Buy The Best Swaddle Blanket For Your Baby Online

Buy The Best Swaddle Blanket For Your Baby Online

Everybody knows that newborn babies need at least 18-20 hours of sleep a day. Warmth and comfort are a must for a baby’s good sleep. But, we all know that sleeping in mom’s lap is not possible all day. So, all you need is to swaddle your baby with the best swaddling blankets that you can buy online. There are many benefits of swaddling, like your child’s good and comfortable sleep. 

Swaddling helps you to do your work when your baby is sleeping. Swaddling also helps in your baby’s positive development and growth. But most of the parents don’t know the terms and conditions to buy the best baby swaddle blanket for their baby. Swaddling supports longer and further sleep. This guide will teach you how to buy the best baby swaddle blanket online.

baby swaddle blanket

Parents should know about the best fabrics of swaddle blankets to invest in for their baby. Swaddling is a technique of wrapping an infant with warm blankets or clothes. It restricts the movement of baby limbs to prevent any mishappening. You will get to know about some conditions to buy a baby swaddle blanket online from this guide.

Some Terms And Conditions To Buy Baby Swaddle Blankets Online:-

For How Long Your Baby Should Be Swaddled

We do not recommend swaddling your baby when he or she starts moving, rolling, and crawling. You should stop swaddling after a month because every kid developed enough to start moving on their own in approximately a month. Due to this active moment of kids, they can be choked to death because the folds are very close to their neck and if they roll here and there are chances that these folds can obstruct his or her windpipe which is also known as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome(SIDS).

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We can not swaddle them for a long time because they also have the right to move freely because their body undergoes many developments in those days.

baby swaddle

Types of Swaddling Techniques:-

The Diamond Swaddle

  • The first thing you have to do is fold the baby swaddle blanket in a diamond shape from the top corner of the blanket. Make sure that the fold must be as long as the baby is.
  • Once the fold is done, place the little one on the blanket. Make sure that the baby’s neck and face are above the fold. Support his or her neck while you are swaddling your baby. Ensure that proper support is given to the baby as their neck is very delicate.
  • A way through which you can do this is to hold your baby’s arm around his or her sides. In this way, the arms would outline her sides. Another way is to fold his or her hand over the tummy so that you can replicate the posture while he or she is in the womb. Make sure that he or she is comfortable no matter whatever way you choose.
  • Now, you have to hold the blanket on the side of the baby’s one arm and tuck it in a downward direction under the fist of the other arm. You should perform the tucking of arms in such a way that it holds his or her arm in place. 
  • After adjusting one arm close the bottom of the baby swaddle blanket. Now, the part which has been left at the bottom should be folded towards the upward direction near his or her neck. And the other side should be the side where you just tucked your baby. 
  • Now, you have to flip the left-over arm from the legs to top in such a way that it forms a V-shape. Tuck it under the shoulder of the first arm you tucked. Now, the last thing you have to do is to lift the baby up to complete the final tuck of the swaddle.

Simple swaddle

This technique is one of the easier types of baby swaddling techniques. You can use this technique once your baby is a little bigger and begin learning their motor skills. This baby swaddling technique is specially designed to keep the babies’ hands neatly tucked away. This technique includes following steps:-

  • In this process you may need a large blanket of approx 110x110 cm in size. Now, place it on a flat surface. Fold one corner downwards about the length of a hand,
  • Place the baby on the top of the above muslin with the top of the fold just above their neckline. Put the baby’s left arm down by his or her side and now take the left side of the swaddle blanket across his or her body and tuck it underneath.
  • Now you have to repeat the same procedure on the right-hand side of your baby.
  • Lastly fold the bottom of the muslin upwards and either tuck on the top or you can tuck it each side underneath the baby.

While purchasing a baby swaddle blanket you must keep these few things in mind.

  • Size of the blanket.
  • Material from which blanket is made.
  • The blanket should be a little stretchable.
  • It should be easy to use

Durability And Fabric Of Blanket 

A newborn’s baby is not developed to regulate its body temperature itself and loses its temperature very easily. So, to maintain an infant’s body temperature, he or she is covered with warm clothes and swaddle blankets. But, some parents don’t know about the role of fabric from which those blankets are made.

Swaddle blankets should be made of 100% cotton or bamboo fibre to give a comfortable sleep to babies. It should be warm and durable. A swaddle blanket should not be of synthetic or nylon fiber, as it is not good for a baby’s skin and comfort.

Always Purchase Organic Baby Swaddle

While purchasing the swaddle blankets, you should also check whether it is organic and chemical-free or not. According to recent studies, chemicals like BPA and paraben are used in making these kinds of products. These types of chemicals are not good for babies but babies can get exposed to these chemicals easily. Because there are many possible chances that your baby might lick or chew those blankets.

baby swaddle blanket online

So, always look for chemical-free and organic baby swaddle blankets to keep your baby safe. Organic Swaddle blankets give a comfortable sleep to your baby and help you to do your work. One Of The Best Online Destinations To Buy Baby Swaddle Blanket online

If you are looking for the best quality baby swaddle blankets, just check out the new collection of swaddle blankets on It is one of the most trusted online stores for buying baby and parenting products at reasonable rates. The products of are 100% organic and chemical-free. Moreover, it has 100+ latest designs of baby swaddle blankets made of cotton and bamboo fibre only. If you want to give a comfortable and warm sleep to your baby then you must try


We hope that this guide would have helped you in deciding the best baby swaddle blanket to buy online. Make sure that excess of everything can be harmful. It means that a swaddle blanket may comfort the baby but sleeping in the mom’s lap is also necessary. So do purchase the best and organic baby swaddle online for your baby.

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