Top 5 Tips To Look After Your Newborn Baby Skin In Summer

Top 5 Tips To Look After Your Newborn Baby Skin In Summer

From the day the baby is born, the whole family is happy and enjoying but parents are happy, excited and nervous about taking care of their little baby. Babies require both care and  nourishment in the initial days of their life because they are in the developing stage. When the season changes, the baby's body also adapts to some changes and requires special care in that time period.

When the winter season comes, all mums cover their babies with warm sweaters for clothes. To safeguard their baby. In similar ways in the summer babies require special care and nourishment from the parents to keep their skin and body hydrated and free from UV rays. In summer sun rays are very harmful and may be dangerous for baby skin as they can directly penetrate to the baby skin and cause rashes, acne or skin allergy also.

To know more about how to take care of your baby in the summer season have a glimpse of it in the following article.

How To Take Care Of Newborn Baby Skin In Summer Season ?


During the summer season, the baby tends to sweat more. That leads to irritation and uneasiness to the baby. So it is recommended to give bathing to a newborn baby minimum of three times a day in the summer season, that will provide comfort to your baby. The water should be lukewarm and not cold. Check the water temperature before bathing your baby. Took special care of washing your baby's neck, armpits, and all folds in your baby's skin, while bathing.

Cotton Wear

Make sure your newborn babywear cotton clothes because cotton as a fabric is more breathable compared to all other Fabrics in the market. Synthetic fabric clothes will cause irritation for the baby and discomfort also.

Cotton wear are available in different shape and size and designs with some cool Cartoon designs. So it is a best option as it provides comfort to the baby's skin and baby finds it attractive and loving their clothes due to cartoon or animated printing.

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Avoid getting your baby dehydrated,even if  your baby does not lose fluids. Rapid breathing, restlessness,  and a flushed face are signs of a baby being dehydrated. Babies below six months should not consume water,they should be breastfeed oftenly.

Watch Out For Sunburns

If you have to step out in the sun, make your baby wear full sleeves and full pants made of light cotton. A wide rimmed sun hat is also essential to protect your baby from direct sun.

Stay Indoors

To avoid heat rashes or prickly heat caused due to sweating and clogging of sweat glands, keep your baby indoors away from the heat as much as possible. Avoid carrying your baby for too long in a sling or a baby carrier, as this makes babies very hot and sweaty.


From the day babies are born mothers are on their toes to facilitate and make their baby life more comfortable and easy. But when it comes to season change the baby demands and requires special care in different season.

In all three seasons babies require special care in each season. In winter mothers need to make sure that baby is fully covered with woolen clothes and away from cool environment so that baby does not catches cold. Same in some of their high cases of babies being dehydrated, so it is very essential to keep the baby hydrated with fluids and breastfeeding if the baby is below 6 months.

Apart from this baby skin should also be protected from high intense UV rays. Baby should always wear hat  and fully covered clothes when out from the home. Avoid outing from the home on sunny days if possible so that baby is more comfortable in the house with cool and comfortable environment. Use cotton clothes for your baby is considered one of the highest breathable fabrics of all types. Cotton clothes printed with amazing designs, any main or cartoons will be bonus for your child as they fulfill two demands that is providing comfort to child and newborn baby will love their cloth also you to the cool printing

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