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It is a very known thing that new borns are very delicate and need extra nurturing. Parents have a large responsibility of constructing how the kids always eat proper food, wear the proper clothes, play with the correct toys, among others. It is very common for new parents to feel overwhelmed in the initial days. Everything needs to be done accordingly and properly, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the new baby. 

Whether to keep the baby’s feet covered with socks or not is one among the foremost common questions amongst new parents. Some mothers are of the opinion that it is an absolute necessity to keep the baby healthy and for his/her wellbeing. But keeping everything aside, cotton baby socks and booties are over just cute. One of the most important functions they provide is that they help regulate your infant’s temperature. Protection from sunburn and amongst other harmful sharp objects or harmful zippers, cotton socks protect the baby till a great extent against these things. Another important thing that new parents need to keep in mind for their baby is not only when to put the socks on but also when to get it off. Keeping the socks on for too long can be detrimental too for the baby, as per doctors there can be serious health risks. 

Since time immemorial we have heard and we have been told that the majority of recent born’s body warmth escapes mostly through their head and feet. That makes it important for the use of socks and hat to keep those areas comfortable, warm and protected against the chill. Often when the cold prolongs, new difficulties such as fussiness, difficulty sleeping, decreased appetite and poor weight gain start developing among the babies. This can be prevented or eradicated by getting the baby easy pair of socks, which could also help ease these irritating symptoms. Often we can figure out very quickly when our baby’s feet need socks once they are cold, and we can get to know this by feeling them. If the baby’s opposite body temperature and feet do not match, then it means that your baby should be wearing socks. One should keep the blood heat check of the baby up thus far. Babies have to be warm in the least times; it's a component of the measures to stay them healthy.

It is very normal for babies’ hands and feet to feel cool, so parents mustn't freak out and persist that sign alone when deciding whether or not the baby’s feet should be covered. If any time the baby’s feet look blue or blemished, warm pair of sock or booties are always there for the rescue. This is the time they come in handy the most.

Why Are Baby Cotton Socks Important?

Many of the socks that are manufactured all around the world are tested and found to contain BPA and Parabens. Bisphenols and parabens both are major endocrine disruptors associated with certain dysfunctions that often lead to illnesses in both children and adults. The additional worry for babies is always there as being new borns they are more prone to catch diseases, they are more vulnerable at such a tender age. Often we see such things creep in when babies are found putting or chewing their socks away. Cotton socks are that is why the safest, because they do not contain any such harmful chemicals, especially the organic cotton socks. Cotton socks are more gentle on the baby’s skin. Many times we see that babies with certain skin problems react well to cotton socks. The need for socks to be breathable to maintain foot health is very important and natural cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics available in the market. 

Importance of Cotton Sock for Babies

The help regulate body temperature: Babies usually have a harder time regulating their body temperature than adults do. Low birth weight or premature babies will find it even more difficult to stay warm because they have less body fat. Brand bodysuits, fleece pants jackets and onesies are obviously an absolute necessity for babies in winter, but apart from these, the other thing that is important too are pair of warm socks. Infact, the most important. Layering up accessories such as cotton socks will also help to keep them warm, healthy. Cotton Crew socks or ankle socks also works perfectly for your baby, but what matters is they should be cotton baby socks. While some parents may prefer crew socks or ankle socks for their baby, you may decide to go with longer, thicker socks in the winter. While sitting in the car or sleeping or even while playing if your child’s pants hike up, the extra layer will help to keep their legs warm. Pairing with them good looking mittens is also another idea for keeping their hands warm as well as protecting their face from nail injuries. Babies are very delicate, and they must always remain warm but not overheated, dating back to what has been said about how babies need to wear socks if they are not wearing footed clothing. And, for that reason alone is why babies need to wear socks. If the body temperature of an infant is too low, that can lead to serious complications whereas overeating can as well.

Whenever your baby is wearing a dress or pants with a shirt and stepping out of the house,  then socks for your baby is a must wear especially to maintain the right body temperature. 

Baby socks keep irritation at bay: Baby skin is very sensitive. When their bare feet are exposed to objects that can be harmful if they were to encounter it, their feet could get hurt. And if they are crawling, then they have a strong chance of coming into an object that can harm them. This is why they need to wear cotton socks as it will prevent their skin from being irritated because cotton socks are not made from any chemicals, thus reacting well on baby skin.

Babies Must Wear Socks When They Wear Shoes

Whenever we as adults too wear shoes, rarely do we leave the socks behind. So it is the same reason for which babies need to wear socks while wearing shoes before stepping out, and it is something that parents too need to keep in mind for their babies. Socks not only keep the moisture from the feet absorbed but it also helps reduce skin friction between the shoes and their feet.

Socks Keep Them Comfortable

The primary purpose of putting socks on your newborn is to prevent her feet from getting chill cold. Newborn’s aren't moving around so their feet tend to get cold easily, and socks help keep their feet warm. Matching socks can be put too that goes well with the baby’s outfit. When babies are cold, they become over stimulated and will not be able to rest well.  As a result, they become fussy, and being too cold is not good for their health. Especially if it has an effect on their body temperature. The fact that baby socks keep infants comfortable is enough of a reason to have them wear it. A comfortable baby is a happy baby and there is no two minds about the fact that socks keep the baby comfortable and at ease.

Buying the Best Socks for Your Baby

When it comes to the comfort of your baby, there is no compromising. The best baby girl and boy socks out there are a combination of cozy, durable and stylish and the house of Vkaire has got you and your baby covered for it. These baby socks are crafted from a super-soft hybrid fabric which is 100% baby safe, making them the perfect pair for your baby to wear. They will your little one’s happy feet like gloves. They will give the ankles the extra support needed as your baby takes his first steps, while protecting them against rough surfaces at the same time. Shop for the styles with all the baby proof requirements to prevent little socks from falling off energetic feet. Buy them in multipacks in a neutral white color or have some fun with colors and prints. Baby girl socks come in bunny prints, ballet slipper styles and feminine shades like purple, peach and pink. As explained above, the three most important factors that need to be looked at is that the socks for your baby is made from 100% cotton, making it free from toxins and chemicals which is safer for the baby's skin, also making it more breathable and it is also definitely more sustainable for our planet. Other products such as cotton baby blanket, organic cotton bath towel, baby mattress and much more are available on the Vkaire website

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