How to shape baby head round and tips to prevent flat head

How to shape baby head round and tips to prevent flat head

A baby's head can be easily given any shape. Even many new little ones have slightly uneven head shapes. Due to this reason, many parents worry about how to make baby head round shape? In this article, you will understand why the baby head shape is different and how to make baby head round.

Reasons for different baby head shape

If you are wondering how to make baby head round shape, you must be aware of the reasons that lead to flatness in the head. There are several reasons why a baby's head has a different shape than round.

  • Sometimes it happens while the baby is through the birth canal.
  • The difference in baby head shape is the result of pressure on the back of the head of a baby when he lies on his neck.
  • The skull bones on the baby's head are not grown well. This is also the reason why it is very easy to mold a baby head.
  • Even if a baby is lying in the same position for a longer duration, it can result in positional plagiocephaly.

The change in the head's shape is easy to notice when you are looking at your baby's head from the above. The major point to notice is that if you find that you are little one's ear is looking pushed forward or not. If the answer is yes, it means your baby's head is flatter.

Is flatter baby head shape cause for worry?

Generally, a flat head does not damage the brain or interfere with the baby's development. However, certainly, you should keep in mind that if you spend the majority of your time worrying about your baby's head shape, you may end up missing a lot of fun. Just a little control in the neck movements and pressure will sort out your problem, so do not worry unnecessarily.

How to shape baby head or baby head round shape tips?

First of all, your child's doctor will surely do a physical exam to know why uneven baby head shape. And if you follow this simple change of position, it can reduce the baby flatness to a large extent. So here the baby head round shape tips.

Changing direction within the crib

Whenever you place your baby in a crib on a bed to sleep, keep on changing your baby's position. One day keep the baby's head near the foot of the crib, while on the other day, place it in the head of a crib. Change in the view of the baby within the crib can also increase visual stimulation.

Hold your baby

Holding your baby when he or she is not sleeping will help him relieve pressure from his head. So try some swings, Carriers, and infant seats so that your baby can relax properly. Moreover, when you Holi of the baby in an upright position, it also offers inevitable bonding chances. Moreover, you can also use Carriers' straps onto your chest so that you can hold your baby upright.

Hold your baby

Try tummy time

Frequently place your baby on his tummy to play under close supervision. But don't forget to make sure that the surface is firm and soft. This activity will give you a quick answer to your very common question of how to shape a baby head. Moreover, it not only prevents flat has but also helps in motor development. It helps babies to strengthen their muscles of the neck, arm, and Shoulder.

Add a variety to babies back time.

The addition of pillows cushions can make head movement a bit more difficult and limit muscle development around the head and neck area. To make sure that your babies should sleep flat on their backs. But make sure to supervise the baby consistently so that he faces no issues.

Vary your babies’ activity throughout the day

This is one of the best baby head round shape tips. Never leave your baby in the same location for a longer duration of time. Moving your little one around to new locations and new positions frequently help to engage various senses. Thus, helping in rapid infant development.

Baby head shape pillow and helmet.

Suppose you notice that your baby head's shape is not improving despite repositioning till the age of 6 months. In that case, it can turn to a severe deformity if not taken any strong action. To prevent any case of deformity, doctors prescribe the use of the baby head shape pillow for helmets, which can easily mold your baby head's shape. A baby head shape pillow is very soft and avoids any further molding of the head.

However, molded helmets are the most effective in the treatment, beginning between 4 and 12 months. During this age, the baby's skull is still malleable, and the brain is growing at a rapid rate. But if you start the treatment after the age of 1, in that case, molded helmet as well as baby head shape pillow, I will not provide fruitful results.

Baby head shape pillow and helmet

Beyond positional molding

Sometimes baby head round shape tips don't work at all because the head's flatness is due to any muscular issue. In such cases, physical therapy plays an important role in stretching the muscles and allows the baby to change their head positions freely.

However, it is a very rare situation when two or more than two Bony plates in a baby's head fuse prematurely. This pushes the other parts of the head out of shape, and this is also a reason for the variance in baby head shape.

Grab your baby head shape pillow

Vkaire offers a good variety of baby head shape pillows, which will help you answer how to make a baby head round shape. Moreover, Don't forget to use this amazing baby head round shape tips. These baby head round shape tips can improve your baby's shape to a large extent within a short period.

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