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33 products

Parenting a newborn is not an easy task, it is a whirlwind of emotions. This is why Vkaire aims to make your life a little more manageable through our newborn baby accessories that ensure safety and comfort for your baby. Our baby care accessories are made to help you take care of things in an easier fashion. It can be as small as looking after your baby’s feet to taking care of their toys. These accessories are made with high-quality organic materials and are extremely reliable, to make your life a little more bearable. We have a large variety of baby accessories online, ranging from footmuffs to baskets, all specially designed to meet your needs. These accessories are important to aid you as a parent take care of your child, either for their general care or playtime. Our baby care accessories include socks, baby swaddles, baskets, playpen mattresses, and footmuffs to tend to your little one. Each of these products will make things better for you as a new parent, and make life more exciting for your little one. Indulge in our baby accessories, and invest in premium quality, reliable products.

Baby socks 

Having cutely patterned, soft quality socks are essential to a newborn. These are baby care accessories that make every outfit even more adorable. Our socks are made from a hybrid fabric to ensure protective care and warmth for your baby’s feet. There are 4 options you can choose from to find the perfect pair for your baby. The socks come in a pack of 6 pairs, with different prints on them. These products are designed to mold as per your baby’s feet to ensure a perfect, secure fit. They have extra support at the ankle for maximum comfort for your baby. These baby care accessories are important to ensure protection for your child while also providing maximum comfort. We make our baby care products without any pesticides for the utmost safety, keeping their sensitive skin in mind. Investing in our baby care products and buying these baby accessories online will provide your baby with a comfortable feel.

Baby swaddle

The best way to keep your little one warm and cosy is through the newest arrival in our newborn baby accessories section, the baby swaddles. These new swaddles come in two materials- cotton and bamboo fibre. They are the perfect wrap for your newborn, helping them settle into a deep sleep with fewer instances of restlessness and disturbances throughout the night. The bamboo swaddle is made of 100% bamboo fibre, which is antibacterial, completely biodegradable, and effortlessly eliminates any kind of odour. These accessories are designed to help your little one be in complete comfort while staying protected. We aim to replicate a similar feeling of being wrapped in the warmth of a mother’s womb, which is exactly what the baby swaddle does! It is the perfect blend between being tight enough to provide comfort while still being light to ensure that your baby is at ease. When ordering essentials for your little one, it is important to buy good quality and safe products, which Vkaire provides. Finding the right baby accessories can be hard sometimes, but with our variety and high-quality material, you will be assured great protection for your baby. Enhance your child’s experience through these newborn baby accessories to make them feel more luxurious. You can choose from our variety of products to make your little one feel special.

Baby baskets

When finding ways to keep your baby occupied, the first thing that comes to mind is toys, which is why we provide these newborn baby accessories called knitted baby baskets. During times when you are busy and your little one is preoccupied playing with toys, this basket makes cleaning up easier. It is the perfect storage while also looking stylish. They are luxurious organic cotton baskets knitted in different manners, which can be chosen to your preference. These baskets are extremely soft at touch with a multipurpose use and can be used for blankets, clothes, or any other essentials for your little one. Moreover, these baskets come in different knits such as wiggly, close, cable, standard, moss, and chunky - to meet your parental needs. Each basket comes in light colours and is convenient to use.

Baby playpen mattress

Ensuring your baby’s safety is our number one goal, which is why our soft playpen mattress protects your little one from any falls while playing. When playing your little ones can fall and topple over in too much excitement, that is when this mattress will be there to protect them. They come in different knits to suit your needs and are extremely cosy to use for your toddler. These mattresses are made with 100% cotton on the upper layer, with a 100% polyester filling inside. This makes sure that it is soft to play on and comfortable for your baby to sit. Our mattresses also come in a variety of colours like pink, grey, and blue to choose from as per your baby’s preference. They feel extremely soft to touch with a very luxurious feeling for your child to experience. 

Baby footmuffs

A great way to keep your little one’s feet warm in cold weather is by using footmuffs. You can easily wrap put their feed into our ultra-soft footmuffs to make your baby feel at ease. The two options you can choose from are the baby pink footmuff and the panther patterned one. These are the comfiest muffs perfectly suited for your child who gets cold too easily. Made with GOTS certified cotton, this high-quality premium product is perfect for your little one. Vkaire footmuffs are made with 100% polyester filling, protecting their feet at all times, and keeping them cosy and warm. These will guarantee comfort for your little one and will feel extremely gentle on their skin.

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