Guide On Newborn Summer Skin Care Routine

Guide On Newborn Summer Skin Care Routine

When a child is born in Indian family it is a very emotional and delightful movement for the family. Child is growing up specially in the initial days there are various considerations and things to keep in mind to give the child proper upbringing and values. With the joy of new members in the family the responsibility also comes along. Newborn babies require different care in different seasons. When the summer season comes as adults we need special skin so the newborn baby is also needed. During summer due to soaking temperature and heat newborn baby skin becomes red ,irritated, itchy. To provide the sense of calmness and gentleness to babies skin in summer there is need to follow  newborn summer skin care routine.

Summer Baby Care Routine For Newborn Babies

Mother is always looking forward to providing the best care and facilities to the newborn baby so that her baby will not face any problem. But challenges come in every season because every season demands different needs to take care of the baby. In summer due to the soaring temperature and extreme sunlight, the baby body produces sweat, making baby cranky, uncomfortable, irritated and uneasy. To give relief to this problem summer baby care routine is necessary. Follow the following steps to keep your baby fresh and happy on summer days.


Bathing your baby regularly, at least twice a day or more,  will keep the baby comfortable ,calm and help him or her sleep better. The water should be cold and not lukewarm water. Properly wash your baby's neck, armpits and all folds of your baby's while bathing. Pat your baby dry well afterwards.


Even though your baby does not sweat, it loses fluids. Rapid breathing, restlessness, warm skin, a flushed face are symptoms  of a baby being dehydrated. Babies below six months should not be given any water. They should just be feeded with more milk.

Watch Out For Sunburns

When stepping  out in the sun, make sure your baby wears full sleeves and full pants made of light cotton. A wide brimmed sun hat is  essential to protect your baby from direct sun.

Cotton Wear

Make sure  that your baby wears only cotton clothes which can breathe. Synthetic clothes increase your baby's discomfort and cause rashes.


When their babies are born they require different care in different seasons. To take care of the baby and manage all other tasks efficiently is challenging. But modern women aces all take it efficiently and take up all responsibility. To make mom's life a little easier in taking care of the baby in summer, the bundle is created on summer baby care tips for your little toddler.  In the summer it is very necessary to provide the baby with a cool and comfortable environment around them. To provide the baby with a sense of coolness and calm, give them a th 2 to 3 times a day to avoid exposure to light. Further use summer baby products of good quality, use good fabric clothes, and check crib fabric quality also.  Read the entire article when you are in a dilemma of taking care of the baby in summer.

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