Things Every New Parents Needs To Know About Diapering

Things Every New Parents Needs To Know About Diapering

When a baby enters this planet from their mother's womb, it fills the lives of new parents with a lot of happiness, joy. The moment is precious and memorable for new parents, grandparents, friends, relatives because everyone has waited impatiently for this joyous day. There are a lot of things that go around in your mind when you become a new parent. Anything that we purchase for our babies has to be nothing but the best and comfortable for them. So, we become researchers on the internet and start googling everything essential for newborn babies.

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But you know the foremost thing that comes to the mind of new parents for their babies is "diapering a baby". And when it comes to the diapering of a baby, new parents need to take many things under consideration such as size, comfiness, material to ensure that your loved and little one is happy.

As this is their first child, the parents don't have any experience and clue in it. Don't worry; we got your back.

In this piece of writing, we have covered everything related to the newborn baby diapers that every new parent needs to know about "Diapering".

Basics Baby Diapering Tips

Realize The importance of sizing

Ah, sizing! It is a most critical but challenging task for new parents. You cannot choose the perfect baby diapers without knowing an ideal size. You will be amazed that diapers size doesn't rely on age or months. Instead, it depends on babies' current weight. Diapers come in five different sizes, right from the newborn to extra large for your babies. Other brands in the market have different sizes or a slight change in size. 

But as a parent of a newborn, you should be cautious while choosing the perfect diaper size because if the size is not suitable for your babies, it leads to inconvenience and discomfort to your toddler, including rashes near the inner thigh, leakage puncture, etc.

Moreover, as your babies grow up, you will get to know that diapers size needs to change for toddlers every few months. Hence it is advised not to pile up the exact size of diapers and buy it in volume. The chart below will remove all your confusion while selecting the perfect size for your newborn, and it is the foremost baby diapering tip.

  • Type: Body Weight
  • Newborn: 2-4.5kgs
  • Small: 3-6kgs
  • Medium: 6-12kgs
  • Large: 10-16kgs
  • XL: 16 kgs or more

To check if you have bought the perfect size diaper for your newborn, place it at the baby's bottom and check if it sits straight and symmetrical on it. Lastly, the ideal size of diapers is an indicator of the comforts and free movements of toddlers.

Take A Look At The Budget Of Diapers

Most parents fall into the trap of big companies by purchasing high-end material for their baby's swamp with the impulse to provide the best for their toddlers. However, the price factor is not equally justifiable as per the quality of diapers.

As a new parent, you will need a lot of newborn baby diapers in the coming time, and diapers are often a significant investment. As per one survey, you will need at least 3360 diapers in the first year of your toddler. To save on the pricing factor, many families worldwide prefer cloth diapers while others like disposable ones. However, enlarge no. of families use the combination of both as per the suitability. 

Feel free to explore newborn baby diapers at your convenience and your toddler's. After all, it's your flesh and blood, and you know better what will be the best for your baby.

Realize The Features Of Diapers

There are many more to a diaper apart from its fit and feel. First thing you should notice while diapering a baby is that it should be highly absorbent and leak-proof to avoid sagginess. A leaking diaper leads to dampness, and as you know, the moisture is the home of germs and bacteria. In addition, it will lead to rashes and irritation in your newborn child.

Secondly, always choose the diaper made up of soft cotton fabrics and bamboo fabrics that do not restrict the airflow to the toddler's bottom. One more thing, as a responsible parent, you should always try to use organic or reusable diapers by keeping the environment safe in mind. The wastage from baby diapers puts massive pressure on the global climate by causing land and air pollution. So, use organic diapers and make the planet green and breathable for your newborn babies.

Some More Tips For Diapering A Baby

  • Do not forget to wash your hand before and after every diaper change.
  • Keep your baby on a flat surface while changing the diaper.
  • Keep one hand always to hold your baby while changing diapers. Never leave them without any support, not even for a second.
  • Babies always move around, so keep creams, nails, or any sharp object away from them.
  • Wipe the diaper area of a toddler with lukewarm water.
  • Always pat the area dry or allow the surface to air dry before changing to a new diaper.
  • Do not use any powder before securing a fresh diaper. The dust in the powder will cause suffocation to the toddler if it goes in the nostrils.

When Diapering And Wiping A Baby Girl

  • Every time wipe from front to back to avoid germs from her bowel movements getting into the urinary tract.

When Diapering And Wiping A Baby Boy

  • Do not pull back the foreskin when cleaning the penis of a toddler. Clean the area from front to back.
  • Before securing a new diaper, make sure that the baby's penis is pointed downward; otherwise, the flow of the pee will come out from the diaper, making the diaper and floor messy.


As new parents, you will spend a lot of time diapering a baby, making it a particular time for toddlers by laughing, talking, hugging, and playing with your baby. Diapering a baby might look like a daunting task initially, but as time passes, you will master changing diapers in no time so enjoy spending time with your toddlers. The most important part of parenting activity is to have faith in yourself and make decisions wisely for your kiddo. We hope you get all the answers related to diapering a baby in the piece mentioned above of writing. Happy parenting, and keep changing diapers accordingly.

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