Baby Bedding

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37 products

Babies need a lot of undivided care and attention, and as a new parent, this becomes your priority. Caring for your little one involves a lot of warmth and love, but it also means choosing  the right baby care products. We at Vkaire are here to help you with this.

Babies are delicate in nature, which is why you must always ensure that the products they come in contact with are perfectly safe for their sensitive skin. At Vkaire, we take this into account to develop baby bedding from the best quality and baby-friendly materials that are perfect for your little one. They come in a variety of colours and designs, so you can choose the one(s) which go best with your home aesthetics. 

Our baby bedding products are made of 100% organic certified cotton, as we aim to provide the utmost comfort. We make a range of baby care products that give all the comfort and love your little one needs. We have a variety of baby blankets, baby mattresses, duvet covers and more, to make sure you’re completely equipped to take care of your little one. 

Baby socks 

Having cutely patterned, soft quality socks are essential to a newborn. These are baby care accessories that make every outfit even more adorable. Our socks are made from a hybrid fabric to ensure protective care and warmth for your baby’s feet. There are 4 options you can choose from to find the perfect pair for your baby. The socks come in a pack of 6 pairs, with different prints on them. These products are designed to mold as per your baby’s feet to ensure a perfect, secure fit. They have extra support at the ankle for maximum comfort for your baby. These baby care accessories are important to ensure protection for your child while also providing maximum comfort. We make our baby care products without any pesticides for the utmost safety, keeping their sensitive skin in mind. Investing in our baby care products and buying these baby accessories online will provide your baby with a comfortable feel.

Baby care blanket

Vkaire’s organic cotton baby blanket is a must-have. It is tailor-made with GOTS certified organic cotton, to give your baby’s skin a delicate companion for a good night’s sleep. Its breathable quality makes it easy for your little one to sleep in without any discomfort. 

It comes in two different sizes, depending on how old your baby is. So, you can choose the perfect size for them. The various baby bedding products come in a variety of colours and prints. They are easy to maintain, as they can be machine washed in cold water, and look as good as new after that! These blankets come in a range of knits like - cable, wiggly, close, chunky, moss, fine and standard. They are available in different patterns with stars, panther and giraffe on them too, so you can choose the right one for your little one’s personality.  

Baby bedding duvet cover

Our baby duvet covers are the comfiest to sleep on for your little one. They are exceptionally soft, made with 100% organic cotton, along with breathable and delicate material. They provide the perfect temperature for a good night’s sleep and come in great prints that can be coordinated with your bedding sets at home! This makes them the perfect accessory to upgrade your little one’s room and also give the right amount of warmth during sleep time. They keep your baby super snuggly during sleep hours. These duvet covers will bless your little one with true comfort because of their silky soft feel and lustrous finish. They are convenient to use, as they are low on maintenance, and can be easily machine washed. So you do not have to worry if your little one ends up staining it or dirtying them, just throw them for a wash and you’re good to go! They also come in a variety of knits such as standard knit, wiggly and fine for you to choose from. This baby bedding duvet cover is the perfect accessory for your little one, keeping them warm and snuggly.

Baby pillow

Sleep time is the most important time for your little one, which is why you need to have the right sleep accessories to go with it. Vkaire has the best sleep accessories for babies, and the baby pillow is one of them. We make 100% organic cotton pillows, which are exceptionally soft against your little one’s face. They are a must for your baby bedding sets and can easily be matched with duvets and blankets. We ensure their fabric contains no pesticides or harmful chemicals and is perfectly baby safe. We, at Vkaire, know how sensitive your baby’s skin is and use extremely safe materials for them. With us, you are assured the best quality of products that meet all your needs! These pillows also make for great accessories to create the perfect aesthetic in their room!

Cosy winter blanket

During cold weather, our winter blankets give your baby the cosiest snuggles! These winter blankets come in a variety of colours for your little one. They are perfect for the times when your baby feels cold and can shield them from temperatures as low as 16 degrees celsius. Pair this with the baby pillow and it would create the perfect baby bedding set. They are made with breathable warm material that will leave your little one feeling warm and cosy. Wrap your little one in this luxurious blanket so that they can enjoy a deep sleep owing to its velvety insides. With this material, the blanket will keep them completely warm and snuggly, so that they can enjoy their favourite time of day - sleep time. Their soft material will guarantee a cozy feel for your little one. They reduce allergies and induce sleep, to make this hour the best time with no discomfort. They also come with a variety of different knits and prints for you to choose from.

Playpen mattress

As your newborn grows, they will need more protection and security because of how much they’ll start playing. To keep them sheltered from falling and tumbling down, these playpen soft mattresses are the perfect buy. They are extremely soft and are perfect for sleeping as well. It makes them the best snuggle-pads for your baby and gives them much-needed comfort and support while keeping them cosy. The upper layer is made of 100% pure cotton and the inside is 100% polyester, making them a complete bliss to lay on. These are created from baby-friendly material to be completely breathable, so your baby can enjoy their playtime. Your little one will lay on the mattress for hours without a fuss because of its super soft material. The baby mattress will make them feel as though they are on a cloud. It is a must-have baby care product that has a multi-purpose use!

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