Why are stuffed toys important for young ones' growth?

Why are stuffed toys important for young ones' growth?

The relationship between stuffie and child is unconditional love, a love based on honesty and trust. It is believed this first friendship develops a language, a vocabulary of words and gestures, for children to understand caring relationships.

stuffed animal toys

  • To keep the child at ease: 

Any parent who has seen the tears of their baby turn to giggles at the sight of their stuffed toys knows how comforting can that toy be. Researchers at North Dakota State University say that cuddling a stuffed animal helps young children rely on their ability to seek comfort. In addition, one study found that they can relieve trauma in children exposed to war and terror. The world can feel like an uncertain, scary place for infants, but they won't feel distressed and anxious with their cuddle buddies beside them. 

  • Foster language and social skills development:

Experts say that 12 to 18 months is the optimal time to use toys like stuffed animals and dolls to encourage pretend play. This often includes mimicking the familiar, everyday activities that are part of their regular routines. Pretending to eat or drink from a bottle, for example, is a relatable activity that allows the child to take on the role of caregiver and use their imagination.

Engaging in pretend play also serves as a viable way of developing speech and language skills. During their pretend play, they try to interact with their toys and try to communicate with them or make them communicate with one another. Even the parents try to introduce different kinds of animals and toys to expand their knowledge and learn about the outside world. 

  • Encourage emotions: 

Pretending to care for a stuffed animal or doll satisfies the need to nurture. The fact that young children tend to identify with stuffed animals may make them an ideal toy to use. Experts say introducing a novel stuffed toy as a new member to a classroom who needs love and care can bolster empathy and compassion. This directly translates to little ones at home. Taking care of Teddy forces your child to consider the toy's "needs."

  • Jumpstart for their imagination: 

When infants play pretends with their toys and makes stories related to them, it gives an unimaginable push to their imagination, which helps in brain development immensely. Therefore, parents should also help them to take part in this and develop stories around the toys. 

  • Expands knowledge:

Through stories, parents can help them learn about the outside world and help babies learn without forcing the information on them. Again, stuffed toys help them imagine those stories easily and fascinate them to learn more. 

How will our stuffed toys aid your young ones? 

Stuffed toys from the house of Vkaire come from all parts of the animal kingdom, Ele, the elephant; Piggy, the pig; Grizzly, the bear; Squirmy, the dolphin; and Dino, the dinosaur and our new launches Hoppsie the Rabbit, Plum Bum the Hippopotamus, Chappy and toothy the Twin Baby Elephants, Mr. Giggles the Monkey, Gary the Giraffe,and Mrs. Peppers the Pig. 

These can make a perfect introduction to the animal kingdom for your little ones. 

soft toys

These are not your regular stuffed toys. Instead, they are super huggers crafted from certified organic cotton that is extra tender against your baby's sensitive skin. Each of these timeless snuggle-buddies has passed our stringent cuddle-testing with flying colors.

Thanks to the superior quality organic cotton we use to craft it, no harmful chemicals ever touch your baby's soft and sensitive skin. 


  • Certified organic cotton (GOTS Certified) shell
  • 100% polyester filling
  • Super soft and cuddly

Where to buy them? 

You can go to our website "Vkaire.com." The baby care products we make are driven by innovation and crafted with the sole aim to bring comfort and modernity from our design labs to your home. 

Also, at Vkaire, we provide a wide range of newborn baby care products from bath care to baby bedding and from accessories to newborn gifting sets.

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