Don’t Stress Yourself Out If Baby’s Teeth Started Showing Up - Here’s What You Should Do!

Don’t Stress Yourself Out If Baby’s Teeth Started Showing Up - Here’s What You Should Do!

Being a new mother is not easy as it may sound. Motherhood comes with many responsibilities, setting your priorities, hardships, and then comes everlasting happiness and joy. So, those who say motherhood is easy, well it is not. Being a new parent, you face new experiences. You remember your baby’s first cry, the first word he said, the first time his milk teeth showed up. Almost everything is new. This article is all about baby teeth.

Don't stress yourself if baby’s teeth started showing up - here’s what you do!

But before that understand the whole process of baby teething.

What is baby teething - know about the whole process!

When a baby is usually 3 months old, their first milk tooth starts appearing. After this between, 4 to 7 months other teeth start appearing. This is what we basically call baby teething. 

The process is very irritating for the baby as well as for parents. The baby feels an itchy sensation in their gums that makes them irritated throughout the day. For most parents, teething can be very challenging.  Baby teething is not just about teeth coming out from the gums, it’s the mood of the baby that becomes very frustrating. 

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During the process of baby teething, the baby starts fussing about everything. Especially for mothers, teething with their baby becomes very painful. 

When a mother is breastfeeding her baby during his teething days, the baby starts putting more pressure that causes pain. Also, baby teething is one of the most common sources why a baby wakes up in the middle of the night crying.

The baby starts chewing everything he can. 

Here, we can say that baby teething is not easy - for mothers as well. But you need not worry. We have come up with some remedies that you can try to provide relief to your baby. So now, if baby’s teeth started showing up - here’s what you can do!

4 Baby’s Teeth Started Showing Up - Hers What You Can Do! - Remedies

Go through these 6 best remedies that will surely he;p your child in getting relief from teething pain.

1.Give them a warm water bath

When you see your baby fussing because of teething pain, give him a gentle warm water bath. This way the baby will get distracted and eventually forget about the pain. Try to use natural baby soap that creates bubbles. He will enjoy it.

2. Use baby teethers

Baby teethers are very useful when your baby is going through the teething process. Your baby not only needs baby teethers when the first sets of teeth erupt but also when the molars erupts. You will know when your baby will start teething. 3 best baby teethers with their specifications are given below. You can use any of them for your baby:

  • The nuby baby soothing banana teether

This baby teether is very popular as it is long and thin that also reaches the baby’s back gums. It is not made of any harmful chemicals and you can easily clean it in hot boiling water. The cost is also affordable and you can easily buy it online.

  • Itzy ritzy ring cactus rattle and teether

A baby teether that will help your baby aching gums as well as provide a source of entertainment too. It has two small rings that act as a source of distraction. The baby eventually starts playing with it. This way he will forget about the pain.

  • Chew beads

It is a kind of necklace that a mother can wear and also act as a baby teether. If you are outside with your baby, your baby can chew on these chew beads to feel relief.

Also, there is no fear of losing this baby teether as you can wear it and the baby will himself chew on it.

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3. Massage your child’s gums

Giving a gentle massage to your baby’s gums will soothe the pain. Do remember he will try to chew on your fingers that may cause pain. So, do it gently and safely.

4. Give the baby a frozen nipple to chew on

One of the best ways to soothe teething pain is that give your baby a frozen bottle. When you will give your baby a frozen nipple to chew on, he will feel super relaxed.

Additional precautions that can help you when baby teeth start showing up!

As said earlier baby teething can be very challenging for parents as well. At that time you will be frustrated. To help you and your baby situation, we are telling you some easy precautions that you can take during baby teething:

  • Try to use solid-made baby teethers that are more helpful.
  • Do not use any kind of alcoholic medicine. It can cause further infection.
  • Give the baby cool food which will provide relief to baby gums.

These are some easy precautions that you can follow to give relief to your baby.

Now, we can actually say if baby teeth started showing up - here’s what you can do!


We know motherhood is a very tough phase. But, it is up to you whether you want to make it more tough or enjoyable. A child is a god’s blessing. You will even feel more blessed to have them in your life. Baby teething may cause you some discomfort but in the end, it’s worth it. There’s no need to worry if your baby teeth start showing up - here’s what you can do.

The To-do list is already stated above. Read it with utmost patience. Observe the points and apply them in your motherhood life. Just remember it is a phase and will pass soon. You are the world’s best mother to your child.

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