Breastfeeding Tips For A Better Motherhood

Breastfeeding Tips For A Better Motherhood

It's a real joy to experience motherhood and the whole phase; besides, it's stressful. There is an intrinsic sum of frustration that appears to be quite obvious when managing a newborn's chaos. However, stressed mothers go through so much, leaving them with self-doubt and anxiety about being insufficient for their babies. The irony is that mother’s are generally well resourced, and entirely informed than any other mothers' era. Nevertheless, most of the time, they still feel inadequate, inefficient, baffled, and defeated. At this moment, a series of suspicions arises in their mind, for instance, "What else do I need to do to overthrow this feeling of discontentment? What am I doing wrong? What is wrong with me?" Instead, they need to ask themselves, "how could they improve their motherhood?" One of the significant issues that they face is breastfeeding tips for new mothers. Here, we have assembled fundamental breastfeeding tips to make motherhood easy and enjoyable.

Breastfeeding Tips For A Better Motherhood

Significance Of Baby Feeding Or Breastfeeding

Undoubtedly, no food that is better than breast milk for your newborn. It is the best food you can provide which has all the primary nutrients a baby needs. As per WHO, you must breastfeed for at least six months. Let’s understand the significance behind this. Well, breastfeeding during the initial days of lactation provides abundant antibodies, which is  one of the most beneficial ways to secure the baby's health. For excellent and adequate nourishment, a mother should breastfeed their newborn for at least six months. They are less likely to suffer from diarrhea and sickness, gastroenteritis, colds and flu, ear and chest infections, and thrush.

Breast milk is the essence of liveliness with unique elements that include white blood cells, stem cells, and constructive bacterias. Moreover, other biological components, such as antibodies, enzymes, and hormones, which altogether fight infection, prevent diseases that lead to healthy body growth.

Three Phases Of Breast Milk

Yes, a mother's breast milk transforms in three phases within the two weeks of the lactation period, which meet the infant's necessities in many ways.

  • Colostrum: It's a yellow substance that encourages the flow of antibodies and useful nutrients that helps the infant to combat infections in their initial days. A baby only needs 2-3 teaspoons at a time.
  • Transitional Milk: After a few days of birth, colostrum changes into transitional milk, little orangish in color. It's the mid-phase of colostrum and mature milk.
  • Mature Milk: Ultimately, the second week of the lactation period commences the production of mature milk. It's white and a little more diluted than transitional milk.

Breastfeeding Tips For New Mother

Initially, breastfeeding is not a smooth process; it doesn't come innately or quickly. Therefore, being a mother is a loving and bonding experience filled with tears when the nursing trial doesn't go as well as you expected it to be. While protecting your newborn with passive immunity is effective immediately in almost every way, to breastfeed a baby, you may need guidance on the entire process. Go through these mother feeding tips for a better understanding and making the process less hectic.

Breastfeeding Tips For New Mother

Foresee Your Newborn's Appetite

Instead of waiting for your baby to burst out in hunger, you should be observing your baby's gestures, like sticking out their tongue and suck on whatever is close and so on. If you catch them by making such signs and signals, provide them with breast milk right away. In this way, the mother-baby relationship deepens more and more. 

Nurse As Long As Your Baby Needs

Right now, your baby is well informed of their needs rather than you. So let them choose how frequently to breastfeed them. Don't panic when they breastfed only for ten minutes or extend to forty-five minutes. It varies from baby to baby.

Feel comfortable while wet-nursing

You may not be aware of how long you will sit to breastfeed your baby; it may extend to an hour due to which you need to be in comfortable seating to avoid discomfort during the process. Some of the position we recommend are below:

  • Lie on your side while the baby faces you
  • Sit with cross-folded legs
  • Use plenty of pillows while sitting and lying on the couch or bed to support your head and arms

Let Your Baby Determine The Favourable Positions

It's not only you who needs to be in a comfortable position; your baby needs to determine it too for themselves. Foremost, don't force the parts for your baby; let them adjust by themselves.

Elevate Calmness While Breastfeeding

You need to feel relaxed while feeding your baby because your baby can sense if you are uneasy and uncomfortable through which they won't latch on appropriately. It is crucial to make sure that both baby and you are satisfied during the entire breastfeeding process. 

 Oozing Of Breast Milk Is Normal

It's natural for breast milk to ooze a few weeks of maternity. Don't be anxious due to such leaking processes. If you have not put a baby on breastfeeding for several hours, leaking can happen.

Skincare On The Regular Basis

The breast is the delicate part of the woman's body. You may experience dryness or chapped skin; to avoid problems like this, give a few dabs on your breast after feeding or wash it with a gentle cleanser once a day.

Do Not Worry There Will Be Endless Reservoir Of Milk

Whenever you breastfeed your baby, there's a dismissal of two hormones, i.e., prolactin and oxytocin, that stimulates milk production. The more the baby gets breastfed, the more milk production will be there.

Keep Observing If the Breastfeeding Is Going Well Or Not

Your baby's good health and biological procedure will signify good breastfeeding as they fall fast asleep after the swallowing decreases in the speed, which is one of your newborn's healthy signs.

Prevent Excessive Storage Of Milk

Excessive storage of milk may lead to hurt, swelling, and stiffening of your breast. It happens when you produce more milk than your baby consumes. To avoid such a situation, breastfeed your baby at a regular interval of time. 

Seek Out Help From Nurse

Being in a hospital surrounded by nurses and lactation consultants will offer you some advice and support. If you still face any difficulty regarding breastfeeding, you have to seek help from nurses and lactation consultants because if you don't, they will not know your requirements. 

Stay Hydrated And Cool

While in all mess, you have to cheer yourself up by keeping yourself hydrated and cool. Whenever you breastfeed a newborn, you should have a glass of water. It helps a mother to freshen up for a hectic process. To have a well-fed baby, a mother should be well-fed too.


Tools For Breastfeeding

To breastfeed a newborn without any trouble, you might be requiring some helpful tools throughout the procedure of breastfeeding. Here's everything that a new mother will need and purchase:

  • Breastfeeding Pillow: A breastfeeding pillow can help a mother provide them comfort and support and your baby to reach the breast's proper level for latching. It may also reduce the severe pain a mother can face during the entire breastfeeding process—all the maternity materials you can find easily on 
  • Breast Pump: One of the best products for working women is collecting breast milk in a container to feed the baby in their absence. The pumping allows you to fetch the milk and provide your little one when hospitalized or sick. It also helps to reduce engorgement, excessive storage of milk, which leads to pain and swelling. 
  • Nursing Bra: At the initial days of lactation, when your breast is engorged with milk and feels heavy, the right nursing bra provides you support and comfort as well. has a premium collection of such products, through which you can ease the breastfeeding processes.
  • Nursing Pad: This breast pad is an excellent absorbent rounded-pad kept inside the bra, which stops leakage of milk by absorbing it completely. The nursing pad can be a savior when it leaks at an unfit time.
  • Breastfeeding Clothes: These days, breastfeeding clothes come in many fashionable varieties designed especially with the front buttons through which you won't have to pull your breast out or remove any clothes that you can wear outside and flaunt by serving your newborn anywhere. 

Tips For Perfect Latch

To help your baby for a good latch, you need to follow the few steps mentioned below:

Dab a nipple on your baby's lips so that they will wide open their mouth.

Make sure your newborn chins are upside down from his chest.

If your newborn latches just on your nipple, gently pull a nipple to break the latch and try again. 


To draw the interference, here's everything you want to know when you're stepping into new motherliness. The breastfeeding tips and the breastfeeding tools are all that you need to cherish a moment with your newborn.

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