Stargazing Baby Blanket

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  • Jacquard knitted pattern, not printed or embroidered
  • Knitted and breathable for a comfortable sleep
  • Made from Premium Combed Cotton
  • Light Weight
  • Perfect for air-conditioned rooms (temperature as low as 22°C)
  • No dry-cleaning needed: Washable at home (Recommended temperature: 30°C)
  • 75x100 cm: Ideal for babies up to 1.5 years 0.330 Kgs

Why you’ll love Vkaire Blankies

Vkaire's newly launched soft, light-weight Stargazing Baby Blanket is curated specially to give your cutesy tiny tot the most comfortable sleep during a hot summer night. Our breathable Stargazing Baby Blanket aims to give your baby a magical night of rest while they look adorable in our hand-crafted design. Made with the finest and most premium combed cotton, it leaves no stone unturned in ensuring the most relaxed sleeping experience for your sweet little baby.

The Stargazing Baby Blanket along with our range of Vkaire Blankies is an absolute pro at keeping your baby snug while the sun rages on during the day or while the air conditioner quickly cools the room down at night. Your baby's snuggle buddy is also breathable and delicate, the perfect combination for your munchkin's sensitive skin.

Your baby is cosy, they look cute and you get the blanket at an all-new bargain price! What more can you ask for in a cuddle partner?

About Vkaire
We are Vkaire, a premium baby care boutique passionate about supporting the development of happy, healthy babies. We love to provide modern Indian parents nothing but the best in baby care: thoughtfully designed products with modern aesthetics. We are built on the belief that organic fabrics nurture the sensitive skin of the babies with super soft purity while caring for mother earth too at the same time.