Why Does Your Baby Need a Head Shaping Pillow?

Why Does Your Baby Need a Head Shaping Pillow?

We can all agree that babies require that little extra love and care and why not? Since they’re so precious, they deserve all of it and more! While tending to so many of their needs, small things do get missed out and this can impact their future development. Flathead syndrome or positional plagiocephaly is one such thing that needs the attention of every new parent out there. Let’s dive deeper into this condition and learn how you can prevent your child from developing it.

What is Flat Head Syndrome?

Being a parent, you would’ve noticed that your baby has a favourite sleeping side. They either sleep with their head turned to the left or the right during the first months of their life. If you haven’t observed it yet, start noticing it right away. That being said, the skull of newborns is relatively soft and can easily change shape if exposed to constant pressure on one part of their head, almost like clay! Research suggests that this can lead to flat head syndrome or positional plagiocephaly which occurs when a flat spot develops on the back or side of the baby’s head, causing it to look asymmetrical. 

How do I know if my baby has a flat head? 

Baby Head

Identifying whether your child has a flat spot early on is super important so that you, as a parent, can take preventive measures in time. Here are a few things to look for when identifying the syndrome:

  • a flattened area on the side or back of the head
  • A slanted appearance of the head in a certain area
  • ears appearing to be misaligned
  • bald spots or less hair in a particular area of the head 

The best time to check for signs is while bathing the baby. During this time, the baby's hair is wet and the shape of their head is the most visible for a clear look.

How can I prevent the Flat Head Syndrome?

Your number one solution is to use a  Head Shaping Pillow. This specially crafted medical device provides the support that your baby needs by keeping their head and neck properly aligned with the spine. With an even distribution of pressure, it ensures a well-shaped head and deep sleep for your little one. It is made from high-quality, skin-friendly materials that are perfect for your baby. This pillow is highly recommended by pediatricians, physicians, and midwives across the globe. It is adjustable to perfectly fit your baby’s head size with complete ease. In other words, it is one-size-fits-all!

Other than that, make sure that your baby always sleeps on their back and NOT the belly or their side. When doing this, also ensure that they can breathe freely. The earlier you inculcate this, the more habitual your child will get to this sleeping position.

How to use a Head Shaping Pillow? 

Baby Head shaping Pillow

It is a simple 3-step process:

Step 1: Adjust pillow size using the velcro to ensure a perfect fit as per the size of your baby’s head
Step 2: When your baby is awake, lay their head over the circular opening 
Step 3: Adjust the positioning to ensure comfort and ease

The pillow can be used not just on the baby’s bed but also on strollers, cots, etc. Wondering what to do after your little one grows out of it? These can be used as a neck pillow as well, an absolute bonus!

What do the users have to say?

Sunaina Prakash, a mother of a 4-month old said, “Recently when I was giving my baby a bath, I noticed that his head had a weird shape. One side was much flatter than the other and I got really concerned, as any mother would. I immediately researched this and tried to delve deeper into the condition. Websites suggested using a head shaping pillow and I immediately bought one! Fast forward a few months later, I have seen a dramatic change in the shape of my baby’s head and I am quite happy by how well this worked. To all new mothers out there, I would definitely recommend this.”

Another mom, Vaidehi Tripathi had to say, “One of my greatest concerns was whether I will be able to maintain this pillow in case my baby drools on it or dirties it. The other day my little girl was playing with her food while her pillow was next to her and she dropped some of her food on it. I was so worried that the stain wouldn’t go, but one wash and the pillow looked brand new! I was so impressed! This definitely lives up to its standards!” Looking back at the experience of using the pillow that he imported from Germany, Gurmeet, a father of a 2-year-old commented, “The one thing I love about this pillow is that I never had to repurchase the foam or the pillowcase since it barely changed shape since my purchase. As anyone would assume, that over time the foam and filling material of pillows don’t stay in their original quality. There was absolutely no difference in this one. It totally holds to its purpose and works wonders for my baby boy! I have noticed such a drastic change in his head shape, I am so relieved the head shaping pillow worked!”. Lastly, Gauravi Raman, a mom of a one-year-old, remarked, “As a mother who enjoys the outdoors and going on walks with my baby, the head shaping pillow is so small and compact, that it fits so perfectly in his stroller and he literally does not sleep without his pillow. It is so comfortable for him and he really does love it more than any of his toys. I highly recommend this pillow to every new parent for their little one.”

The Flat Head Syndrome is nothing moms and dads need to worry about! Just bring home a Head Shaping Pillow and watch your little one sleep peacefully, while the magical device protects their little head. Feel free to share this information with any new parent who might benefit from this advice!

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