Smart Parenting 101

Smart Parenting 101

What are the first bunch of words that run across your mind when you hear SMART? Intelligent, well-dressed, witty, clever, etc are a few possibilities that are most likely to pop up. You are reading this blog so there are good chances that you have a tiny toddler crawling on the floor of your abode and you are in search of some good products, ideas or even tips to help them grow better.

The great shift from being a carefree couple to a set of responsible parents is not always easy or hasslefree. You experience a tornado of emotions and at times, all at once. But the major concern hidden in every thought of a new parent is the well-being of the child and sheer love for them. Parenting is an art and there is no rulebook that comes along with the child to convert you into a perfect parent with all the tricks to nurture and protect your child. You will have to discover your own path, and today when you and your partner have busy schedules, it is important to adopt smart ways of parenting.

What is Smart Parenting?

“How fast is my infant growing?” “Is it important to look after the growth patterns of the baby in the initial years?” What measures should be taken for the overall development of my baby?” These are some questions that bother young parents.

You will be surprised to know that your child’s brain starts developing even before birth and grows most explosively till the age of four. The first few years are the most crucial for the child and the parent. As a smart parent, you need to create windows of opportunities for learning, organization, emotional stability, mental stability and you need to work upon building trust and attachment with your child. As a parent, try to be attuned with your child as close relationships and emotions in the child drive a better learning process, says Daniel J. Siegel, MD, Director of the Center for Human Development at the UCLA School of Medicine.

Who would mind coming back home to a swirl of flurry hugs and sweet kisses from their tiny tots? But, to become a smart parent of a happy and fulfilled child, you need to build strategies, plan time and invest emotions together as a couple. You will get a better understanding of this in the next section.

What makes you a Smart Parent?

1. Proper communication with your spouse: It’s true that a mother will always have the credit of the extra nine months with the baby but after the baby is born, it is the combined efforts of both the parents that result in fruitful outcomes for the child. Plan out things beforehand and be in tune with your partner regarding the tasks and jobs you both need to fulfil as parents.

2. Being well-read: Every child displays different traits and has unique needs but having knowledge about the various possibilities will make you confident as parents. Read parenting books, blogs on parenting, dos and don’ts, articles by child specialists and even storybooks for children, whenever you get some time off. Research is a powerful tool that will let you discover new facts and help you gain more perspective on parenting.

3. Managing sensitivity: Babies are tender inside out. You need to ensure that you choose the best skincare products to eliminate allergies and infections. Some toys can also help in the development of the baby. For instance, the Knitted Baby Baskets by Vkaire help your baby learn organizational skills.

4. Balancing time: This can get a bit tricky when both of you are working. You can hire a baby help but never rely on them completely. Train them, prepare to-do lists and divide slots among yourself and your partner to keep a proper check.

5. Believe in preventive measures: Never wait for the trouble to knock your door. Your sixth sense needs to be active while parenting a baby. Read all the signs and signals and act accordingly without wasting time.


When you become a parent, you also have to become a multi-tasker. You need to be compassionate yet practical, caring yet strict and connected but not hovering around all the time.

Be a smart parent and nurture your child’s natural beauty and true potential in smart ways. Try handholding them when they need you and set them free to discover their own selves at other times. You will be a smart parent only when you succeed in raising a smart kid. Cheers to all the parents!

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