Foods That Might Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Foods That Might Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply

Breastfeeding plays a crucial part in a baby’s as well as in a mother’s life. Nursing daily becomes a habit, and you want your baby to get all the potent nutrients and vitamins in their body. However, some mothers may face a lack of breast milk supply through their breasts while breastfeeding their babies. Many theories can be put behind this statement to know why some mothers cannot feel their baby due to less production and supply of milk. But, to have a scenic reason that you should know what causes breast milk to be manufactured in the body and how it works overall, read the full article and get a hand on some of the food that might help you to increase breast milk supply. 

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PROLACTIN is the hormone that is responsible for milk production regulation and that is further influenced by breastfeeding. Many things can stimulate your milk supply in many ways. The two crucial things that will impact your milk supply during breastfeeding are how often you breastfeed and how well your breast is emptied. Yes! We will talk about the best foods That Might Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply to some extent and prove beneficial for you and your baby, but before that, know the scientific reason behind all the milk supply chains. 

From the above information, we can say that the more regularly you will feed your baby on time and empty your breasts, the more milk will be produced in your body while breastfeeding. Of course, milk production may vary from mother to mother, but if you feed more to your baby, your breast will supply more milk. Still, some mothers find it hard to cope with the situation of less breast milk supply during breastfeeding, and then those mothers should start eating the following foods to boost their breast milk supply while breastfeeding their baby. 

Have a look at the guide that will tell you what should be your priority and what things you should altogether avoid increasing breast milk supply. 

List Of Food That Might Help Boost Your Breast Milk Supply During Your Breastfeeding Days 


It is found in a study that barley tends to increase the supply of milk production in both humans and animals by increasing prolactin(a breastfeeding hormone). Therefore, it is lactogenic, and you can add whole barley to the soups or add it to your diet or homemade bread recipe. Eat it daily, and you will start noticing the results. 

Barley Malt

Malting enzymes come from germination, and they can either turn barley into sweet, syrupy malt. In addition, the barley malt contains lactogenic beta-glucan. You can quickly find barley malt syrup at health and speciality stores but make sure they are 100% natural. 

Fennel + Fenugreek Seeds

A vegetable that has a white, sweet, liquorice-flavoured bulb is known as fennel. The plant fennel and its seeds are fenugreek that incorporates phytoestrogens. It would help if you always used this prevalent herb correctly and for the proper use. 


You must have heard of oats as the natural and best breast milk maker. Science has proven that oats have a higher concentration of dietary beta-glucan than any other food item. You can take oats 3-times or 2-times a day according to your wish. 

Other Whole Grains

You can also add brown rice and whole wheat to your diet apart from the barley and oats because they also have dietary beta-glucan. Use whole wheat flour in bread, pancakes, muffins, etc., to make it look and taste more delicious and healthy for your health. However, simple rice will not give you the benefits that brown rice can provide you at all costs. 

Brewer’s Yeast

Brewer’s Yeast is popularly known as a nutritional supplement because it is rich in vitamin b, iron, protein, chromium, and selenium. Though it is not known as lactogenic food, you can search for it as a milk booster. However, it is super bitter, so it can cause some problems to infants if a mother consumes it. 


Since ancient times, women have used papaya, but we cannot discover how papaya can increase the milk supply. But, you can take it raw or in the form of a soup. Try eating papaya with plain yoghurt, and it will also lighten your mood quickly. 

List Of Foods That You Need To Avoid To Increase Milk While Breastfeeding 


Alcohol will block the release of oxytocin, one of the hormones required to breastfeed your baby for the first time. So, stop consuming it before or after giving birth or breastfeeding a baby as a warmer drink.

Sage, Parsley, Peppermint, And Menthol

You cannot consume large amounts of these herbs because they will directly impact your milk supply. Therefore, though you can sprinkle them over salad, do not consume them even in the form of a mistake. 


Doctors suggest taking chaste berry as a treatment for PMS symptoms, but if you take it, it surely will not help you release milk from your breast to feed your baby. 

Take A Look At Some Other Ways To Boost Your Breastmilk Supply And How To Calm The Baby

Take Proper Rest 

Taking rest will help you look into your mind and also you will be able to give some time to your baby. In addition, you will have a balanced system of organs in your body by taking proper rest, affecting your milk supply. 

Communicate With The Baby 

Communicating with the baby is seen as the most efficient way of bringing milk to the breast. However, you may have seen cases where a baby cries and the mother starts lactating the next minute. So try to communicate with the baby and build a connection that will enhance a proper relationship between you both. 

Do Not Offer But Do Not Refuse 

To calm your weaning baby, you should not offer him breast milk so that we will know when to feed and when to not. Moreover, if your baby wants to provide for you, do not refuse him as it will make him fussier. 


Apart from the foods mentioned in the list, there are more that have the potential to stimulate your breast milk supply. Food like Dill, Apricots, Asparagus, Garlic, Red beets, Sesame, poppy, caraway, anise, coriander seeds can also help you supply more milk during your breastfeeding days. 

Also, try to avoid the things that are harmful to both a mother and a child. Finally, make sure you are giving proper rest to your body to have balanced hormones running in your body.

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