Soap vs baby body wash: what’s better for your baby?

Soap vs baby body wash: what’s better for your baby?

Babies’ skin is very soft, fragile, and highly sensitive. Thus, their skin needs special attention and care. The products that you use on your baby’s skin are likely to cause any positive or negative change in their body. 

You yourself can see baby bath products are what you use on a regular basis. It is necessary that you use baby care bath products for your baby recommended by the doctors. If you use ordinary bath products, it will only cause more harm to your baby’s skin.

Most of the parents are in a dilemma, whether to use soap or baby body wash in a regular routine for their baby. Baby body washes and soaps both are equally good for baby’s skin as long as they overlap certain criteria. Both of them have equal importance. The reason behind this question soap or baby body wash is that today’s mums have an abundance of products available for their babies. That’s why they are confused about what to use and what not to?  

The choices are many but the decision is taken only one time. Mums with this confusion, here's your answer! You will know which is best for your baby if you see that the product is fulfilling the following criteria.

Criteria to check what to buy- soap vs baby body wash

  • Ph level 

Most of the baby’s soap is a bit alkaline. However, even having a high ph level baby’s skin, still, it is slightly acidic. So, constant use of soap on the baby’s body results in skin damage at a very high rate. 

So, in order to save your baby from such problems, check the baby bath product before you buy them. Notice the ph level and see if it is close to the baby’s natural skin ph level or not. If not, then do not buy it. 

Also, consider buying soap or baby body wash that is checked by a dermatologist or a pediatrician. If the product is close to the baby’s natural ph level then not only it is a good product but also helps in replenishing moisture in your baby’s skin. 

  • Say no to the fragrance 

While buying any baby bath products, it doesn’t matter whether it’s a soap or baby body wash, remember it should not have any fragrance. The reason behind this theory is that fragrance is added to products to hide the smell of already-present chemicals in them. So, the less the fragrance the better the product. 

If you know specifically what product you need to buy according to your baby, there’s nothing better than that. 

  • Bath products should have a moisturizer 

Most of the baby products are made to clean the baby’s body from outside. But, what you need to check is that they have other important nutrients in them also. These nutrients help in nourishing the skin to its core. Notice that the soap or baby body wash has a moisturizing agent in them. That will prove good to your baby’s skin.

These are some points that you need to remember when you buy soap or baby body wash. So, the answer to your question is that both are good as long as they fulfill the above necessitates.

Now that you have got an answer to your question, you may think what are the other things that are good for a baby’s skin?

General facts on how to clean your baby’s skin

During the whole year, winter is the only season when you will have to take double care of the baby’s skin. The windy and dry air makes the skin less moisturized. Thus, making it dry, red, and flaky. Good care of the skin will help your baby to grow more good and healthy skin cells. Here’s what you can do to provide good skincare in winter for your baby.

  • Provide nourishment through massage 

Baby massage helps in removing the dryness and restoring the whole body skin cells. You can often massage your baby as there are many benefits, you can extract out of this simple process. Also, even doctors suggest that gently massaging your baby in winter so that the muscles can become flexible. 

  • Spread warmth 

Warmth is what a baby needs when exposed to the winter air. So, keep the baby warm and hydrated from both outside and inside. 

  • A quick bath is necessary 

Do not make your baby’s bath time longer than 5-7 minutes. The more you will put him in the tub, the more the skin will get damage. So, make the bath time quick, short, and sweet. 

  • Use good and natural products 

It is very important that you use natural-made products for babies. The reason is that they do not cause any harm to the baby’s skin.

  • Follow a proper routine 

We know that with a baby it is hardly possible to follow a proper routine, not only for yourself but also for your baby. But, you need to try as it will help you to uplift the baby’s mood.


The answer to your important question is that any product is good for babies and toddlers as long as it serves their needs. So, check before you buy anything related to your baby. A wrong decision can put your baby’s health at risk. If you are not sure what you need to buy, you can take advice from a good dermatologist or pediatrician.

It’s high time that parents realize how important is to use baby products that are chemical-free. Using them will not only keep your baby safe but also helps the environment to remain clean. Next time you go to buy products for your baby, always check if you are buying chemical-free baby products. Do not get confused by anything you buy. Most importantly, never assume that if the rate is higher, the quality will also be good.

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