Newborn Checklist: Everything you need before you bring your little one Home

Newborn Checklist: Everything you need before you bring your little one Home

It’s a dream of every parent to have children who would fill their life with joy and happiness. But, giving birth to children and getting prepared to bring them up is a whole life-changing process. It’s a major life milestone for every parent. Couples who are expecting their first child might get a bit frightened about how to deal with the birth of their child. They must not be fully aware of all the essential things they may require for their upcoming baby.

But there’s nothing much to be worried about. Here we will provide you with the knowledge of, all the necessary things and basic baby products you would require in an order to take care of your child, once he/she arrives in this world.

Few Important things to have for your upcoming child Breastfeeding Items

Breastfeeding Items

Regardless of how you decide to take care of your little one, the list below will give you a clear knowledge of what baby-feeding essentials you will require.

  • Nursing Clothes: For nursing mothers, light fabric clothes and nursing covers could be very useful. Along these lines, all nursing moms must pick a decent quality nursing bra, nightwear and tops with either button on top or free enough to effortlessly go with breastfeeding. It is recommended to not wear dark color shading garments as it can help cover stains of the breast milk if it spills. Nursing moms can likewise select breast pads or that would help soak excess milk that could spill while they are breastfeeding. Having a good nipple cream will also be helpful as it would protect breast skin.
  • Sterilizer: Whether you wish to breastfeed or bottle-feed your newborn baby, you need to do one important thing, and that sterilizes the teats, pacifiers, and bottles until your baby is one year old. Make sure you rinse them and do a thorough cleaning in boiling water.
  • Baby Formula: On the off chance that you are taking care of your child through a bottle, you should include feeding essentials on the baby-shopping list. Always buy a baby formula that your pediatrician recommends. When you start with the formula, always check whether your baby has allergies, discomfort, or constipation.
  • Feeding Bottle: There are various types of feeding bottles available in the market. They are made of materials like glass, silicone, and plastic. You can choose a baby-feeding bottle made of any of these materials that would suit your baby. Apart from this, you can also buy an anti-colic nipple that can be best used on feeding nipples. Such types of bottles help limit the amount of air a baby swallows.
  • Bibs and Muslin clothes: While you are breastfeeding or bottle-taking care of your infant there are chances of milk getting spilled, and could make a wreck. Hence, to avoid this, utilize muslin garments that would absorb drool or keep your garments clean while taking care of your child.

Diapering Items

Diapering Items

When we think of newborn babies, the first thing that comes to our mind is baby diapers. This is one such item that is considered as a must in the list of baby’s essential products.

  • Disposable Diapers: Although you might think of buying baby diapers in bulk, this is not a good idea. Instead, you can buy sample packs of 3 brands and try each one of them on your newborn baby. These diapers can be used better when taking your baby for an outdoor visit.
  • Cotton Nappies: As mentioned above how cotton is safe for your babies, you can use reusable cotton nappies as your baby’s diaper. They are soft and comfortable on your babies’ sensitive skin, however, you need to change them as soon as they are spoiled. As of today, reusable nappies are offered in markets with a biodegradable lining. It can be removed and flushed down. You can wash these cotton nappies thoroughly in the washing machine.
  • Wet Wipes: These are important baby products that help keep your baby clean and hygienic. Wet Wipes help clean your baby’s bottom gently and hygienically. It holds dampness in your infant's skin while leaving the region spotless and new. Few infants may get an allergic reaction to some moist disposable clothes. So, try something in the first place and utilize the one which suits your little one.
  • Baby Play Mats: Paly mats for babies are available at most of the common clothing stores. These playmates can be used on bed linen and other material to keep them from getting soiled while you are changing your baby’s diaper. The baby mats that are available today, are easy to clean and extremely useful for you while traveling with your newborn.

Bedding Items

Bedding Items

As experts say that a newborn baby must sleep with his/her mother for the first few months, you must plan your newborn’s sleeping area. On the off chance that you have chosen to lay down with your infant, at that point you must keep your child's zone firm and safe. You can include a baby’s blanket and sheets depending upon the climatic conditions and make a comfortable little bed for your infant.

  • Baby Mattress and Crib: You can opt for a lightweight baby crib or Moses basket, and a well-fitted new mattress, which can go as your baby’s essential bedding items list. Also, avoid buying cushy sleeping pads for your infant as these sorts of things could cover and choke out your infant. Rather, you can purchase firm mattresses and utilize light sheets and take care of them appropriately. Ensure that these pillows are double-layered, properly sewed and firm enough to keep away from any suffocation if at all your child turns in the crib.
  • Baby Blankets and Sheets: Great quality blankets and sheets that are lint-free could be the best decision for your infant's bedding. Here, by good quality blankets we mean blankets that are made of pure organic cotton. Organic cotton blankets are light and breathable, they are made from natural fabric and does not contain harmful chemicals, generally found in synthetic clothes.
  • Clothes also help your baby develop respiration, maintain their body temperature and moisture well. They are softer on babies’ delicate skin and make them feel comfortable. Apart from using blankets, you can try using quick-dry sheets for your baby; these dry sheets ensure that your baby has a dry and comfortable bed to sleep in.
  • Mosquito Net: As a parent, you can never be too cautious with regards to shielding your infant from mosquitoes around them. Mosquito nets are the most important items which are a must for a newborn baby. Alongside mosquito net, you can likewise purchase ultrasonic mosquito repellent to shield your child from bites and maladies.
  • Baby Monitor: In the event that you are utilizing a nursery for your infant to rest, at that point, you will require a baby monitor from a reputed company, which will assist you with watching out for your sleeping kid. Make sure that it is fully recharged and has a long-lasting battery.

Clothing Items

Clothing ItemsClothing Items - Vkaire

Clothing items are the most important items which you must buy for your baby at first. Newborn baby clothes must be cotton-based that are soft and comfortable. You must avoid buying glitter, heavy, ribbon, ties, sequins, etc. because these types of clothes can be choking hazards or can cause skin irritation in babies. Buying too many clothes must also be avoided as babies grow fast. And also, consider the climatic conditions while purchasing the following items.

  • Sleepsuits: Full bodysuits or sleepsuits are designed especially for babies; they are easy for changing and dressing.
  • Tops: Dressing your newborn can be a slightly tricky task as babies have soft and delicate skin. While purchasing tops for your child, make a point to abstain from purchasing dresses that have fastens on the back or over the head. You can purchase tops that have envelope necks or open fronts.
  • Baby Caps: Your child's head must be constantly secured with a hood, blanket or top to keep him/her warm and give them a sentiment of being secure. There is a range of baby caps available in the market such as cotton baby caps, woolen caps, etc. to protect your baby.
  • Swaddle Clothes: A fold-over clothing blanket or swaddle fabric for your child is an absolute necessity. These clothing products will provide your newborn the necessary warm, and are breathable too. These baby blankets help your child to protect from cold.

Baby Clothes made from Bamboo Fabric

Baby Clothes made from Bamboo Fabric

Just like pure organic cotton, bamboo fabric too is considered as the best clothing material for newborn babies. Clothes made from bamboo fabric are softer and organic. They are less likely to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin. Beyond the soft factor, there are some other characteristics of bamboo fabric that you would like to consider its antibacterial and hypoallergenic qualities that are present in bamboo baby clothing. Apart from these qualities, they have a good ability to absorb and wick away moisture from your babies’ bodies. Therefore, due to such exceptional qualities, clothing material made from bamboo fabric is preferred especially for babies.

Baby Toys

Baby Toys

It’s true that your newborn’s first six months is all about diapers, feeding, and sleep, but along with these, there’s another important thing which must not be forgotten; and its baby’s playtime. Playtime is a major part of your little one’s development; starting from cognitive and physical development to emotional and social growth, the importance of playing for babies is disruptive.

To help your baby get started with developing skills here are some toys which you can offer him/her.

A smarter play gym, Musical Toy, Teething Toy, Rattling ball, Soft and smooth Pacifier, Soft Book, etc.

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