Baby Bath Care

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6 products


At Vkaire, providing ultra care and comfort to your baby while bathing is deemed equally as important as taking care while feeding, resting, playing, and travelling. Bathing time is your baby’s gala time of the day and having suitable baby bath care products will only make it more exciting for your little one. In order to make this a more fun time, Vkaire has a variety of baby bath care products to help you pamper your baby. Making sure you choose safe and protective baby care, as well as taking care of your baby’s skin is essential to us. To ensure supple and soft skin for your baby, our products will leave them feeling fresh and clean, and ready for the day. During bath time, newborn babies are slippery to handle, hence, parents need to be more careful than usual and use products that support these conditions. Using baby bath care products that are of good quality, made of gentle fabric, and is of breathable material is key to a clean and healthy baby. We know how important baby skincare is, and their soft skin is very sensitive, hence, products such as bamboo baby towels and capes from Vkaire will be your best friend. Made with 70% bamboo fibre and 30% organic cotton, these essentials will make the most of their bath time. Vkaire provides a variety of options, to make the most out of this special time with your little one.

How are our towels different from regular towels?

When it comes to bath time, we understand the importance of using the right products, since that is what leaves your baby feeling happy. Our bath care towels are specially designed to keep your baby’s needs in check. These are made to support your little one’s sensitive skin post-bath, by ensuring a gentle wipe-down without damage to their skin. Unlike regular towels, Vkaire towels prioritize your baby’s needs. With 70% bamboo fibre and 30% organic cotton, these towels and capes are the perfect snuggle buddies for your baby’s post-bath time. This specially designed towel comprises child-friendly materials, absorbing 60% more water than normal cotton. Investing in such products is guaranteed to enhance your little one’s after-bath experience with a touch of fun. Bath time would leave them feeling extremely relaxed and fresh. We make sure that all our bath care products are made without any chemicals, toxic bleaches or harsh dyes, ensuring full safety for your child. End your baby’s bath time with our towels and capes, for a joyful experience.  

Baby bath capes

Vkaire capes are the all-time favourite bath care products of thousands of babies. These capes come in different colours to choose from, already adding onto the aesthetic of bath time. Made with 100% organic cotton fabric, they provide for your baby’s skincare by protecting them against cold and draft. This cape is completely GOTS certified organic cotton, keeping your little one safe and warm post-shower. This cape is designed specially to keep your baby’s skin a priority since we are well-aware of their delicate and sensitive skin. This cape is easily washable at 30 degrees and is very low maintenance. With its little hood on top, it will keep your baby’s head protected while also looking extremely cute as they dry off after their bath-time. A perfect accessory for their favourite time of the day!

Baby towels

Once your baby’s bath is over, you can add a bath care towel to keep your baby comforted, and to help them dry in no time. Investing your money into our bath care products will ensure your baby’s safety and good health. Using Vkaire’s baby bath care and other baby bath accessories will keep your child safe from harmful chemicals and toxic materials as our products are of the best quality and are extremely reliable. Once you use our bath care products, you and your child will experience a renewed kind of bath time, making it a very luxurious experience as a whole. Also, our towels are of extremely soft material, made with organic cotton and bamboo fibre, keeping your baby skincare needs a priority. This high-quality fabric feels like a warm hug for your baby, a definite essential for bath time. They come in the nicest colours to choose from, made of very light-weight material, ensuring that it is not too harsh on your little one. With a variety of baby bath accessories to choose from, we provide the most amazing bath essentials for your child.

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