Know About 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry More at Night

Know About 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry More at Night

Being a new parent is not an easy job. Sometimes you will fail at the duties. No, you don't need to be perfect, but you can learn about the common behavior of babies. This will help to ease your situation. Understanding your baby’s signals will help you to know that what the baby desires. Most of the parents get worried when their baby cries. What they don’t know is that it is normal for babies to cry all the time until they turn 6-7 months old.

Don’t get too stressed if your babies cry more at night. Simply it’s the baby’s will when he wants you to be up with him. Know about these reasons why babies cry more at the night. Also, learn how you can tackle these reasons why babies cry.

Common 10 Reasons Why Babies Cry at Night

It is no fun when you are not able to understand the reason behind your baby is crying. Babies have their own way to tell you about their needs. They express it through crying. So, know about these 10 reasons why babies cry more at night than day. By knowing these reasons why babies cry, you will be able to understand your child better.

1. When the baby is hungry

The first reason why a baby usually cries is when he is hungry. You will be able to understand this if you see your baby lip-smacking, fussing, and trying to reach out to you. If you will learn these signs then, you will be able to feed your baby before he starts crying. Learning your baby’s language will surely help you to become a good parent.

2. Pain due to stomach problems or gas

When you see your baby crying for a very long time and is not going to shush anytime soon, then know that he is going through stomach problems due to gas. The most common sign to know this is that the baby starts crying right after being fed or crying continuously for many hours.

3. When he wants to sleep

Usually, when babies are tired, they go to sleep. But there can be a situation when the baby starts fussing more. At that time understand that they want to sleep. So, gently shush them by talking in a soft and gentle voice. This way, they will sleep more comfortably by knowing they are safe in safe hands. This was one of the 10 reasons why babies cry more at night.

4. Baby is craving your touch and wants to be held

Generally, babies crave their parent’s touch more. They want to be held close and cuddle more. A scientific fact is that they adore your faces and voices. They are even able to detect your unique smell. So whenever you see your baby crying, try to hold them close to you.

5. When the diaper needs to be changed

Babies can also cry in the middle of the night to let you know right away that their diaper needs to be changed. Some babies can tolerate a dirty diaper but some don't. So, it is one of the simple reason among 10 reasons why babies cry.

6. The baby is feeling the temperature too cold or hot

One of the main reasons among 10 reasons why babies cry is that the baby is feeling too hot or cold. When the baby feels the sudden temperature change, their first instinct is to cry out loud. You will notice your baby shivering. This signal will help you to understand the need to put on more clothing on the baby or not.

7. When the baby needs to burp

Usually, babies burp right after being fed. But if you know that your baby hasn’t burp after the feeding and starts crying, then it’s time to make him burp. This will make him very much comfortable and he will instantly stop crying.

8. The most common reason: teething pain

When you see your baby fussing because of teething pain, give him a gentle warm water bath. This way the baby will get distracted and eventually forget about the pain. This will make the crying stop. You can even use baby teethers to help him with the pain. You can even buy customized Baby teethers online.

9. Stimulation can make your baby cry

The not-so-common reason among 10 reasons why babies cry is stimulation. Sometimes the baby wants more stimulation, then know that your baby is outgoing and active. He will fuss about going out and is eager to see the outside world. But some of the babies may want less stimulation. They face a hard time adapting to changes. This makes your baby less social and calm. In both the situation, the baby will cry.

10. When the baby is not feeling well

Sometimes the babies don't feel well. They will cry over small things. Deal with the situation as calmly as possible. Let them cry. Use your soft and gentle sound. This will make them stop crying.


A child is a god’s blessing. You will even feel more blessed to have them in your life. We know motherhood is a very tough phase. But, it is up to you whether you want to make it more tough or enjoyable. These were some common 10 reasons why babies cry more at night.  Read them with utmost patience. Observe the reasons and try to recall that is any of the given reasons responsible for why your baby cries. This initial phase of motherhood will pass sooner if you will calmly deal with it. Create good memories with your baby and enjoy every moment.

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