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Everything You Need To Know About Baby Teething Toys

From about age 6 months, babies often begin teething. Most of the time two bottom front teeth are the first to appear followed by two top front teeth. The common sign of teething are Excessive drooling, Irritability or crankiness, Slight increase in temperature

Chewing on objects and Sore or tender gums. All of these make it uncomfortable not only for children but parents too. There is nothing more painful for a parent than seeing their newborn suffering in pain who cannot even express it with words. So you might be wondering, is there any scientific way to deal with this? Or you have to just witness it happening? Don't worry of course here are ways to deal with it. Common ways are rubbing your babies gum or giving medications. What do you think? How much rubbing can ease the pain? It does but not so effective. And there's no way of believing medications don't have side effects on your little munchkin whose body is still developing. Then what should you do? 

The answer is to use baby teethers. But you may have a question: is it safe? Of course, it's safe. But when you get baby teething toys for your kid. Never use necklaces, bracelets or anklets for teething. It increases the risk of choking, strangulation, mouth injury and infection. Many parents use such stuff for teething thus many accidents are reported and this is the primary reason you might be hesitating to use teething toys. To solve this problem we have written this blog. We will explain to you everything you need to know about safe baby teeth from how to use them when to use them, precautions while using it and buying a guide for baby teeth online. We will help you to choose the best baby teethers.

How To Use Teething Soothers ?

Every baby is different just like we all are different. The types of toys that one baby prefers might be very dissimilar from another. Many babies prefer teethers chilled in refrigerators that can provide soothing coolness to the baby's gums. If you are also planning to do this then be careful not to freeze the teether too long. It can be harsh to the baby's delicate gums. Many teethers have vibration. It provides relief when a baby bites down. It's upon your choice and babies liking. The best teethers are the ones that are most comfortable for you and your baby.

When To Give Your Baby Teething Soothers ?

Most newborns start teething within 4-6 months, which is the best time to start introducing teethers. When your newborn sprouts their initial tooth depends on genetics too, and your baby may start teething sooner or later than this window. Give teething toys for babies when they start showing symptoms for a while after the age of 4-6 months.

Reasons Why Babies Love Teethers

All that mouthing and munching stimulates a tongue movement inside the baby's mouth. Children get the awareness of their mouth. Such movements of the tongue also play a vital role in laying the foundation for learning speech sounds as babies begin to babble. Don't be surprised if your baby is biting blankets, favourite stuffed toys, edges of the book or even your or their fingers. whatever they get hands-on babies love to put them in the mouth. There are many bracelets and necklaces alternative for parents that are teething safe

Tips To Buy Best Kids Teether Online

You will find the teethers made from all types of different materials. Common ones are rubber, silicone, plastic or wood. You can get them in different shapes, colours, and sizes. Some teethers will also texture them, to appeal to a child's interests. Teethers that are round and in oval shape are best as it is easy for a baby to grip and hold before they bring it to their mouth. 

Always supervise your newborn while they are using a teether. While Selecting a teether, look for one that your baby will be able to grip and safely put in their mouth. A teether that is too large or too small could be a safety hazard.

Never use items that are not teethers as a normal toy, especially ones that have small parts that could fall off and be a choking hazard. 

Safety Concerns While Buying The Best Teething Toys For Babies

Lots of toy safety standards have changed over the years as companies create new toys that are designed to go into the baby's mouth. These are manufactured from safer materials that will not expose a baby to harsh, toxic chemicals. Consider buying new teethers with each baby.

It is very vital to ensure that it is safe for the baby to put into the mouth. A select teether that is BPA, BPS, PVC, phthalate, latex and leads free. The material should be non-toxic and of food grade.

Never get used to teethers for your baby. If you have multiple babies even two buy separate baby teethers for them.

Teether for babies should be Hypoallergenic to prevent any allergic reactions

Make sure the product is Refrigerator-and-freezer safe as many babies prefer chilled teethers.

Teethers for kids should have the capacity to withstand high temperatures for Steam-sterilizer friendly.

Good teethers of non-porous materials as pores are home to harmful bacteria and other microbes.

The material of the teether should be such that it is not slippery even when wet.

Baby teething toys should be Top rack dishwasher safe

Cleaning Teethers And Toys

Pre-plan your schedule twice or thrice a week for cleaning and sanitizing teethers to reduce the spreading of dangerous germs, especially if there are other babies around. Always Keep sanitizing wipes with you in case the toy falls on the floor. Carefully wash toys regularly with mild soap and water. If it's safe, clean it on the top rack of the dishwasher.

When To Stop Using A Teether?

No doubt that teethers are so helpful to relieve babies of teething pain and sore gums, but they can also hinder a child’s dental health. However, this only happens after the prolonged use of teethers. According to paediatricians, the use of baby teethers should not exceed more than two years. a child's developing teeth can self-correct within 6 months of stopping the use of teeth. It is not advisable to continue teething into the age of permanent teeth development. Always consult a doctor if you are using a baby teether for your baby above two years old.

Different Types Of Teething Toys To Give Your Baby

Teething toys help reduce the pain of your baby by providing a safe and clean chewing surface. Chewing helps with the pressure of growing cute small baby teeth. Few are the following teething tips.

Teething Rings 

The most basic teething toy is teething rings. It can come in a solid plastic or also filled with water. The rings soothe your baby’s softer gums and usually have a subtle texture.

Teething Toys 

Toys are not just for fun. They can simultaneously give pain relief. There are multiple ranges of colour, shapes and sizes for this kind of teether for kids. You can easily get them in both online and offline stores.

Teething Jewelry 

Teething jewellery is an innovation when it comes to teething toys.

You can find various Teething jewellery ranging from necklaces to bracelets that are made from food-grade safe, teething material that your baby can chew on. Both parents and babies can wear teething jewellery.

Staged Teethers 

Staged teethers come in packs of 3-4 that are made for different stages of teething. You can easily get this teether online.

Novelty Teethers 

Novelty teethers are essentially regular teething toys but come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes. Some novelty teethers might include a teether that looks like bacon, or a banana, or a piece of pizza. They can be made to look like anything which can be fun for you and your baby. If you want to buy teethers online, get one of these teethers.

Egg-Shaped Teethers And What's So Special About It

The egg-shaped teethers of effect sizes are ideal to fit the baby's mouth and hands. It is more comfortable to hold and put into the mouth than other shapes. Another benefit of egg-shaped teethers is the small end of the egg easily glides around the mouth. However, the manufacturing material should be safe and non-toxic free from chemicals. If you buy teethers online don't forget to get accessories too. Most platforms that sell teethers also sell. If you are lucky enough you will get at least a case for free with egg-shaped teethers.

Molar Magician Teether

It is a special type of oval-shaped teether designed to reach the back teeth and gums of 6-24 months old babies. It has flexible yet firm arms which help to reach the front teeth and gums to the back molar areas. The perfect oval-shaped centre in such teethers prevents choking hazards. You can also use Companion Clip to attach it with babies cloth so that it does have to fall on the dirty floor each time.

Accessories With Egg-Shaped Teethers

The Grippie Stick

It is a small stick for holding teethers.  It allows your baby's hands to have more control while teething. Baby teethers with grippie sticks will be a fun rattle for your newborn to play at different teething stages. With grippie stick egg teether is no more normal it becomes super teether.

Teething Eggshell Protective Case

It is a case made from custom hard-plastic where you can simply put teethers. It prevents accidental damage, loss and also protects from germs. You can carry it around wherever you go and you need to clean it each time your baby needs teething.

Teething is both an exciting and uncomfortable phase in a baby's life. There are many ways to soothe them during the time like using toys, medications and massaging. A few popular teething toys are novelty teethers, staged teethers, jewellery teethers. 

Helps to deal with discomfort and pain during teething. You can use it both by chilling the refrigerator or without it. Just make sure it should not be harsh to the sensitive gums of the baby. Most babies start teething by 4-6 months but ties may vary depending upon genetics, environment and other internal and external factors. 

Using teethers not only helps your baby to relieve pain but also is essential to speech development. You must be very careful while buying teethers. The first thing is it should be safe chemically. There should not be phthalate, PVC,  BPA, lead or any other chemicals. Another thing to make sure of is it is resistant to both extreme temperatures. Otherwise, it may cause serious health issues in the newborn. Teether is safe does not mean you can leave your baby unattended with teethers. Always monitor while teething. Special care should be taken for the cleanliness and maintenance of teethers. Never use the same teether for two babies even if they are twins. 

Regularly sanitize it before and after use. If you have a protective case out teethers in that case to prevent dirt and germs. Using teething toys are helpful but when you exceed its use by more than 2 years of age it may interfere with the baby's dental development. So consult with your doctor if the baby is showing the necessity of tether even after two years of age.

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