Tips for Bathing Your Newborn with Care

Tips for Bathing Your Newborn with Care

Between the bubbles, splashing and giggles - bath time is a perfect time to nurture your bond with the baby. Mothers and newborns make memories while a baby takes a bath. Bathing tips are very essential. Similarly, choosing the right baby products for your baby’s sensitive skin is also important. Are you here to know about them? Are you looking for new born baby bath tips? You are at the right place. Given below are certain baby bath tips that'll guide you when you take your baby for bathing. Scroll down  to get the benefit and spend some quality time with your baby. 

baby bathing tips

Following are the Tips for Baby Bathing : 

1. Firstly, make sure that you choose the right products for baby bathing. The bathing products should be gentle enough for the baby's soft and sensitive skin. Ensure that baby bathing products are free from hazardous ingredients in the making like, Johnson's baby products and many more.

2. Baths are essential for hygiene purposes and also for relaxing the human body. So, make sure you are gentle enough when making a baby bath to not end up hurting the baby's sensitive body and to help the baby body relax and the baby feels fresh after bathing.

3. Before you take the baby for bathing, make sure everything you need is available, for example, baby clothes, towel, cleaners. Ensure that you don't leave the baby unattended even for a minute.

4. Make sure that your footwear is waterproof and doesn't slip on the wet floor. You should have a proper grip in whatever footwear you wear when you take your baby for bathing. If you slip on the wet floor, the chances that you'll hurt your baby intentionally will rise and a little carelessness will injure a baby very much. Babies are delicate and can get injured more easily.

5. Before taking the baby for bathing, another important thing is to make sure to have hot water in the geyser. The water you are using for the bathing shouldn't be too hot or too cold. Before you use the water, touch the water with your hands to make sure the water temperature is perfect for the baby body. 

6. The cleaner used for the newborn must be mild and scientifically approved.The cleanser should contain a moisturizer, Vitamin E or glycerin to suit the baby’s sensitive skin. 

baby bathing

7. Support the baby carefully with one hand, while you wash the baby body with the other hand. Wet the washcloth (preferably soft fabric cloth like cotton) with some warm water and wash the area around the baby's eyes from the inside to the outside corner and ensure that you do it with full attention and care. Wash the entire face thoroughly with gentle hands. Wash the diaper area at last. Make sure you wash the diaper area of the baby from front to back. Use a mild cleanser to remove the germs and keep the baby skin soft.

8.  Then, rinse the baby with water and make sure to do it gently. Use water from the tub where you checked the water temperature earlier. Important tip - make sure that you aren't wearing any sharp ornaments especially on your wrist and fingers as they may harm the soft baby skin and hurt the baby.

9. Now, you can lift up the baby gently from the tub with both hands carefully and dry the baby body with a soft towel. Ensure that you dry the baby well as excessive moisture can cause skin irritation and make the baby uncomfortable.

10. After drying the baby, use Clinically Proven best moisturizer made for babies or a good baby lotion to keep your newborn's skin soft, healthy and joyful all the long.

# So, these were some important tips for baby bathing. You should keep all of them in mind while you take your baby to bath. Don't get distracted by other tasks when you are bathing your baby. Stay focused and cherish these moments with your baby by giggling, singing and enjoying with your baby.


Baby bathing seems like an easy task but requires a lot of care and attention. It is very important to wash the baby's body with gentle hands so as to not hurt the baby's soft skin. Also, select the right time for your baby’s bath. Choose a time when your baby is relaxed or active, not when the baby is tired or immediately after they’ve had their meal, especially milk or any other drink. Doing so can harm the baby's health and cause illness. Choose the right products for your baby’s bathing that are Clinically proven. Choose a cleanser that is mild and scientifically approved for the baby skin. Lastly, don't forget to apply moisturizer on the body after you thoroughly clean the baby with a clean soft towel.

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