Nipple Care Tips For Breastfeeding Mums

Nipple Care Tips For Breastfeeding Mums

Breastfeeding is an essential aspect of motherhood. You know that you need to breastfeed your child, but specific psychological and medical facts prove that breastfeeding is crucial for a baby and a mother. A mother has to go through many things Before and after giving birth. Before birth,  you know that you need to help your newborn, who is new to this world and environment. But after birth,  you have to care for your child and look after all the needs and wants. 

Nipple Care

When you give birth to your child,  that time is overwhelming and creates a hormonal disbalance in your body. After you have come home with your baby,  your social schedule changes a lot, and the most important job you need to do as a mother is to feed your baby.  Now feeding the baby is not an easy job; you will face days where you don't want to feed your baby because your nipples are hurting, and sometimes you want to remove the extra milk from your breast by feeding your baby the whole day. 

For some mothers, the lactation period is excruciating, and I want to quit breastfeeding for some time. But now you don't have to change your mind about breastfeeding because we have brought your guide where you can read about nipple care for yourself. Learn how to heal your hurting nipples and how to stop your baby from hurting you. 

Know About How To Do Proper Nipple Care For Breastfeeding Mums 

You may have heard other mums telling you that breastfeeding won't hurt, but the reality is a bit different.  Many reasons can contribute to your sore nipples and hard breastfeeding.  The following points will tell you how you can take care of your nipples after a breastfeeding session. 

Take A Massage -  The Best Option.

Nipple massage will be considered one of the best options to heal your hurting breast.  You can massage yourself in a circular motion and hold your nipple with the index finger and Thumb. Massage it till you get a good hold and rhythm.

The Use Of A Nipple Shield Will Protect Your Nipples.

If you want to feed your baby your breast milk but each time you let your baby latch on it, you have sore nipples. Try to use an electric breast pump, a manual pump with a nipple shield attached to them so that you can avoid getting hurt. 

Ensure That If You're Giving An Excellent Feed To Your Baby 

When you are done feeding your baby,  check the diaper after half an hour if it is wet and dirty with the baby's excreta. If not, then you need to feed him more and adequately so that your baby remains full all the time. 

Nipple Care tips

Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes. 

For mothers breastfeeding exclusively, don't wear any tight bra or tight clothing on your upper half because it increases the risk of breast infection. Wearing tight clothes will also act as a Pebble By blocking your milk ducts. So always remember that you need to wear loose clothes so that they do not make direct contact with your nipples and you have a wonderful day. 

Use Of Warm Compress To Remove The Blockage 

If you feel like your milk ducts are blocked, you can press a warm compress to the particular area. It Will help you to remove the blockage, and you can feed the baby next time. 

Check The Baby's Latch On Your Breast. 

It is true that if your baby has a good latch on your nipple, then it will lead to a healthy feeding session and fewer hurting nipples. Make sure every time you feed your baby, they have a good latch on your breast. 

Follow The Tips That Will Help You To Breastfeed Your Baby Effectively 

Understand Your Baby's Desire 

You do not have to wait for your baby to cry to make him feed your milk. Here, you need to anticipate your baby's Desire and look for the minor signs that will let you know that your baby needs another feeding. 

Let Your Baby Guide You This Time. 

We think we know a lot about babies' needs and behavior, but the reality is quite the opposite. Your baby is aware of his needs and knows when he needs to feed and for how long. This time let your baby guide you and decide the nursing time. 

Be Comfortable When You Nurse 

Nursing your baby is a very relaxing process if you take all the precautions carefully. Make sure that you are at your utmost comfort along with your baby. You can lie down with a baby and then feed him to make the most out of the nursing time. 

Find The Correct Position For Your Baby. 

Though your baby will himself find the proper position in which he wants to be fed your milk. You need to Relax before your baby finds the correct position while you nurse him. Your baby's comfort should be your priority, along with your health. 

Leaking Is A Natural Process. 

You don't need to be cautious if your breasts are leaking; it is a normal process. Leaking can occur when you hear another baby crying near you, or it's been hours since you last fed your baby. 

Take Care Of Your Breast Skin. 

The skin around your breast is very delicate, and you need to take care of it to make sure that there is no infection around your skin.  Maintaining hygiene is very important, and it plays a significant part in your baby's growth and development. Make sure you clean your breast after every bath. You don't need to clean your breast every time you feed a baby because it will take away your natural oil. 

Conclusion - Have A Less Painful Nipple This Time. 

Following all the precautions and the points that you need to check to breastfeed your baby Will help you have hurt-less nipples. Not only will you have hurt-less nipples, but You will feel that you have fed your baby enough and have your own relaxation time.  Remember that early motherhood is a phase that will pass, and when it passes, you are going to miss it.  Remember that you have to make the most out of motherhood and protect your baby against any harm.

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