How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

How Much Sleep Does Your Baby Need?

A baby's sleep is not only about sleeping, but it covers up many developmental changes to a great extent during their sleep. For you, your baby is just taking a nap, but in a genuine sense, the baby is growing more and more. The fact is, in the name of development, both physical and mental evolution is taking place. Thus, you need to make sure your baby sleeps peacefully and with utmost comfort. As a mother, you should know how many hours babies sleep or what an average baby's sleep time is so that you know what to expect when your baby is taking a little nap. 

Baby sleep tips

While the baby sleeps, he develops an essential layer of fat around nerves fiber called myelin. During sleep, a baby also develops excellent connections with both left and right hemispheres of the brain that enhances a human being's critical ability, makes the human brain more mature, and most importantly, a baby activity during sleep is directly proportional to one's child's ability to learn and explore new things. Putting all the above statements in a simple sentence says sleep develops your baby brain more than you can ever think of! 

You need to know that just like us, your baby goes through two phases of sleep, mainly known as active(the rapid eye movement) and quiet sleep(non - rapid eye movement). In babies, active sleep occurs when they dream, while during quiet sleep when they sleep, the body releases a significant amount of blood supply and repairs the damage in case of any damage. 

But, there are more things that you need to take care of while your baby sleeps. The following points will tell you about how many hours a baby sleeps? Also, know about the best infant sleep recommendations that you can add to your baby's sleep schedule to make his sleep time more relaxing and peaceful. 

The Perfect Guide - Know How Many Hours Should A Baby Sleep

There are specific changes in baby sleeping patterns as well as babies' sleeping time. Every month, the baby's sleeping time will change, and you have to cope with the change politely. Read the following points to know which month signifies how many hours a baby will sleep. 

During 1st Month 

Daytime - six to seven hours 

Nighttime - 8 hours to 9 hours 

During 3nd Month

Daytime - 4 hours to five hours 

Nighttime - 10 hours to 11 hours 

During 6th Month 

Daytime - 3 hours 

Nighttime - 11 hours 

During 9th Month 

Daytime - 2 hours 30 minutes 

Nighttime - 11 hours 

During 12th Month 

Daytime - 2 hours 30 minutes 

Nighttime - 11 hours 

The above schedule is an average baby's sleeping time until he turns one. Did you do something while reading what an average baby sleep time for all babies is? Strictly, the nighttime sleep timing is increasing while the daytime sleeping time is decreasing. As the baby grows, the brain starts to realize that it needs to sleep more at night while in the daytime, there are many other activities that they can focus on! 

The job not only ends after giving birth. The real struggle starts when you get to take care of your baby with utmost patience. A baby's tummy is relatively tiny. Thus they wake up from time to time to get their tummy full of relaxation again. The baby's sleep pattern also gets affected when your baby reaches the first milestone in his time of existence - teething, knowing how to crawl, and learning how to walk.

You can create a predictable and consistent bedtime routine for your baby but try not to be over-demanding. In the end, the baby will only do things that they like or want to do. Some mothers look for answers to questions like what can I do to make my baby sleep better so that he can focus on his development only. Well, mother, we have come up with some better infant sleep recommendations that you can follow to make your child more of what he wants to be. 

Note Down Some Amazing Infant Sleep Recommendations That Will Make Your Motherhood Easier

Know The Importance Of Sleep 

We know that you know the importance of sleep in a human's life. The same goes for babies. If you still have doubts, clear them in a single attempt. 

Prefer Swaddling 

Swaddling will help your baby to sleep more peacefully without facing any reflex action. You can watch a tutorial on youtube to know how to swaddle a baby properly without any discomfort. 

Take Benefits From Alert And Awake Time 

You can put a sleeping monitor in your baby's room and take full advantage of his alert and awake time. This will enhance your working pattern also.

Not In Favour Of Bed Sharing But Make Them Sleep On A Firm Surface 

It is highly recommended that a baby sleeps in his crib only and on a firm surface to sleep peacefully.

Take Baby With You To Your Bed Only During The Feeding And Comforting Time

Make sure you take your baby with you only when you need to feed your baby or swaddle him. This way, he will know his best place to sleep, and you both can sleep with a relaxed mind.


Most mothers complain about their baby not being a supportive child and always cry at night and so on! A baby is a baby, he does not differentiate between what is wrong and what is right, and as a mother, you need to cooperate so that your baby gets a better sleep pattern. As told, they also have tiny tummies, so they wake up anytime and anywhere and say, Mumma, feed me! In their language, that is crying. 

But, after knowing how many hours a baby should sleep and all the infant sleep recommendations, you will be able to extract more time for yourself accordingly. Early motherhood is a phase that will pass sooner than you think, so make sure you make the most out of it.

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