clothes available in the market: synthetic clothes and organic cotton clothes. If you are planning to give baby clothes as gifts, then it is recommended to gift babies organic cotton clothes. 

Organic baby cotton clothes are made from natural fabric and do not contain harmful chemicals that can generally be found in synthetic clothes. If you gift synthetic clothes, there’s a risk of babies getting health problems, as these clothes are not baby-skin-friendly. Gifting baby products made from organic cotton clothes like Organic Baby Blankets, Organic Bath Capes and Organic Knitted Toys will ensure that they are safe with your gifts.

Organic clothes can help children breathe easier, maintain their body temperature and moisture well. They are softer on the baby’s delicate skin and make them feel comfortable. 

Organic cotton clothes are also available in stylish designs, prints, and variant colors just like synthetic clothes. For example, Knitted Baby Blankets, Playpen Mattress, etc. when gifted to babies, make them happy. 

Things to Remember when Gifting Clothes to Babies  

Gifting clothes to babies is really great, but there are things that you must consider while doing so. 

  • Do not gift babies with clothes that are too complicated for them to wear. Avoid buying clothes that have too many buttons on the back or long sleeve shirts, as these types of clothes could make them feel very uncomfortable. 
  • Consider the fabric while buying baby clothes. Because clothes made of synthetic fibers simply don’t let them breathe as they cause sweating and discomfort. Thus, it’s better to gift children with clothes that are made of pure organic cotton.  
  • Always look for size when buying baby's clothes. Generally, expectant mothers tend to buy huge clothes for their babies who still haven’t arrived in this world. So, when buying clothes for a newborn, try to purchase clothing items that the baby can wear 3-6 months down the track.  

Educational and Developmental Baby Toys

Although baby clothes are considered as important as well as valuable gifts for newborn babies, apart from that, there’s another list of products that are also considered valuable; they are educational and developmental baby toys. These toys are different from normal play toys; they help in the development of babies’ physical, emotional and social skills, and prepare them for the life ahead. 

Everyone knows that babies and toddlers are receptive to new ideas and concepts, and thus parents yearn to develop their baby’s mental skills and make them intelligent. Since the beginning of their childhood, babies start responding to color, sound, and development. It is because of this reason that a need arises for toys and books that help in developing the baby’s creative skills and mental health. 

Educational toys for babies come in different forms, for example, the Baby Einstein Take Along tunes, Infant Bricks, Jack in a Box, Stock and Pull Igor, etc. These are types of toys that are essential for a baby in his/her early stages of development. The early experiences of the baby with baby development toys are crucial in developing babies’ creativity, intelligence, and mental health. Let’s look at some of these popular educational toys for babies that help in developing their mind creativity and intelligence. 

  • Infant Bricks: As the name suggests, infant bricks are a bunch of soft and colorful boxes that are made to entertain as well as educate babies. These building blocks are a good way to educate a child and develop their skills in problem solving. By playing with infant bricks, the baby will find out the numerous outcomes from matching and stacking different bricks in different ways. This will help toddlers develop new ideas until they don’t reach their own level of satisfaction. 
  • Fish Rattle: This is a plaything for babies that is carefully crafted with playful rattle designs. They crackle like the sound produced and some wonderful shapes can be created, this is a trademark of this toy. This can be a huge help in making the babies curious and interested. 
  • Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Learning Baby: This is perhaps the best educational toy for babies that educate them as well as fulfill the playing side of things as well. This toy consists of ten different songs that are played when a baby touches and presses some part of the puppy’s body. It helps the baby learn about different parts of the body while producing a melodious touch developing the music sense of the toddler. In addition to this, they learn about alphabets and numbers. This toy is meant for children between the ages group of 6 months to 2 years. 
  • Schylling Circus Top: In this whole toy game, a top is made of tin which hums while spinning at top speed. Playing this toy helps children social development and motor skills. 
  • Jack in a box: This is a small and soft fun version of the classic toy where a friendly jack jumps up with a squeaky sound when the lid is lifted up. One can hide him away in his colorful box and the game of peep-o-time can be repeated again. This is a small and soft toy in which all parts are removable and machine washable. 
  • Stock and Pull Igor: This is a type of baby toy which has 2 soft and plastic rings for visual, audio and tactile stimulation. The baby can pull it along with its colorful bee or can simply shake the bead rattle rings. 
  • Shake Rattle and Roll: What better first ball for your infant than one that rattles as well? The huge finger gaps in the squishy, bendable plastic make it simple for the infant to grab and shake, and the inside rattle ball makes for the entertainment, noisily rolling over the floor. At four inches in measurement, this ball is ideal for babies who are three months and older to rehearse their fine motor gripping skills. This small baby playing ball without much of a stretch is tossed in a car or diaper pack as a travel toy.

Such kinds of educational and developmental toys for babies are important and valuable during their growing phase. They help babies in developing their minds at an early age which leads to great things at later dates. 



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