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5 products

Select From The Best Collection Of Baby Welcome Kit Online- Organic Comfortable And Odour Free Items

Selecting gifts are always challenging whether it's for friends or family. The struggle is more when you have to give a gift to a newborn baby or an expectant mother. Baby shower gifts are always confusing.  And If you are in a country like India there are limited options. So if you are searching for baby gifts or baby shower gift ideas we have the best solution for you. Welcome baby kit one gift that will solve all your newborn gift problems. They are useful, look cute and babies will need them just after being born. So the next time you are visiting a newborn or expecting mother, just get a welcome baby gift. 

Now you might say it's a common gift or some of you may have where and how to buy the best baby welcome kit. no worries. We have answers to these queries too. An organic welcome baby kit is the solution. It is safe, comfortable, and would be one of the most thoughtful and unique baby gifts. We will help you to select the best welcome baby essential kit in India.

Few Tips To Buy Baby Welcome Kit Online

  • Buy it from a trusted website only.
  • Carefully look in the description whether it's certified organic or not.
  • Organic fabrics don't have bright colours some few bright fancy-looking looking expensive might not be even organic which are sold in the name or organic clothes
  • Take a careful look at individual items in the kit and then choose accordingly.
  • Check the fabric of the baby welcome kit online and don't buy it if it's other than bamboo or cotton.

Top Five Collections From Vkaire

Vkaire is the leading brand in India that sells premium organic baby products. It has all types of certified baby products.

Bamboo Baby Welcome Kit Bear Love

The baby welcome kit is a three Pieces Layette with a cute bear theme. It contains three pieces that include a cap, to keep the head warm and comfortable, a bodysuit that fits just snugly and a cloth bib, for feeding time.

Bamboo Baby Welcome Kit- Jungle Friends

The kit has 4 Pieces of Layette and has a jungle theme. The little birds and animal figures on the borders of the cap and all over mittens and socks create an amazing contrast in the white background colour. It is a four-piece set that has a pair of mittens, to tuck those little hands in, a pair of socks, to cover those teeny tiny toes, a cap, to keep the head warm and a cloth bib, for feeding time.

Bamboo Baby Welcome Kit Elephant Love

The welcome kit is an eight Pieces Layette and has an elephant theme. A unique combination of small patterns and an adorable elephant icon makes it a unique choice. The incredible blending of baby pink and white gives a delightful finish.

Beat The Chills Essential Kit

If you wish to buy a baby welcome kit for winters then it's the perfect choice. It is a three-piece set with an Organic Cotton Baby Footmuff, an Organic Cotton Winter Blanket and a Playpen Mattress.

Bamboo Baby Welcome Kit | Nature Love

It is a four Pieces Layette with a nature theme that has bold yet cute leaf patterns all over clothes. This welcome kit includes a pair of mittens, to tuck those little hands in, a pair of socks, to cover those teeny tiny toes, a cap, to keep the head warm and a cloth bib, for feeding time.

A baby welcome kit online has not been very hard. You just need to know about suitable platforms and a few techniques to know whether a product is genuine or not. The best thing about the baby welcome kit collection is that products don't lack in quality and variety of options. The unique combination of cotton and bamboo fabric gives the best quality product. All types of baby welcome kit are Antibacterial and odour resistant. On top of that, you don't need to dry clean it. All items are washable at home. The natural and breathable fibre makes it safe for the skin and also helps in temperature regulation of the body.

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