Tips For Baby Skincare: In Winter

Tips For Baby Skincare: In Winter

A baby comes with many responsibilities and you need to make your baby your priority. Well, it is an instinct of a mother to make her baby her priority. But there are many things that you need to keep in mind about your baby daily skincare routine. The process does not end after giving birth, instead, this is the beginning of the experience. Being a new mother is difficult, sometimes you are not able to make the difference between various things. But, it’s not like you remain like this. You will get a mother with time and then you will become a pro at it.

But, their concern is how to plan proper skincare for the baby especially in the winters, and what to do and what not to do? This guide will help you learn a lot. 

Know About Newborn Skin And Try To Understand The Body Language 

The body of the newborn is very tender and fragile. So is the skin of the baby -very tender and soft. If the body and skin of the babies are so delicate then the immune system will also be delicate. Many things can cause baby skin irritation, even a perfume used by you or any kind of moisturizer can cause skin problems for the baby. This is the level of delicacy a newborn's skin and body have. They are prone to catch skin problems even from the slightest discomfort. 

Baby products that have fragrance and chemicals are the most common way to get skin irritations like - chafing, dryness for the baby. But, with some careful measures, you can protect your newborn skin. The first thing that you need to remember is that you have to be near the baby. A mother’s tender touch can cause a soothing effect on a baby’s skin and the baby feels like he/she is residing in the safest place. Also, for a baby's critical growth and development, a parent’s touch is necessary.

Remember And Follow These Natural Baby Skin Care Tips To Avoid Any Kind Of Skin Problems

Do Not Bathe Your Baby Frequently Even If You Want To

If you will make your baby bathe more than 3 times a week that will remove all the natural oils from the baby’s body. For the first year of life, you should only bathe your baby 3 times a week. Excessive bathing will result in dryness and leave the baby’s skin vulnerable. This will also increase the risk of eczema.

It’s not like the baby is at a job, except for the diaper changing. They don't get dirty often. So, try to change this habit you have.

Resist The Usage Of Any Kind Of Chemical And Scented Baby Products As Well As Any Kind Of Product For Yourself

Many baby products are not safe for the baby as they contain many harmful substances and are the main cause of skin irritations for the baby. Even the things you will use on your body will have a direct impact on babies’ skin. So, either use organic material or do not use any kind of product at all.

After Every Time A Baby Has Worn Clothes - Wash Them

You must wash baby clothes from time to time. The main thing here is that you can only use baby laundry detergents. Do not use your regular detergent on baby’s clothes as it is very harsh. Baby laundry detergents are fragrance and dye-free. Wash everything that your baby uses - the bedding, blankets, clothes, bibs, etc separately. Do not mix them with the other family's laundry. If you tend to fidget this then you can also use the baby laundry detergent for the whole family. This is one of the best hacks you will ever know. 

baby care tips

One of the problems that parents face during winter is the dry skin of the baby. Well, you can continue scrolling if you want to know more about it.

New Ways To Protect Your Baby Skin From Getting Dry In Winter

Do The Oil Massage

In winters, oil massages are the best options for toddlers. You can hire someone great at baby oil massage. This will not only help your baby to reduce the dryness but also makes him flexible and stronger. 

Reduce Bathe And Use Organic Products

As already told above what you should be doing regarding the baby bath and the usage of scented or chemical products. So, in short, try avoiding these kinds of products.

Swaddle The Baby

Baby swaddling or baby wrapping keeps the baby warm and comfortable. In winters the baby must get enough heat. This will maintain the baby and regulate his/her natural oils.

Use Baby Cream And Moisturizers That Are Odorless 

Do not we repeat do not use any kind of moisturizer and cream that you use for yourself. Instead, buy some organic baby moisturizers and creams. You can use both of them after they bathe. So, you will use them 3 days a week because you can bathe your baby only 3 times a week. 

The above guide will help you to become a better mother. It is not like you are not good but you will know and discover many new things in the process that will help you to become a better individual and a mother too. You can also seek for your spouse’s help to help you with chores and in taking care of the baby. 


A baby is a blessing by god and we all need to accept it. The earlier you learn the better. We know being a mother we have many responsibilities but repeat this in your mind whenever you will be tired that this is a phase and my baby needs me. And, you will feel no more stress and tiredness. You can use the above easy skincare tips in winters to keep your baby’s skin moist and soft. You do not want to get it dry and rough? We know the answer is no, so follow all the tips to see better results.

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