How To Select The Right Baby Towel For Your Toddler Online

How To Select The Right Baby Towel For Your Toddler Online

A Toddler brings joy to the family when born. It forms a special connection with all the family members even before he/she is born. A newly born person shares many moments with people around but his/her most of the time is spent with the parents. Mother-child bond is above all. Mother-child bond starts even before the child is born. An infant spends quality time with the mother during feeding, learning and even during bath time. Babies generally give a hard time during bathing but a right towel like an organic one made up of soft cotton(anti - bacterial) can provide a moment to remember and always look forward to.

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No matter how unimportant the right towel seems, its absence can lead to diverse effects on a toddler. It can lead to infections and poor skin health too. It can make the baby irritable and unhappy.

This unpleasant experience can be prevented by using good organic baby towels made up of cotton. But buying the right towel online can be dicey when you aren't really sure about the right kind of towel you need to look for.

Key Points For Selecting An Appropriate Towel for your baby : 

Here, we have listed some key points to summarize all that you need to consider to buy a right towel for your Toddler. Browse to know facts that are needed for you to check when buying a towel for your toddler : 

1. Absorbent

This factor can be checked by looking at the material used in manufacturing that towel. Absorbency is an important factor when we talk about purchasing a towel for a toddler. It is essential for the selected towel to have a high absorbency rate. For instance, towels that are organic in nature, made up of cotton can be the right choice as they are highly absorbent in nature.

2. Anti - Bacterial in Nature

No parent wants their child to suffer. Most mothers are very careful and specific about what they use for their babies so that they can keep the babies away from all kinds of sickness. Every parent wants their child's good health.

Bacteria and germs are harmful for the human body. Infants being really sensitive and having low immune systems at early stages need to be taken care of. So, purchasing a towel which is antibacterial is very important for a toddler's health. 

Today, there are towels with strips available online that change colors when dirt or germs are detected.

3. Dries Up Quickly 

When looking at your right baby towel, it is important to see that the towel dries up quickly because a wet towel that remains wet for a long time develops odor. So, the baby towel should be a great absorbent that can be dried up quickly. For that matter, again organic cotton towels are the best example.

4. Soft Fabric 

The towel you are willing to purchase for your toddler should be made up of soft fabric, let's say, Japanese cotton, Rayon, Pima are soft in nature. Baby Towels are mostly coated with fabric softeners to make them good for use for toddlers. But it is also seen that towels become harsh and reduce their softness after a few washes. So, it is important to read the reviews of customers before buying and secondly, parents should try going for good branded towels that are trusted for a long time so as to minimize the risk. A soft towel can make a baby joyful and reduce the chances of bad skin health of the toddler.

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5. Size of the Towel

When thinking of the right towel, another factor to keep in mind while buying is buying a towel that is good enough is size. For example, a medium size towel having grams per square meter ranging from 400 to 600 can serve the purpose and be used as bath towels for the Toddler.

6. Kind of prints

A good towel for a baby must be colorful or engraved with cartoons and other such stuff that makes it attractive for the baby. Babies generally create a problem while bathing so, if the towel looks attractive and colorful to them, the problem that mothers generally face with the toddler can be minimized to some extent. Good prints can make a baby smile and happy.

So, they need to be kept in the mind while purchasing a towel for your little one.

7. Durability 

It is essential to know the Durability of the towel before you buy it for your child. The baby towel needs to be durable which further brings us to its quality and fabric used in the making. A baby towel, both hand towel and bathing one, is washed a lot of times as we know how messy babies can be, so, it becomes important to look towards its durability and fabric. The quality of the towel is something not to be compromised on. It has to be the best for your toddler. For this, a 2-ply towel will work well when compared to a 1-ply towel.


The right baby towel is the one that is highly absorbent, soft, anti-bacterial with good prints that makes it attractive and appealing to the toddler. No doubt babies are cute and adorable but that doesn't change the fact that they are messy as well. Parents need to pay attention to their hygiene. Infants have a very sensitive body prone to many diseases and infections. They have poor immunity till a certain age and thus need to be protected from the external environment. The entering of germs present in the air can be minimized by keeping the baby well hydrated and hygienic. When we talk about hygiene, towels become a crucial and important part. Towel selection is again another tricky but a careful task for parents. Parents need to take care of all important factors while purchasing a towel for their baby online. Although online buying is convenient and easy, buying the right towel that fulfills all the criteria can be a little troublesome. The important guideline can be to go through the reviews of other customers, thoroughly read the information about the towel like its fabric, weight etc to end up not missing any important information while picking up the most suitable towel for your baby.

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