Complete Guide About Massaging Your Baby In Winters

Complete Guide About Massaging Your Baby In Winters

Winter is near, and it gives relaxation from hot and humid climates, but it also comes with a lot of challenges. Especially when you have a toddler in the house as a baby needs much more protection than the adults. The toddler needs protection from the chilly winter wind as it can damage the skin of your babies, and make them sick. So, the best way to keep your baby healthy and nourished is to massage their body with baby massage oil in winter. Massaging is a way to show love and care to your baby. Massaging is a good way to start bonding between parent and baby.

Baby Massaging

The baby massage oil in winter should be light as it can easily be soaked by the skin of the baby. The good quality baby massage oil in winter provides the required nutrients, moisture for the skin of the baby, and also strengthens bonding between mother and child. Massaging a baby with oil increases the immunity in a toddler and also makes their muscles and bones strong. So in this piece of writing, we have thoroughly discussed the baby massage tips for winter that are a must to know for the parents, especially the new parents.

Benefits Of Massaging Your Toddler 

If you go back to your childhood days, you used to get a massage from your grandparents or mother in an authentic traditional way. As it gives us a lot of benefits by strengthening our muscles and bones. If you have a newborn in your house then massaging is a ritual for us which we follow without fail. Massaging comes with numerous benefits, and a few of them are-

  • Massaging supports your baby mentally, physically, and socially.
  • It keeps your baby in a relaxed state.
  • Massaging decreases the stress level in a toddler, and as a result, they cry less.
  • Massaging increases the sleep quota of your baby.
  • Massaging increases the blood flow in the body.
  • It builds their immunity and keeps them strong from the inside.
  • It aids in the digestion of your baby so that the baby doesn’t have any kind of upset stomach.
  • It also helps in gaining weight.
  • You will find out that it also lifts a child’s mood and makes you more authorized as a parent. Whatever timing or routine you set for your baby massage, it’s a precious time between you and your toddler. 

You will see the child make eye contact more often with you naturally during this time. So don’t let this moment slip away, and keep smiling with your baby.

Some Baby Massage Tips In Winter To Get The Full Advantage Of Massaging

In summer you can easily massage your baby anywhere in the home but the scenario changes in winter. So there is some element you need to keep in mind while massaging a baby in winter-

  • When you remove your baby cloth for massage, make sure that the room is cozy and warm for your toddler.
  • First, make your hands warm by rubbing together or with the help of a heater so that your baby doesn’t feel cold when you touch them with oil for massage.
  • If you don’t want to put cold oil on toddler skin then you can also warm the oil before massaging. Don’t forget to check the hotness of oil by dipping your elbow or finger before putting it on the skin of the baby for massaging.
  • Make sure the surface is not cold on which you are placing your baby for massaging. The best practice is to place your toddler in your lap by keeping a cotton cloth beneath the child’s back.
  • Test the oil which you want to use for massaging your baby. The best practice is to patch tests to make sure the baby is not having any allergy to the particular oil.
  • Always massage your baby with soft and gentle strokes of your hands. Spend this time with your kid to make a perfect love bonding. Your stroke with love will eventually make your toddler feel safer and pampered.
  • Before massaging make sure to check for the rashes in the baby’s body due to the diaper so that your hands won’t slip there during massaging.
  • After the massaging of the full body is done, then at last you can massage the head with the oil of your own choice.

Baby Massage Oils In Winter To Make Your Child Relaxed In Winter

When a toddler comes out from the mother’s womb, the biggest question that arises is which oil will be more beneficial for a baby massage? As massage is the first thing a child gets from a mother and the mother wants to give the best for their child. 

Baby Massage In Winters

So when you are shopping for a massage oil for your toddler, please be careful because many big brands of massage oils contain harmful chemicals such as paraben, synthetic. So always check the ingredients that are used to make the massage oil. Always look for the words like organic, paraben-free, natural as it is best suited for baby skin.

Now one baby massage tip for winter you need to keep in mind is that the oil that is used for massaging your toddler in summer is not the same in the winter season. In the winter and summer seasons, massage oils are completely different from one another. So let’s get to know about a few Baby massage oils in winter.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is the best to massage your toddler body in winter as it is light and can be easily soaked by the skin of your baby. As coconut oil has antifungal, anti-bacterial properties so it will keep your child's skin away from fungal and bacterial infection. The fragrance of coconut oil will also relax your toddler.

Mustard Oil

Many Indians prefer mustard oil for massaging in winter as it is a tradition that is passed by our ancestors to us. Mustard oil provides the warmth to the baby's that is very much necessary in the winter season. Mustard oil also provides much more strength to the muscles and bones as compared to the other oil. In the northern side of India, mothers use to mix warm mustard oil with garlic and fenugreek to aid the immunity factor to the massaging oil, and it is one of the best massage oils in winter.

Almond Oil

Almonds are one of the foods that are used in any way, and will always provide health benefits to the body. The almond oil is filled with vitamin A and Vitamin E and it provides the necessary warmth to the toddler body, and also protects the skin of the baby from dryness due to chilly winter wind. Always use pure almond oil without fragrance.


Massaging a baby's body comes with a lot of benefits for your toddler. It is a tradition that is passed by our ancestors to us and our mothers still follow this ritual religiously. Massaging protects the baby from the coming infection as it boosts immunity, and also makes your child's skin healthy. It is always great to give your toddler a hearty massage as it will also make your baby more affectionate toward you and your family.

Psychologically, massage provides happiness and a state of relaxation to your baby. In the above-mentioned blog, we have shared everything related to baby massage tips for winter that will eventually help you and your children to stay happy. So keep massaging and keep your baby happy.

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