Make this Parents’ Day a Memorable One

Make this Parents’ Day a Memorable One

Parents are a baby’s first love. Being one, you go through so many challenges and make innumerable sacrifices on a daily basis for your little munchkin. So, the last Sunday of July (this time falling on 26th) is observed as Parents’ Day to celebrate all of the roles parents play in their baby’s life. It is not just an occasion for you to acknowledge your superpower of being a parent but is also a great way to strengthen the love within your family. It is the day to break the humdrum of everyday life to celebrate and create the best memories. Take this well-deserved day to look back on how far you’ve come as a parent and celebrate it with your spouse and your little one. We’ve curated a bunch of activities you can indulge in on this special day.

Take a few hours off

Parents' Day Spent with Baby

You might think we’ve asked for too much right off the bat. But it’s a piece of advice you’ll thank us later for. Plan ahead of time, push yourself a little more for a couple of days and finish your work early. If possible, put your phone aside to stay away from any distractions during this special family time. Your little one and your spouse deserve your undivided attention.

Your phone might be needed for one thing though: to scroll all the way down to see old photographs of you and your family and revisit those fond memories. It will be a great laugh to make fun of your old hairstyles and funny poses. Don’t forget to have your favourite music playing in the background. We assure you it will be an afternoon well spent!

Have a cosy night

Have a Cosy Night with your Baby

Is your baby a Disney lover? Even if they are not, there’s a huge probability that watching one Disney or Pixar movie will turn them into one. Bring out a cosy blanket, make some popcorn and snuggle in while you watch a film together. There are a great bunch of options to choose from. Here are a few of the family favourites: For movies based on the love for family, Lion King, Finding Nemo and Beauty and the Beast are amazing picks. They are empowering emotional roller coasters that teach so much about the parental bond. Another genre of movies that are light-hearted but thrilling includes The Incredibles, Aladdin, and Cars. These will add a dash of adventure into the night but also keep you laughing throughout. They are modern children classics known for keeping the whole family at the edge of their seats (and strollers)! Since most of these films also have sequels, bingeing on them can also be extremely fun. But be wary, your baby might fall asleep in the middle, while you and your spouse will get more engrossed. This happens all the time!

Host a small themed-party

Another way to make this day extra special is by organizing a themed dinner for the entire family. Take the afternoon out and prepare a few favourites for everyone and make a small party out of it! Set a dress code and make sure everyone adheres to it, including your baby! It will be a great way to spice up the celebrations. Lastly, don’t forget to click a lot of photographs as it’ll be a night to remember for long!

Send each other a special gift

Send each other a special gift

After all of this about your baby, we haven’t forgotten about you and your partner. You as parents also need to do something for each other on this special day, even if it’s just a small gesture to appreciate one another for your patience and support during this journey of parenthood. Write each other a small card or letter about how grateful you are for them. Surprise each other with flowers or a photo frame of the whole family. It is always the little things in life that spark the most joy. On another note, you cannot possibly leave your baby out of the gifting game. So, simply head here and select the perfect gift for them. Choose from a wide collection of blankets, swaddles, playpen mattresses or the best of all: all-in-one welcome kits.

Whether you do something extravagant or keep it lowkey, this Parents’ Day will be marked with happiness regardless. You as parents need to be appreciated beyond words. Do something exciting this 26th July and create those great memories that will make for even better stories in the future. Let this article spark your creativity for celebrating this occasion, and don’t forget to share this with your friends who are parents, too.

Lastly, always remember that you as parents deserve to be appreciated today and every day. We at Vkaire thank you for being you!

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