Diwali Safety Tips For Kids

Diwali Safety Tips For Kids

India is a land of diversity that includes cultures, and each culture has its different festivals. Hindu religion is one of the oldest known religions in existence, with Diwali being the most auspicious festival. 

Diwali: we refer to Diwali as the festival of light; this festival is celebrated on account of Lord Rama returning to Ayodhya, after defeating Ravana-The evil king of Lanka, On the Amavas of the holy Kartik Month of the Hindu culture. Being such a vast festival comes with sequences of rituals on the day like the Lakshmi Poojan, or lighting of diyas and candles running back from centuries, and some not so old traditions like the lighting of fireworks. 

Diwali Safety Tips For Kids

Being a great event comes with significant responsibilities. Safety has to be assured for kids as well as grown-ups. There have been cases of people losing their suffering from severe burns or even losing their eyesight to fireworks on this day. 

Diwali, for kids, has been an event of great joy too. Young children find it an opportunity to burn crackers, and you can listen to the noise of these crackers starting days before the festival in almost every street of the country. 

The craze of the festival starts weeks before, with preparations like cleaning the houses and lighting them up with fairy lights of various colors and many more to invite Goddess Lakshmi - The goddess of beauty and wealth to bless the house with her traits. 

We can relate if it's your newborn's first Diwali and you want nothing but blessings for your baby. We are here to help and teach you to celebrate your baby's first Diwali with a full bang, while you also need to follow Diwali safety tips to ensure a safe and healthy Diwali. Tell other parents about the following tips to have a safe Diwali this year along with their newborn. The wait is over, and you can fastly now scroll down to get the idea of how Diwali will bring peace and joy to your life. 

Do's And Don'ts

Although no one ever wants to harm himself, we need to ensure safety, especially for kids, to ensure the festival of joy rather than of problems. 

We should first understand that lighting crackers harms the environment, but if you ever want to, ensure taking care of the following things:

  • Light one cracker at a time. 
  • Do not wear synthetic or silk clothes while lighting crackers. 
  • Light crackers at an open area. 
  • Children should not use firecrackers in the absence of parents. 
  • Don't burn crackers under trees. 
  • Do not throw burning crackers at others. 

These can be some small yet essential steps to ensure safety for yourself and others and make the festival an actual day of joy. 

The First Diwali : Make Your Day Prestigious

To celebrate your baby's first Diwali, make sure there is no noise pollution near him. You may want to take them outside, but it is better if they enjoy their first Diwali indoors, far away from the noise and smoke. Every parent ensures to provide their kid with the best, and when it comes to the first event, they want it to be a memorable one. They instead forget to take essential measures to ensure the safety of their child. The following tips will help you to celebrate your baby's first Diwali with full enthusiasm but healthily: 

  • Dressing up the child in a good and comfortable manner will help him be jolly throughout the day. 
  • Use decorations that are kid-friendly and can be of no damage to the kid. 
  • Never burn crackers indoors to ensure the proper safety of your ward from crackers as well as pollution. 
  • Remember to capture every single memory.
  • Keep a first aid case handy in case of emergency. 

These small steps can help prevent big mishappenings and can thus be taken care of seriously. Prevention is always better than cure.

Tips And Tricks To Make Diwali A Bang

We all know that the longest journey starts with a single step; the little tips and tricks help make the festival memorable throughout life. 

Here are some tips to ace your kids Diwali :

  • String up multicolor fairy lights above the reach of children. 
  • Try using a sticker or watercolor rangoli near your crawling toddler(s) room. 
  • Make colorful DIY paper lamps or torans with your little ones. 
  • Try making a floral Garland for your little ones. 
  • And at last, never forget to capture these sweet memories for their child to nourish them in the future. 

Diwali Safety Tips For Kids

These might look like small tips, but they can help you cherish your most miniature memories, and activities like these make a huge overall impact on mental growth and happiness. 

A Final Thought 

Celebrations can be happy only if safety is assured. These small Diwali safety tips for kids can make the celebration safe and help parents and children enjoy it more. 

Some small steps can now be a lifesaver and could turn into a lifetime nightmare if not taken care of correctly. 

Diwali has been the favorite festival of many kids through ages and has been a very prosperous festival for Hindu culture. It is to no surprise that people in India have even fired 50million kgs of firecrackers on a single day, i.e Diwali, which might not sound of any sense but is an activity of great satisfaction to many. 

Finally, although crackers are dangerous to use for small kids and adults if not taken care of properly, we can conclude: The moral duty of every citizen, no matter the age, is to ensure the safety of himself and others and teach kids good Diwali safety tips to ensure a HAPPY DIWALI.

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