Detailed Guidelines On How To Swaddle Newborn Babies

Detailed Guidelines On How To  Swaddle Newborn Babies

To give birth to a newborn baby is an overwhelming feeling for a mother. But to nourish and take care of the newborn baby is a roller coaster journey. There are various things to do to give newborns good nourishment and a safe environment from feeding, swaddling, massaging, vaccination, choose correct products for babies, and much more. Out of these swaddling process may found little difficult to do

Swaddling is a process of wrapping newborn infants in a blanket so that moment of limbs is restricted and the mouth is only peeping out. Swaddling provides newborns warmth and comfort and gives a feeling like they are just in the womb. We have mentioned detailed information about the correct ways of wrapping newborn babies.

Advantages Of Swaddling A Baby

  • Going to keep newborn babies warm when they are sleeping.
  • Comforting  newborn baby during some uncomfortable situation like irritation, vaccination
  • Providing safety and secure environment to the newborn baby by giving comfort like mother womb
  • Help newborn babies to sleep at night comfortably without any disturbance.
  • Swaddling helps to calm and comfort your baby.
  • It helps to regulate the body temperature of a newborn baby
  • Act as a therapeutic agent when a baby is suffering from a colic situation.
  • Swaddling keeps baby happy and exciting the whole day
  • Swaddling reduces Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

Detailed Guidelines On How To  Swaddle Newborn Babies

How To Swaddle Newborn Babies Like an Expert?

  • Spread a blanket out flat on a table, bed, or floor and fold over one of the corners.
  • Lay down the newborn baby on the blanket with his head on the folded corner.
  •  Wrap the warm blanket right corner over the newborn baby with his/her right arm straight down by his/her side and tuck the corner of the blanket underneath the baby's body.
  • Bring the bottom corner of the blanket up over the baby's body.
  • Now wrap the left corner over the baby body with his/her left arm straight and down by bodyside, leaving just the head and neck portion.
  •  At the last check, that blanket is not too tight around the leg and hips area and the lower body can still move about.
  • Wrapping a newborn baby too tightly in a swaddle can cause hip dislocation also,  so perform all steps correctly to avoid this situation.

Why Is It Important To  Swaddle A Newborn Baby?

Touch is considered the most ancient calming sense. The first S of 5 S's of swaddling resemble babies of the womb embrace and it's the same feeling as being cuddled, but major merit is that it encapsulates the newborn baby with soft care that can soothe the baby for an hour while sleeping,  nap or feeding period.

Newborn babies have no control over their arms. Pedaling helps newborn babies from waking the face and getting even more upset. Swaddling also prevents babies from startling themselves and providing sound sleep. Once the baby is wrapped, a baby can play and be soothed by other S's that are a side stomach, sucking, swinging, and dushing.

Detailed Guidelines On How To  Swaddle Newborn Babies

Top 5 Quick And Easy Swaddling Methods For Baby

DUDU Method

It is considered one of the easiest and best swaddling techniques. The DUDU stands for down -up- down-up.

First D- Down

Place a blanket on your bed orient it like a diamond on the floor table and orient it in a diamond shape. The top corner of the blanket should meet the center of the blanket. Place Newborn baby on a  blanket,  his/her neck right above the top corner.

Holding the right arm against his/ her side, grab the blanket about four inches from her right shoulder. Tuck the blanket under the baby's body.

First U- Up

Hold his or her left arm against the body side, bring the point at the bottom of the blanket straight up, and place it over his or her left shoulder. Tuck the blanket on the left arm.

Last D-Down

Whole the blanket just a few inches from the left shoulder and put it down. Make a small flap around the upper chest to form a v neck.

Last U -Up

Grab the blanket on the chest,  hold the last free blanket corner and pull it straight out. Lift that corner up and straight across his or her forearms just like wearing a belt.

Burrito wrap

  • Put the blanket on a flat surface and ensure that it is large enough to cover the baby’s whole body -a size of approximately 43 x 43 inches is recommended 
  • Fold one corner down about 4 inches.
  • Place the baby on their back with the top line of the diamond shape just above their neck.
  • Tuck baby’s hands underneath the fold of the muslin swaddle. Alternatively, you can leave the baby arms out and tuck the swaddle underneath baby armpits 
  • Take the right side of the blanket corner across their body and tuck underneath the baby's left side.
  •  Fold the bottom of the blanket upwards towards the newborn baby’s head and tuck into the top right side of the fold.
  • At last, take the left side and wrap it across the baby's body and tuck underneath on the right-hand side of the baby.

When Can The Process Of Swaddling A Baby Can Be Stopped?

Parents can stop swaddling processes when newborn babies show rollover movements. Many babies start rolling at two months of age. By starting rollover movements they gradually will start walking on their feet with the help of solid support.


To take care of the newborn baby is overwhelming and hectic also.Many inputs are required to upring baby in the correct and secure way. Swaddling may sound easy process,but it is not that easy very minute details matters most.Detailed information about different methods of swaddling, when to stop the swaddling process and related details mention in the article.Gaining enough knowledge about swaddling ,it would be easy for parents to exet swaddling techniques to their newborn baby.

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