How To Give a Baby Massage To a Newborn Baby?

How To Give a Baby Massage To a Newborn Baby?

 Babies are very delicate and their body is also in the development stage.

Babies are not able to communicate and they respond through act of touch. The friendly touch sensation gives the baby a sense of comfort ,safety and protected. By actions like  cuddle ,hold and play with the baby and talk to them, they respond in little smile or stare us with affection. To develop more bridge of communication baby massage is considered best, as it creates natural impulse.

What Is Baby Massage ?

Baby massage  is a gentle rhythmic movement of the baby's body parts to strengthen their physical core. It is often done by gently folding the baby's ankle, wrists and fingers.

How Baby Massage Benefits In Development Of Baby?

There are a lot  of advantages baby massages have from making strong bonds between baby and parent to help in physical development of the baby . Emotional and physical benefits of baby massage are mentioned below .

Emotional Benefits:

  • Give a unique level of confidence and trust in your relationship.

  • Reduces the circulation of cortisol, stress hormone by giving baby massage. The reduction is constant and maintained by baby massage sessions.

  •  Stimulates the release of the  natural opiate, which reduces   pain. Cumulative effects of cortisol reduction and opiates bring well being to the baby body.

  • Develops  attachment traits in the baby. While doing massage  ,ensure to maintain eye contact, vocalize, and smile to develop closeness in a relationship.

Physical Benefits:

  • The skin provides  information about the immediate environment to the mind. When someone  touches the  baby’s skin, the sensation message  reaches the baby brain in microseconds, which initiates  physiological responses .
  • For  healthy growth and development of the baby, regular gentle stretching of body parts is as important as vitamins, minerals and proteins. Babies who are deprived of baby massage do not grow.
  •  When muscles are relaxed during massage, it absorbs blood and when  contracted,  pumps out  blood back to the heart . 
  •  By doing  more massage  in the baby hands and feet area , because they are the coldest part of the body. In return increases rate of  blood circulation .
  • Massage enables baby muscles to relax and the free movement of the body’s joints. Joint flexibility is enable   babies to establish physical movements and mobility.
  •   Massage opens the skin pores of baby and  eliminates  toxins and clean the skin. The secretion of sebum, aids the skin’s elasticity and resistance to infections. By doing baby massage ,baby imbibe great skin from early age.
  •  Also helps in digestion of food easily. It facilitates    release of food absorption hormones such as insulin and glucose.
  • Baby massage promotes the flow of waste-removing lymphatic fluid and  improves the body’s immunity to infection.

Tips For Baby Massage For New Moms

  • During the massage,  if your baby becomes cranky, then skip that massage step and move forward. If the baby is still uncomfortable, then stop the massage. You massage later when the baby seems more receptive to touch.
  • Be  gentle during a massage. Never put too much pressure on the baby’s body because their  bones and tissues are very delicate.  Never massage the area around the groin .
  • Speak, laugh, and smile while massaging your baby. This will give the baby a sense of emotional connect and love. This will help keep the baby interested in the activity, eventually making them co operative.
  • When massage is done , wipe away the oil on the baby’s palms and fingers using a tissue paper. This  prevents the baby from  ingesting the oil when they put their fingers in their mouth.  Choose baby massage oils that are  safe .
  • Maintain a fixed time for the baby massage. This will  establish a routine, making a baby more comfortable and relaxed during a massage.


It is essential to provide the best education and  give correct guidance to children during their upbringing. When babies are born parents are excited and nervous  to raise the baby and to be on the journey of parenthood.In the early days , baby physical core is not developed fully.To help in development of baby in early days,baby massage is best method to help baby to grow emotionally and physically  . Benefits of baby massage are  digest food easily, make strong bond between parent and baby, release more growth hormones and many more. More  emotional and physical benefits of body massage are described above in detail. Safety tips to keep in mind while doing baby massage are also covered.If you are a new mom and confused about performing baby massage go through the article you will know all the basics about baby massage and it's benefits.

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