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Make Your Little Munchkin Safer And Healthier With Effective Swaddling By Baby Swaddle Blankets

Swaddling to your baby is like taking them back to the womb where everything was comfortable, safe and snug. As a parent, you obviously want the best for your newborn. And health is the top priority. Swaddle blankets are one of the Cecilia items in the newborn kit. It provides the best warmth, safety, and comfort for the baby during sleep. But many confusions surround the use of wrap swaddle blankets. Is it safe? What is the perfect way to swaddle? Is swaddle beneficial or harmful? There are other common queries like how to buy a swaddle blanket? Are baby swaddles online with it? How to choose the best swaddle blankets? To clear out all your confusions we have written this article. It is a complete guide to baby wrap blanket, and get the best swaddle online.

Benefits Of Using Swaddle Blankets For Baby

Swaddling little one certainly reduces anyone's stress but lesser you may know if done correctly and safely swaddling has key benefits for kids too. Following are the few benefits of the swaddle for your baby.

  • Babies have a sound and longer sleep.
  • Your baby will experience less anxiety with swaddling.
  • It reduces frequent wakeups due to the startle reflex.
  • Efficient swaddling decreases the need for comforting items in the crib like pillows, bumpers, blankets, stuffed animals. Sometimes such comforting items may lead to SIDS.So newborn swaddles are better than any pillows and toys in the crib.
  • Swaddled babies don't scratch their faces.
  • Swaddling makes the baby happier as it mimics the touch.
  • Swaddling pacifies babies with colic. they feel secure as in the womb.
  • Swaddling a baby in the hands-over-heart position is better because they learn to self-soothe and can get back to sleep on their own.

How To Select The Best Swaddle Wraps Online ?

baby swaddle wraps are essential, but what is highly important is the proper way of using them. Learning the tips to choose the right jersey baby swaddle and properly using them could take a few- two to three attempts. Another thing to be careful of is to make sure your baby is comfortable throughout the swaddling process. Here are our few tips to choose the best jersey swaddle wrap.

Size Of The Swaddle Blanket

Most people buy a small baby swaddle thinking it's for a newborn. But the wise decision is to consider one which will serve the baby for a longer time as the baby grows up. Many brands have overcome this challenge with adjustable baby swaddle blankets. However, the standard size is 80 X 80 cm.

The Material Of Blanket

The material must be cotton. Don't even think of buying if it's anything else than cotton because it is comfortable and soothing. Research has shown that it is very essential to have breathing pores in swaddle blankets to prevent overheating.

The Design Of Swaddle Wrap

While picking a jersey swaddle blanket design is more about functionality than attractiveness. The Design should be such that it lets kids sleep with their hands upright. a well-outlined waistline in a swaddle wrap is essential to grip the baby well.


As it's online you cannot check products with your hands so make sure you don't just fall for pretty photos. Try to buy it from trusted websites and check reviews and ratings properly.

Quality Of Fabric Baby Blanket And Why It Matters

Babies have sensitive skin which is very prone to rashes and allergies. So a swaddle blanket should be smooth and soft. This is the reason organic cotton blankets are in trend globally. The selection between a traditional nonorganic blanket and an organic cotton baby swaddle can make a huge impact on the baby's health. So let's understand more about the benefits of organic cotton baby swaddles.

Cotton Fabric

Cotton is the best material because along with being soft and comfortable the fibre is durable and easy to wash. They are lightweight but also add optimum warmth to a baby’s crib. But little do you know cotton is one of the products where chemicals are used heavily for production and processing. And all the harmful chemical residues end up in the blanket. So Organic cotton baby blankets are the safest option. 

Benefits Of Organic Cotton  Fabric

Good For Babies Health

Companies use safe ISO-free dyes for manufacturing organic cotton swaddle blankets. Such blankets are safe for the sensitive skin of babies. Avoiding The use of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, and pesticides in organic cotton makes it breathable with clean air, no toxic residues.

Organic cotton baby swaddles are not treated with chlorine bleach. Manufacturers make use of peroxides for this purpose which makes it safer, comfortable and durable.

Good For The Environment

When the cotton is produced and processed without any chemical agro-inputs then it prevents the release of chemicals into soil and water. So buying an organic jersey baby swaddle is eco friendly too. Farmers use manual weeding and crop rotation to protect crops so it minimizes the overall supply of chemicals in groundwater. And the farmers in the field and employees in the company also don't have to go through hazardous chemical exposure.


Due to the lack of any harsh processing, organic blankets are a lot more durable and long-lasting.

Soft On The Touch

As compared to regular blankets organic blankets are more smooth in texture. You can feel the difference between them by just rubbing them between fingers. It can withstand hundreds of washes without breaking down. Material made from organic cotton will give you value for money.

It Is Biodegradable

When cotton from conventional farming goes to the environment, birds and animals may end up digesting the toxin. Organic cotton is not treated with harmful chemicals so it does not harm the environment.

Bamboo Fabrics

bamboo viscose is used to make bamboo fabric which is up to 3 times softer than regular cotton. finely woven and lightweight can give the softest touch to your baby. And the fabric becomes softer after every use. Bamboo swaddle blankets allow your baby to have a longer and more peaceful sleep without abrupt wake-ups. The snug and secure swaddle with such a blanket give a perfect womb-like feeling for your newborn. Here are the few benefits of bamboo swaddle blankets.

Reasons To Choose Bamboo Swaddle Blanket


There are high chances that the roughness of scratchy blankets may cause irritation and allergic reactions in the sensitive skin of the baby. bamboo fabric is one of the most delicate and gentle fabrics to make your baby feel comfortable and snug. It is hypoallergenic thus helps to protect the baby's skin from allergies, dust mites, and bacteria.


A bamboo swaddle blanket has thermoregulating features which can move heat away from your baby. Thus these blankets let your baby clean and dry throughout the night. Naturally, fibre decreases moisture and allows for easy air circulation to ease discomfort and avoid overheating. Thus its It's breathable and lightweight.


“Bamboo Kun'' is the unique agent in the bamboo fabric which makes it naturally antimicrobial. It kills odour-causing bacteria and other microorganisms that may thrive on your baby’s clothing or beddings. Thus it ensures a safer and healthier environment for your baby.

It’s Great For Travel

It is overwhelming to travel with your baby and a bamboo swaddle blanket are multifunctional items to help you when travelling. It is lightweight so compress easily in your bag. You can use it to protect your baby from harmful sun rays in all kinds of travel including plane rides, long car trips even if it's just strolling in the park.

Buying Guide For Organic Swaddle Blankets Online

It is impossible to know the difference between organic and inorganic blankets online. So what you need to do is look for a few things before buying. We have listed the following important things to consider

Look For A Tag That Says ‘certified Organic’

All organic products have to comply with the requirements of a certifying company. Organic products must not contain harmful chemicals like chlorine bleach or formaldehyde. During processing also they must follow certain regulations. So always look whether it's just organic or certified organic.

Organic Products Are Not Bright And Flashy

Organic dyes are quite limited so it is impossible to get a wide range of colours in organic blankets. and colour these dyes are not very flashy to your eyes. Pay close attention to colours because organic dyes cannot be very bright for the eyes.

These Products Are Not Very Pricey

As opposed to popular belief organic blankets are not too heavily priced if it's from organic cotton. If it has too high a price there is a chance that it is not organic.

Research Properly

When the products directly concern the health of your child don't settle for something you are not satisfied with. In today's time, enough information is available on the internet so make sure to buy the best and safest blanket.

Precautions While Using Swaddle Wrap Blankets

Learning to safely swaddle babies with a good organic cotton swaddle blanket is key to ensuring safety and effectiveness. Here are a few effective tips:

Do Not Over-Swaddle

Over swaddling may cause overheating which may result in SIDS.

damp hair and sweating are the signs of an overheated baby.

Ensure The Swaddle Won’t Unravel

Always be careful with the quality of swaddle wraps as loose blankets may end up covering your baby’s airway.

The Position Should Be “hands-Over-Heart”

Swaddling the traditional way i.e baby’s arms at his/her sides may result in joint problems and limited mobility. So place baby’s hands over the chest before wrapping, and then put the baby in, place baby’s hands over chest.

Don’t Swaddle Too Tightly

Avoid a regular blanket and use a high-quality bamboo swaddle blanket that hugs the baby comfortably allowing natural movement of legs. It can prevent medical conditions like hip dysplasia.

Don’t Swaddle All-Day

Even your little munchkin loves being wrapped up all day understanding that their body needs freedom to move to grow healthily.

You don't have to be intimidated by the idea of swaddling. It's great for you as a parent and the best for your kid. You just need to do it safely. While buying swaddle wraps it is important to consider a few factors like the size of the blanket, its material and design. The quality of fabric should be good as babies have sensitive skin prone to allergies and rashes. The best and softest fabrics are organic cotton and bamboo. They are not only good for babies overall health but eco-friendly too. Such organic baby blankets are durable and sustainable. Thus organic blankets are better than inorganic in many ways thus giving value for money. 

However, you should be extremely careful while swaddling. Avoid overheating and ensure the best sleeping position because compromising on these things can put a baby's life at risk too. While buying swaddle blankets online make sure to check out a few things like its certification, its authenticity and the eCommerce website from where you are buying it. Some babies may need swaddling for only six months while some enjoy until nine months and it's perfectly fine. The point will come when your baby will prefer the freedom outside the swaddle and tries to break out. It's an indication that they might not need more swaddling.

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