Things to know before buying toys for your baby or child

Things to know before buying toys for your baby or child
  • Avoid toys with pointy or sharp edges: 

Avoid any stuffed toy that has sharp points. For example, your baby might thrust the pointed horn in their eye. Such an injury may impair their vision.

  • Only buy high-quality toys: 

Look for toys that are substantially sewed and won't rip apart easily. If not, the baby might eat the inner contents of the toy. 

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  • Look out for the removable parts:

Avoid buying toys with removable parts such as plastic eyes. It can be dangerous if the baby swallows it. 

  • Should not be too tiny, heavy, and big:

If the toy is tiny, heavy, or too big for the baby, it won't be easy to play with it. 

  • Washable material:

The toys must be washable so that hygiene can be maintained. When choosing safe stuffed toys for your baby, you must ensure that you can keep them clean. Check the care label or back of the box that the stuffed toy is packaged in for info about the material the toy is made of

  • Avoid toys with strings:

Babies can get the string wrapped around their necks or might swallow and chock on it. 

  • Avoid toys with batteries:

Batteries are a serious choking hazard for babies. If your baby wants a stuffed toy with batteries, ensure that the batteries are secured by a panel that must unscrew to remove the batteries. Do not give your child a stuffed toy with a battery panel that snaps open.

  • Look for Nontoxic material. 

The baby can put the stuffed toy in their mouth. You must provide your baby with nontoxic stuffed toys. The best-stuffed toys are made of organic hemp, wool, and cotton. Avoid stuffed toys made of materials exposed to pesticides, artificial dyes, finishes, and fertilizers.

How to look out for your baby during playtime? 

  • Oversee them while they are playing with their toys so in case they are in any danger, like getting hit by something in their surroundings, you are there to prevent them. 
  • Wash thier toys regularly. Wash your baby's stuffed toys regularly according to manufacturer directions. Wash any safe stuffed toys that fall on the floor or are visibly soiled.
  • Clean up after your baby is finished playing so that anyone else won't trip over the toys laying around.

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Why Vkaire?

Vkaire's stuffed toys are not your regular stuffed toys. Instead, they are crafted from certified organic cotton that is extra tender against your baby's skin. As a result, no harmful chemicals ever touch your baby's soft and sensitive skin. 

They are washable and are made with 

  • Certified organic cotton (GOTS Certified) shell
  • 100% polyester filling

Where to buy them? 

You can go to our website "" The baby care products we make are driven by innovation and crafted with the sole aim to bring comfort and modernity from our design labs to your home. 

Also, at Vkaire, we provide a wide range of newborn baby care products from bath care to baby bedding and from accessories to newborn gifting sets.

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