Celebrating Your Baby's First Diwali

Celebrating Your Baby's First Diwali

Diwali comes and switches on the festive seasons and makes everyone happy with the vibe. But with a newborn in the house, it becomes more memorable, and parents try to put all of their efforts into making the baby's first Diwali more than extraordinary. Diwali is a festival of great significance and has a lot of historical value in the Hindu religion. It is typical to get busy as the festive season is on, but you need someone familiar to look after your baby and ensure he is having fun and enjoying all the celebrations. 

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Don't you think an occasion like Diwali is the perfect time to click some beautiful pictures and create memories forever that you will cherish your whole life? You can try to create many unique ideas to make your baby's first Diwali memorable. The first thing you need to keep in mind is that you have to stick to your baby's daily routine. If you mess with your baby's routine, even you will not be able to enjoy the occasion of Diwali stress-free. You need to keep many such things in your mind, and we will discuss them one by one to make sure you know how to celebrate your baby's first Diwali. 

These might look like small tips, but they can help you cherish your most miniature memories, and activities like these make a huge overall impact on mental growth and happiness.

Tips To Make Your Baby's First Diwali More Prestigious 

  • Make sure that your baby wears comfortable but elegant clothes and is not held by many people. Also, do not try to disturb your baby's routine.  
  • In the name of the festival, don't give the baby sweets and maintain the usual feeding routine so that the baby does not become restless and cranky. 
  • Don't use various flower garlands to decorate your home as they can cause allergic reactions to the baby, and also do not light up more than required diyas or candles around the baby because they might get hurt. 
  • Another main thing that you need to keep in mind is that ok leave your baby alone for a minute. Make sure that she has someone familiar around all the time so that no mishap can happen. 
  • Do not forget to babyproof your home before you set up the sockets and colorful lights because there will be so many people visiting your home with their babies. 
  • A strict no to firecrackers when you have a newborn in the house, and if we are family wish to burn some of them, then make sure to light up all the crackers outside the home premises, not anywhere near the baby. 
  • Many people want to hold your baby to give their blessings but do not forget to teach them the right way and not let many people handle your newborn because it will create contact, and many diseases can spread during the festive season. 
  • The room in which you will place your baby after the puja should be soundproof. All of the windows and doors should be closed before smoke starts coming in. 
  • Keep an eye on your baby and see what she is eating and drinking. Avoid all dry fruits as a baby under one year of age will surely choke while eating them. 

Being a great event comes with significant responsibilities. Safety has to be assured for kids as well as grown-ups. Celebrating your baby's first Diwali will be a lot of fun and create thousands of memories but make sure everything is under your control. 

5 Things That You Should Not Forget While Celebrating Your Baby's First Diwali 

Be Ready With A Handy First Aid Box 

Everyone has a first aid box, but its use became more critical during the festive season, especially Diwali. So, to keep the situation in your hand, always be ready to take a step forward and keep the essentials ready for their use. 

Do Not Let Children Eat And Burn Crackers At The Same Time 

For children, Diwali is all about sweet treats and who burns the most crackers. If you see a child holding a sweet in one hand and burning crackers in the other, try to stop him from committing such a mistake. They may get harmful chemicals in their mouth. 

Keep Pets Safe 

What we humans tend to forget about while enjoying a festival are pets or stray animals. They fear noise and land pollution, but we don't seem to care about them. Also, while celebrating your baby's first Diwali, give shelter to stray animals and feed them. 

Notable Care For Atshametic Children 

It is highly possible that your newborn is prone to allergies and may be asthmatic, so you need to perform extra care. Pollution level, especially the air pollution level, is dangerously rising, so keep your child indoors all the time. 

Keep Your Newborn Away From Noisy Area

Crackers burn, and the noise occurs in the range of 130 - 160 decibels that can cause damage to a newborn's ears. So, keep your baby indoors and out of harm, and even if you have to go out, cover your baby's ear with earmuffs. 

A final thought 

You can try different ideas or experiment with your ideas and make your Diwali, along with your newborn unique and unforgettable. You can make a rangoli using organic colors, and inside that, do not forget to mark your baby's feet. You already have Laxmi in your home, and what else do you need? 


Try spreading happiness, smiles, and gratitude this Diwali, and let your baby have the blessing of everyone. If you know other mothers who are unaware of how to celebrate their baby's first Diwali, do not forget to share this piece of information with them or tell them what you have read so far to make their Diwali an auspicious day.

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