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The Truth Behind Using Pillows for Babies, and why Choose Organic Cotton Baby Pillows

Pillows are considered as an aid for newborns to prevent them from 'flat head syndrome.' Companies mostly sell them as a tool to prevent newborns from Plagiocephaly. Companies also sell pillows as a material to be safely used in cribs and cots for children around 12 months. However, there have been many discussions among manufacturers and parents regarding the necessity of baby pillows. Do they really need them? And what could be the right age for newborns to use pillows? First-time parents are left wondering whether it's right for them to use pillows for their newborn or not. So, let's take a look at what's true regarding the use of pillows for newborn babies.  

Right Age for Newborn to use Baby Pillows 

When your child is born, all of his/her body parts are aligned. So, there is no need for pillows for them. However, once they reach the third month, they gain enough strength to raise their head. This is the time when their spine is also ready to bend forward and is  preparing them to sit, and thus, they need the support of a newborn baby pillow, so that it helps them to turn psychologically. Using a pillow makes sure that your baby remains comfortable and doesn't make much effort to sit up, as his/her body demands. 

As it is said, a baby sleeping pillow must be at least 3cm in height and should be adjusted gradually as a baby grows. If we talk about the length, it should be as broad as the baby's shoulder. This ensures that the baby gets the right support, with no strain on his/her body. 

What to look for when buying Infant Pillows? 

Today, there are various types of pillows available in the market, but in general, many baby pillows share few standard features. At first, a good infant pillow must be firm; it must not contain spots where the baby can sink into as this could be hazardous to their health. You must choose a pillow that is firm enough for your child to be safe, and at the same time, it must also be comfortable enough for your baby so that he/she can spend time with it.

Infant pillows must come in a shape and design that is specially made for newborns. A regular pillow shape won't be suitable for a small baby, and thus you will find newborn pillows coming in a variety of forms such as horseshoe shape or with similar curvature. In such pillows, babies can be laid down inside it, or moms can use such pillows for support while feeding them or cuddling them.   

Few Tips on Choosing the Right Baby Pillows for Your Newborn Baby 

  • If your child is just new to this world, then we would suggest you choose a flat and a firm pillow for your newborn child. However, if your child is a bit grown up, then we would recommend you to use a pillow, which is similar to the one you are using. 
  • If your baby is a grown-up child but still sleeps in his/her crib, then you can get a smaller and compact pillow that fits perfectly in the manger. 
  • As babies have soft skin, we would suggest you use pillows made of organic cotton. When you use organic baby pillows made from pure organic cotton, your baby would enjoy the softness and get the needed comfort. Also, go for light color covers, so that it’s easy for you to change them when they get spoiled. 
  • It's a well-known fact that you wish everything for your child that is best for him/her; however, when it comes to selecting organic toddler pillows, we would suggest you go for the simple and basic ones. Never indulge in purchasing cushions with strong scents as babies are more prone to allergies. 
  • It is strongly recommended that you use pillows with microbead fillings. We suggest this because we know that pillows easily rip or strip. There are chances that the beads may fall out, and your baby may eat or swallow them too. This could lead to choking hazards and various other complications. 
  • When it comes to baby pillows, abstain from purchasing feather pillows for your baby. Although these pillows are soft and comfortable but can cause allergic reactions in your babies.  
  • It is suggested that you clean your baby's pillow regularly. Pillows are often considered as breeding grounds of infection. Sweat, Milk, Oil, or Dust from outdoors can lead to the accumulation of germs. Wash the pillow as per the care instructions mentioned and make sure that it is scorched before use.

Why only Organic Cotton Baby Pillows?

Choosing pillows made of natural organic cotton is essential, just like purchasing cotton mattresses and beddings for your baby. The softness of cotton provides them the needed comfort and satisfaction.  

Organic cotton baby pillows have a lovely effect, giving your baby a good night's sleep. When you go organic, it's also great for your well-being, the environment, and kind to wildlife. You seriously will go on making a big difference by merely purchasing organic cotton baby products like organic cotton toddler pillows, organic baby sleeping pillows, etc. 

Here are some compelling reasons as to why you should purchase organic pillows and mattresses for your baby. 

  • Organic cotton baby pillows are made of natural fibers. They are inherently breathable and self-ventilating. This means a constant circulation of air goes in and around the fabric.
  • Organic cotton baby protective pillows are super soft and are made up of eco-friendly 100% natural organic cotton. They are also easy to wash, and thus it is recommended to do a gentle hand wash for these cotton baby protective pillows. If we talk about the design, these protective pillows come in a comfy, functional design to support the baby’s head and prevent your baby from getting flat head syndrome. Both sides of the pillow are filled with organic cotton for extra use. So, your baby can sleep comfortably on both sides. These pillows can make your baby sleep well and can protect the development of your baby. It is perfectly designed to support your baby's head so that it becomes more beautiful.
  • Babies are incapable of regulating their body temperature. The breathability of the best organic toddler pillow helps in regulating their temperature and stops them from getting hot, sweaty, and uncomfortable. This organic toddler pillow is also easily machine washable. You have to toss in the washer on 'Cool' and tumble dry low.
  • If you purchase a baby cushion made of natural organic cotton, there's less chance of it catching fire, as cotton is naturally fire-retardant.
  • A baby flat head pillow wrapped in natural organic cotton provides excellent comfort and support to your baby. They are made with varying combinations of coir, mohair, and horsehair fibers for different levels of support.
  • Another most important reason for using organic cotton pillows is to provide certified allergy protection to your newborn baby. Dreaded allergy and asthma are the hazards that babies are easily prone to. They are generally caused due to dust mites. Organic cotton pillows that come mixed with essential oils which renders the pillows dust mite free. Natural latex foam offers complete protection from dust mites and is also 100% hypoallergenic.

Organic Baby Pillows Online 

For a few years, consumers' shopping behaviors have changed, thanks to various e-commerce companies that have emerged in large numbers in recent years. This has allowed consumers to choose and buy products online merely by sitting at their home, office, or any other place. 

With the growing popularity of e-commerce sites, online retail space has witnessed the launch of various business models across diverse niche categories, and baby products are one of them. With the vast opportunity in this retail space, different baby products companies have the e-commerce market. 

They sell complete range baby products starting from organic baby's clothes, organic baby pillows & bedsheets to toys, etc. So, with the changing time consumers have changed their shopping behavior, they don't put much effort into going to a clothing store to buy such products. Instead, they rely on e-commerce sites and purchase baby products like blankets, bedsheets, and baby pillows online.

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