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Perfect Baby Blankets for Your Baby’s Comfort

  • Baby Blankets are certainly a newborn’s best friend. It’s an essential thing for every newborn, which they must have or receive as a gift. These blankets provide baby the necessary warmth and are also important for their  naptime. The best baby blanket is one that provides your baby with positive sleep associations so that he/she can sleep without too much crying. Baby blankets are also the best association for your baby as they are portable. If your baby comes to know that his/her blanket has a level of security, then he/she will feel comfortable taking a nap in the car or while traveling in a baby kart. This can be truly helpful for a parent as it will ensure that their baby goes to sleep when they need them to sleep.
  • Baby blankets are a basic necessity for every newborn as they need them round the clock.  In general, you will find babies cuddled in a colourful and soft baby blanket. This makes parents feel fantastic as they find their  newborn enjoying the most cozy environment that is conditioned to create the most cherished ambience in the house.

Different Types of Baby Blankets

There are different types of baby blankets available in the market that can be used accordingly. And thus, today it has become a daunting task for every parent to decide on the perfect and suitable one for their newborn. However, if you’re aware of the different types of cute baby blankets that are available in the market, it becomes really easy for you to choose the right one. Let’s look at the various types available.

  • Receiving Blankets: These blankets can be used for multiple purposes like a play mat, swaddling blanket, burp cloth, and as a cover while breastfeeding, etc. However, this newborn baby blanket is specifically designed to receive the baby at his/her birth. Receiving blankets are generally made up of materials such as organic cotton, flannel, muslin, and bamboo; these blankets mostly come in rectangular or square shapes and can be generally seen in hospitals. 
  • Security Blankets: Such types of blankets are designed to make toddlers and babies feel secure and comfortable while they are sleeping or in any other unusual situations. These luxury baby blankets are generally made of an ultra-soft material like fleece. They are also called blankeys or loveys and are used until the baby grows into a toddler.
  • Swaddling Blankets: Designed to wrap your babies tightly, swaddling blankets make babies feel like they are still in their mother’s tummy. The functions of these blankets are similar to that of security blankets, and the only difference is that they come with Velcro fasteners that help you to wrap your kid easily and quickly. These blankets are generally made up of muslin and come in larger sizes in a square shape.
  • Crib Blankets: Crib blankets are larger than receiving blankets in size, and can be used as bedding and for various other decorative purposes. These blankets can be used as a mattress, or as a baby play mat as well. Cribs, also called quilts are often made from fleece, and are  perfect  for casual use around the house.
  • Sleep Sacks: Also called as sleeping bags, these important wearable blankets are designed to keep babies fully covered while they are sleeping. These sleeping sacks are perfect for newborns that often kick off their regular blankets while they are asleep. Sleepsacks come with armholes and neck openings that allow the free flow of air. This makes your child neither feel too warm nor wakes them up due to cold at night. Speaking honestly, these sleep sacks are the best alternative to traditional baby blankets. 

Why Organic Baby Blankets are best for your Newborn   

  • Having baby blankets for your newborn can be one of the greatest things. Baby blankets are something that can last for years, and therefore, it is important to choose a one which will be a safe and comfortable companion for them.There are various things that you might consider while purchasing a blanket for a baby girl or baby boy. You will also find baby blankets in various colors and favorite animal characters on them like elephant printed elephant baby blankets etc.
  • Baby blankets can be made up of all sorts of materials and therefore you will find them in all price ranges. However, when buying high-end baby blankets safety should be a concern for you. Although, blankets are made of material dyes as well as lots of synthetic materials, which you might not want, as your child would be holding it for the whole day or may keep it in his/her mouth. Therefore, consider finding baby blankets made of Organic materials. An organic baby blanket is made by using organic fibers and certified organic cotton, they are well-knitted and breathable. Using such blankets reduces the chances of your baby getting allergies; it makes them feel cool in summer and warm in winter. As these baby blankets are light in weight, they can easily be carried around while traveling.  

Selecting the Proper Organic Baby Blankets

As we know the skin of your baby is soft and tender and so is their immune system. They do not have the immunity systems similar to adults and hence, it’s best to provide them with blankets that are made of 100% organic cotton. A pure cotton baby blanket, which means 100% organic cotton baby blanket uses organic materials instead of synthetic fibers. It is therefore important that you opt for the best organic baby blanket which can protect your baby from fever and cold.

Organic Blankets are Soft and come in Fashionable Prints

  • Organic Blankets are the softest baby blankets and also come in cute and fashionable prints. For example, you would find these organic blankets with animal prints like bunny printed baby blanket and giraffe printed baby blanket, etc. You would surely find a nice organic baby with fashionable prints that suit your baby’s décor. Organic is always the best for all newborns because they would benefit greatly as such products are purely made up of organic materials. 
  • Another important benefit of using organic cotton baby blankets is that they are very much durable. You would often see your child dragging their baby blankets around the house or even in the yard, they might hold their blanket with them all the time. So, you need to choose a well-knitted baby blanket that will stand up to the test of time – one with a strong cotton cable knit, so that they can use it roughly for many years.  
  • And therefore, for such reasons luxury organic baby blankets are more preferable by parents for their toddlers. Furthermore, parents will feel confident with the fact that no matter wherever their child takes it or whatever he/she does with it, these blankets would be safe for them for years. 
  • With the increasing demand for organic pure cotton baby blankets these days, they come in more affordable prices, which means you will surely find a baby blanket that meets your budget.

Benefits of Using Organic Baby Blankets

There are several benefits of using organic toddler blankets some of which are mentioned below.

  • Organic products are grown in a pesticide and herbicide-free environment so there is zero chance of toxins leaching into the material.
  • A cable knit baby blanket made of organic cotton also uses natural fabrics like wool, flannel, bamboo, and synthetic fibers.
  • A chunky knit baby blanket made up of organic material is naturally smooth against the baby's skin and contains no irritants.
  • Natural dyes without harsh chemicals are used to color organic knit baby blankets, which further protects your baby’s skin.
  • The natural quality of materials is used in an organic wool baby blanket which means they can breathe and an effective airflow is produced.
  • A baby girl knitted blanket which is made of organic fabrics like cotton, flannel and wool isan absorbent and thus can easily soak up any wetness.
  • A blanket for a baby boy made up of organic fabrics, don’t produce fluff, clothing dust or other irritants that can harm your baby.

Buy Baby Blankets Online in India

Today with various e-commerce sites selling baby blankets online, one can find baby blankets at various affordable prices. You would find various organic baby blankets available to you at affordable prices online. For example, an organic cotton cable knitted baby blanket, star-printed baby blanket, dots printed baby blanket, etc. can easily be ordered at affordable prices simply by sitting at your home or any other place.

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