Positions For Breastfeeding

Positions For Breastfeeding

Being a new mother is not easy. You have to cope with many things, and amidst all the work, your top priority is your child. So, we are helping you with one of the essential but crucial jobs: breastfeeding. You require knowledge about certain breastfeeding positions that will help you supply better amounts of milk, and your baby will find it easier to suck the milk from your breast. But before we start with the different positions for breastfeeding, learn the benefits of breastfeeding and how it helps your baby become more vital. 

Positions For Breastfeeding

For newborns, breastfeeding seems to have everything that they need! There are plenty of benefits that your newborn can acquire when you breastfeed him. It supplies all the necessary nutrients in the proper proportions, protects against allergies, sickness, infections, obesity, and many diseases like diabetes. You know the best part about mother's milk is that it is easily digested – no constipation, diarrhea, or upset stomach. Babies tend to have a healthy weight as they grow, and breastfeeding babies generally have high IQ levels. But the problem occurs when you cannot find the correct position for breastfeeding. Breastfeeding is not about providing food to your newborn but is also crucial to creating a mother and baby bond. 

You are free to feel motherhood in your way, and there's nothing wrong and right while you take care of your baby. But, you can follow certain precautions to make your initial motherhood phase even better. So, we are here to tell you about the ten best breastfeeding positions that you can give a try and decide what works best for you and your baby. 

10 Easy, Reliable, And Amazing Positions For Breastfeeding To Make Your Breastfeeding Phase Less Painful 

Always remember that there is no perfect position for breastfeeding because, in the end, what matters the most is your and your baby's comfort level. Any breastfeeding position that you find reliable and, most importantly, comfortable for your baby. You can try the following 10 best and reliable breastfeeding positions to feed your baby and have your mother-baby time. 

Laid-Back Breastfeeding Also Known As Reclined Position

Another name for a reclined position is biological nurturing because it happens when you become a new mother. Here, whenever you put your baby on your breast or tummy, he will immediately start latching on your nipples as an intact, and it came to be known as breast crawl. You balance your baby on yourself and feed him. 

The Cradle Hold

The popular among all breastfeeding positions is the cradle hold. Under the cradle hold, you cradle your baby while you breastfeed your baby. The cradle hold allows you to appreciate your baby's efforts to latch on your breast, and the baby feels as if nothing is going to hurt him.

The Cross-Cradle Hold

The cross-cradle hold allows you to get a better view of your nipple and your baby's mouth. Your hand, which is behind your baby's head under a cross-cradle, will guide your baby towards your nipple, and it will help your baby to latch on your nipples easily. 

The Rugby Ball Hold

The underarm or clutch hold lets your baby rest along your forearm, you tuck your baby's body alongside your side, and the baby's feet face the opposite side of your face. Under the rugby ball hold, you have complete control, thus making your baby not use any effort while serving his purpose.

The Side-Lying Position

It is highly possible that you are tired, and your baby is demanding you to feed him. Well, there's no other choice but to feed him; in that case, you can try the side-lying position. You can also try the side-lying position to feed your baby during the night time and also it comes naturally to you. 

The Football Hold 

If you have experienced a c-section or need to breastfeed two babies at a single time, then the football hold will suit you best. The football hold allows you to have a better view of your baby while you feed him.

Laid-Back Breastfeeding After A C-Section 

Let your baby recline across your shoulder and see how breastfeeding becomes easy for you after you have your c-section. If you find laid-back breastfeeding difficult or uncomfortable with it, try side-lying as it will hurt your wound. 

Upright Breastfeeding Also Known As Koala Hold

You sport your baby by making him straddling your lap or your side hip, and he is sitting upright with his face towards your breast. If you know any baby with an ear infection, tell his mother to feed him using the upright breastfeeding position. We can say that the koala hold can prove to be the eBay breastfeeding position for you and your baby. 

Breastfeeding Positions

The Dangle Feeding

Under the dangle breastfeeding position, you dangle your breast towards your baby's mouth while you are on your all fours; the baby has to latch on your nipple and decide the feeding pressure. You can feel discomfort, but the baby will quickly feed himself under the dangle feeding. 

Dancer Hand Nursing Position

Holding your breast and creating a u-shape of your breast so that the nipple is poking toward your baby's mouth will make it easy to breastfeed. Also, you will be supporting your baby's head so that he can quickly latch on your breast without any struggle, and also the dancer hand nursing position is very convenient for mother and baby's as well. 

A Final Thought 

Trying different breastfeeding positions will help you maintain your mother-baby bond, and you will also feel productive day and night. All of the breastfeeding positions you read above will help you become more confident around your baby and benefit your toddler in many ways that help him become stronger and healthier. Do not let it slip from your mind that there is no position known to be perfect, but you will come to know about your perfect breastfeeding position once you try all of them and decide for yourself. 

Many mothers feel dejected with everything, the baby, home chores, but always chant a mantra in your heart. It is a phase. The phase passes, but the memories remain intact so, try to make more out of your motherhood and collect the everlasting memories. Also, after trying all the different positions for breastfeeding, do not forget to share your experience with us and let us know what your experience is with each position!

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