Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Newborn And For New Mother

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Newborn And For New Mother

Before heading towards the best gifts for baby showers that you can give the mother a gift for the baby and herself. Let's know a little about what a baby shower is! A baby shower means a party was thrown by any family member other than the mother to celebrate the expected birth of a child or the transformation of a woman into a mother. A baby shower party or get-together was traditionally organized on the first child's arrival, where only women were allowed in the party. No males were entitled, not even the child's father. However, nowadays, people are breaking these stereotypes and celebrating baby showers on the arrival of the second child as well with male family members becoming a part of the celebration. Baby shower parties are for close family and friends where guests bring small gifts as a gesture of love and celebration. These gifts include baby-related stuff like diapers, clothes, toys, baby bottles, blankets, etc. But this is not it; nowadays, there are many other useful items available in the market you can give at the baby shower. Here are some of the suggestions for you to choose from.

Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas For Newborn And For New Mother

White Noise Machines

New parents have no idea how little sleep they will get at the start of  their parenting time and how stressful it can be. Having a white noise machine will help their newborn to sleep better in no time. So this is the best thing to give for a baby shower.

Non-Contact Thermometer

The non-contact thermometer is the only thermometer your baby will ever need. Some babies react when they have a fever, and some become silent. They don't respond much, so it is best to measure temperature. It can also be useful to measure the temperature of hot water or milk given to the child.

Diaper Changing Station

Baby diaper changing stations have all the things you need for a baby in one place. It has different sections for you to keep diapers, baby wipes, lotions, creams, pacifiers, diaper pail, baby bodysuits, hand sanitizer, nail clipper, etc. An all-rounder kit every mother would love to receive as a baby shower gift.

Hospital Survival Kit

A hospital survival kit is something every mother will need; it has all the essentials that a mother and baby will need, more comfort and less irritation. In a survival kit, you can add oral care necessary, lotion or sunscreen, sweat pads, eye pads, hand sanitizer, facial wipes, pair of socks, comb, some hair bands, shampoo, soap, some snacks, and many more.

Hospital Survival Kit

New Baby Journal

New baby journals are diaries that record the mother's experience, emotions, milestones, and memories with the child of early months with the newborn. Journaling can be an excellent way to keep a record of all the feelings you're going through, both positive and negative. It is the best baby shower gift you can give to an expecting mother.

Recovery Essentials

You need recovery after the delivery of the baby for the mother. You can make it at home and put all the necessary items you think a mother will need after the delivery. You can add slip-on shoes, thermal water bottle, stool softeners, lip balm, hand cream, an extra pair of socks, foot cream, comfortable robe, earplugs, back scratcher, pillow and blanket, pads, different underwater, and the list goes on.

Phone Holder

Once the newborn is at home, there is no time for new parents' to look at the phone. At the baby shower, you can give them a phone holder to put their phone on the phone holder and attend calls, video calls, watch videos, etc.

Gentle Nail Trimmer for baby

Trimming the baby's nail is still scary for many new parents, but it is nothing to worry about. Gentle nail trimmer for babies is specially made for baby's nails as they have delicate nails. You can give your friend who will be new parents a gentle nail trimmer for the baby at their baby shower to help ease their stress of cutting the baby's nails. 


DockATot is very important for new parents and their baby; it is a multifunctional product. The baby can play long, restful sleep and cuddle in it, and the mother will not tense about the baby falling. DockATot is the best baby shower gift you can give.

Water Bottle

Mother needs to be hydrated, so it is the right choice to give her a cute customized water bottle to remind her of you.

Closet Dividers

Since the new member of the family is on their way home, the family members, especially parents, should start organizing the closet. You can gift closet dividers to the parents at a baby shower for them to arrange things.

First-year photo frame

Pictures are the moments captured for life. Gifting a photo frame with 12 sections for every baby's first milestone is still a good idea to give to treasure moments forever.


ToteSavvy bags are the better and cheaper version of the diaper bags, which have many sections to keep the baby's essentials while traveling. Tote savvy can turn her purses into a diaper bag by just attaching her.

Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is a right choice for a mother while traveling, and she needs to breastfeed her child. Nursing Cover is easy to carry so the mother can take it as her scarf, and it has excellent coverage to cover a whole human inside it. 

Baby wrap

Baby wraps are a kind of sling that you can tie on your waist and can hold your baby tight even while doing any work. They are so comfortable. Baby Wrap can be a great gift to Mumma-to-be on her baby shower as it will allow her to do her work with her baby close to her.

Pacifier Clip

When a baby turns 4-5 months, he starts throwing things here and there, and the pacifier clip will help the parents locate the pacifier and be glad to receive it as a gift.

Baby boots

Gifting a cute little pair of boots is still the cutest thing you can give to a mother for her newborn. Make sure the shoes you choose are soft and delicate for babies.

Baby carriers

The more the new parents love to hold the baby at starting, they'll get exhausted as time passes but then who will carry the baby? Well, gifting them wearable baby carriers in advance will save them.

A Pack Of Scented Candles

It will be exhausting and frustrating to handle the baby when parents do not get proper sleep, disturbing your peace of mind. Scented candles can cheer up their mood and relax them, so it is a great idea to give them a baby shower.

Customize chains

If your budget is not tight and you want to give the baby's mother something that lasts forever, it could be giving her a customized chain with the title 'MOM.' It is one of the best gifts that a mother will receive in her baby shower. It could be of gold or any other metal of your choice, which will be precious and with her till last.

Baby bath supporter

Bathing a baby is quite hard as their body is so tender, and they keep moving frequently. Hence a baby bath supporter can be an excellent option to give at the baby shower as it provides support and comfort to a baby. It even makes sure the baby's hygiene and safety.

Baby Shower Gift Basket

You can gift a baby shower basket, which will be a combination of all the necessary things a mother and her baby will need during the time of pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery.

 Best Baby Gifting Ideas - Vkaire

Soft toys for baby

When you are stuck on what to give and what not to give at a baby shower, providing soft toys is the best and evergreen idea for everyone. Nowadays, you can even get customized soft toys on orders. So it is not a bad idea to keep your gift sober and straightforward.


Let's not talk about the gifts you can give, which will last for a more extended period, and enjoy the present moment. You can get some cakes from any bakery which will make customized cakes. It could be a little fun to present diaper cakes at the baby shower for the parents as this is what they will deal with for upcoming months. It could be a fun-loving gesture of yours.

Handmade clothes

Handmade clothes like sweaters are the best gift from anyone, which shows your real love, affection, and care for the baby in the clothes you will give them. It shows that it is not just a piece of clothing and thread but also the love you have knitted.

Swaddle blankets

Swaddle blankets are made up of durable fabric; they are light in weight, keeping the baby comfortable. It also keeps them warm in winters and cools in summers. The material which is made up of is so durable and easily washable. Hence, swaddle blankets are one of the best gifts to give at baby showers.


Baby shower parties have become so common nowadays. People like to celebrate their baby's upcoming, which has become a trend. So, in the above article, we have mentioned some of the best baby shower gifts that you can give to a friend, sister, wife who's going to be Mumma.

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