How To Use Diaper Cream

How To Use Diaper Cream

When a child is born, there come many responsibilities that you need to handle at a single time. babies are very fragile and have super soft, delicate skin, so you must take good care of your child's skin to nourish the growth and development of your baby. A newborn wears diapers almost all the time, no matter if it is the day or night. With this constant need, your baby's bottom gives an invitation to several kinds of bacteria and moisture that can damage your baby's bottom skin. To avoid such a situation, you need to buy diaper rash cream to prevent any bacteria from attacking your baby's skin. 

How To Use Diaper Cream

As a new mother, most of you may not know how to apply diaper rash cream effectively on your baby's bottom, but we are here to help you with some easy steps. 

A Step By Step Guide On How To Apply Diaper Rash Cream

Remove The Use And Dirty Diaper

When you remove the dirty diaper, clean all the visible waste with the help of a baby wipe and then remove the diaper cream residue off of the baby's bottom, gently avoiding the genitals area. If you have a baby boy, consider putting a baby wipe on his penis to avoid him urinating all over you while you are applying the diaper rash cream. 

Put A Clean And Unused Diaper Underneath Your Baby But Do Not Fasten It

When you finish all the cleaning; you need to put a clean and unused diaper underneath your baby but remember you don't have to fasten it. fastening the diaper will be of no use as you apply diaper rash cream on your baby's bottom. 

Use A Penny Size Amount Of Cream

From the tube, squeeze a penny size amount of diaper rash cream on your pointer or middle finger. 

Apply The Diaper Rash Cream Effectively

Gently apply the diaper rash cream on your baby's bottom cheeks and apply a thick layer where the skin is red and inflamed. there are other areas where you can also apply diaper rash cream to ensure more safety, like: 

  • the area between the butt cheeks
  • the skin area around the anus 
  • for a girl, on and in the folds of the labia and around the vagina
  • for a boy, on the scrotum and penis

Use A Baby Wipe To Wipe Off The Cream Of Your Fingers 

You can easily clean the excess cream from your fingers by using a baby wipe, or you can wipe your fingers with the diaper underneath your baby. 

Reapply The Clean Diaper Underneath Your Baby

There may be a possibility that you need to reposition the clean diaper underneath your baby. fasten it securely and make your baby wear loose and comfortable clothes. 

Wash And Clean Your Hand

Wipes do not kill all the bacteria, so you need to wash your hands with soap and water to ensure they are properly clean. put your baby in a safe place away from the changing table and let him sleep peacefully. 

Learn How To Use Diaper Rash Cream Effectively And Make The Most Out Of It

We all know that diaper rash creams are costly, and they are prone to end quickly. so, you need to look for many factors that will help you make the most out of a diaper rash cream. 

  • Remember, the quality is over quantity when you go out to buy any ointment, cream, or medication for your baby. 
  • You can use petroleum jelly daily and use a diaper rash cream whenever there is a sudden requirement.
  • Do not apply excess diaper rash cream because a penny-size diaper cream is enough to avoid bacterial infection. 
  • If you are applying diaper cream daily, then take less of the diaper cream and use the thicker amount only if the information is more or the area is more red than usual. 
  • Note on when and how to use diaper rash cream.

How To Apply Diaper Rash Cream

You don't need to apply diaper rash cream after every time you change the diaper. You can use petroleum jelly instead of diaper rash cream as it is costly. use the diaper cream only in the following conditions:

  • If you see a rash when the baby bottom
  • When there is a sign of inflammation or irritation
  • If your baby is suffering from diarrhea 
  • When you see your baby pooping meconium
  • If the baby has susceptible skin. 
  • If your baby likes to sleep for a long stretch, then consider applying baby rash cream every night.
  • During the baby's teething time or if your baby is suffering from a cold, then you can apply diaper rash cream because, at that time, the stools may be looser. 

Check Out These Fantastic Hacks On Baby Diaper Cream - How To Apply Baby Rash Cream Other Than Baby's Bottom.

Chapped Face

A child with sensitive skin always has chapped lips and cheeks during the winter season. It irritates and develops fussiness in the baby. to avoid situations, use baby diaper cream on your baby's face to avoid chapped lips and cheeks. 


If you see a sunburn on your face, that sour feeling won't let you rest until it's gone so you can apply baby diaper cream on your face to make the sunburn go away. 

Heals Some Rashes

Use baby diaper cream to heal the rashes on your body, but it can heal other than quickly on the bottom cheeks. it will not only help you to heal the rashes but also makes the itchiness go away. 

Elbow And Foot Softener

Now you don't have to buy fancy beauty treatments to make your elbow and foot softer than before! You can use diaper cream and leave it overnight to see better results. 

Protects Small Scrapes And Cuts

If your baby gets a small cut or scrap, you can gently massage the area with the diaper cream as it has certain healing powers that will help your child to feel less pain. 


Now that you are aware of how to apply diaper rash cream and how to use diaper rash cream, the job of a mother will become a bit easy for you. you don't have to buy fancy products for your baby and yourself. The hacks will save you a lot of money and also keep your child safe and secure.

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