Let Your Little Sugar Pie Have A Fruity Summers: Must Have Fruits On Your Baby's Summer Diet

Let Your Little Sugar Pie Have A Fruity Summers: Must Have Fruits On Your Baby's Summer Diet

Summers are all about heat strokes, drained energy levels, dehydration, fatigue, and lethargy. Even to an extent, adults get affected by it that bad, is there any way our little ones could escape this plight? As soon as the weather clock hits the summer pointer, the temperature usually rises and the energy levels of our little ones go down, even though, they are already on with rich nourishing diet plans. Hence is there any possible means to enhance and stimulate the hydration levels of our kids with the help of specific summer fruits, in particular, to add that additional fruity quotient in their summer diet?

Well, here the answer would be a big Yes..!


Summers are the time for a break from schools for kids, which means it’s time for playing under the sun for hours, holidays, traveling, and relaxing indoors under fans or air conditioners, just like that. This change in the overall routine of your child’s day can even make him fall sick, affecting his immune system.

During summers, excess sweating is obvious but it might result in dehydration. In that case, our body loses nutrients quite easily, and so it requires fluids and more water intake to stay hydrated. But this results in firm stomachs rather bloating and unease.

Even for the kids, this situation is as torturous as it can be. Eating frequently is not as easy as it sounds, especially, in summers. Thus to add a variety of seasonal fruits to your baby’s summer diet is the best you could do on your part. This would eventually provide them the required nutrients and minerals along with keeping their body cool and hydrated. The seasonal fruits are fresh, tasty, energizing, and refreshing altogether. Hence, why not add a fruity treat to your baby’s all-day-long diet routine?

List of Must Have Fruits On Your Baby's Summer Diet:

  • Watermelon

As it is a well-known fact, that watermelons contain 92 percent water content, which is the highest than any other fruit, they keep your child’s body hydrated and stomach full, for long. They also provide energy to your little one and removes toxins from his body.

Watermelons are rich in Fiber that prevents the baby from constipation, to which they are very much prone in summers. They are also enriched with Vitamin A, B6, C, Anti-oxidants, and Amino acids. They also have traces of potassium. Overall, Watermelons are a power pack must-have on your baby’s summer diet, as they are a perfect cooler to fight off the heat.

  • Orange

Oranges and other citrus fruits like lemon, sweet lime, etc. are extensively rich in Vitamin C and many other Vitamins, Minerals, Nutrients, Fiber, and Anti-oxidants. They eminently act as an immunity booster for children, detoxifies their bodies, and prevents them from Constipation. It is also enriched with antibiotic properties, that are responsible for healing and cooling down the baby from within.

Moreover, if the baby throws his adorable tantrums in avoiding eating Orange or any other citrus fruit, you can also make him drink fresh juices from the same fruits. In fact in summers, especially, fruit juices are an excellent alternative to unhealthy aerated cold drinks. This keeps your baby hydrated and safe from heatstroke as well.

  • Black Plum or Jamun

Black Plum or commonly known as Jamun is a real summer fruit that has its own benefits. They have around 84 percent water content, thus are perfect for a soothing summer cooler.

They are rich in Vitamin C, B1, B2, B3, B6, and several anti-oxidants which are natural immunity boosters for your baby in summers. They are also rich in minerals like iron, calcium, potassium, and magnesium, which are responsible for strengthening bones and blood purification. Also, they are highly responsible for maintaining good oral health in kids in Summers by preventing gum bleeding.

  • Cucumber

The best way to adhere to a healthy lifestyle begins with healthy munching. Cucumbers could be the best munching options for your kids, as they taste extremely refreshing and crunchy at the same time. To make them more appealing to your child, you can even side it with sour cream or hung curd dip with several flavours.

Cucumbers are ideal to add in your baby’s summer diet list, as it has 95 percent water content, and thus extremely cooling and hydrating. It is low in calories, rich in fiber, nutrients, and anti-oxidants, thus prevent him from constipation, along with detoxifying his body.

  • Papaya

Papaya is one eminent fruit in the list of must-have summer fruits for your child, as they are highly responsive to boost his immune system. It comprises papain, which is an enzyme helpful in having good digestion in kids.

Papaya is extremely rich in Vitamin C and A, which are responsible for your baby’s healthy skin and hair, even in excessive heat and sweating. They also provide Potassium and Vitamin K, which keeps the baby’s bones healthy.

  • Mangoes

The axiom, Mango is the king of fruits, is all that we believe in. Especially in summers, Mangoes are the most awaited ones. They have a unique heavenly taste, and equally are easy to digest. They are packed with several nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and carbohydrates that improve eyesight, prevents infections, boosts immunity, and helps in brain development.

But a fact here is that Mangoes don’t provide that desired cooling effect and can increase the heat of the body. Being a highly rich seasonal fruit, it becomes a must to add it to your child’s summer diet, but its limited consumption is only advisable.




Your baby might appear more lethargic to you than usual, in summers. It’s all the side-effects of the soaring temperature outside. But summertime for babies and kids must be a carefree fun time, just like any other comfortable season. This can be easily made possible by religiously adding up the above-mentioned list of must-have fruits on your baby's summer diet. This would provide him the desired adequate nutrition to stay hydrated and comfortable throughout the Summers.

To seem these fruits more alluring and attractive to your baby, you can certainly portray your creativity through several colorful shakes, blended smoothies, refreshing coolers, a variety of fruit salads, and much more.

So mommies, with this, gear up for an extravaganza of fruity nutrition for your baby this Summer..!

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